Hayden Panettiere wears short shorts

August 10th, 2007 // 147 Comments

  1. first!


  2. JM

    Hot chick who wears golf hats. Worth 3-5 in Rikers? Yes.


  3. Mal

    R movie’s are 17 and older, I think she’s been going for a while now.

  4. my comment

    Orange children.


  5. my comment

    She’s looking like she’s got some serious fat ass in her future.

  6. nagger please

    She’s cute… White girls with nice hair look great in baseball caps for some reason..

  7. TigerLilly

    She’s a stupid girl and she’s ugly..not like me, I’m fantastic.

  8. wedgeone

    I would lick her pussy so hard that she would cry.

  9. 9//// that would B from the long blonde
    flowing hair?

  10. atlbubba

    hot …we like little meat in the south

  11. Robert

    boing !!!

  12. t-man

    dude, how the hell did you consider keeping such crucial intel from us

  13. Robert

    Cool she shops at Best Buy. what a normal girl !

  14. LauraE

    Er… Why exactly is she famous ? Not for her cone-shaped thighs and thick body, or plain face, I guess. Never heard of her.

  15. Soz

    Well she obviously isn’t very smart since everyone knows dvd-r discs are inferior to dvd+r discs. What a turn off…

  16. Bugman4045

    I had a dream this week that she was trying to kill me. It was strange.

  17. stonefry

    #17 She is famous because she is the cheerleader on Heroes. You know, “Save the cheerleader, save the world”

    #18 Maybe she wants to burn PS2 games. ***HOT*** dvd-r is the way to go.

  18. p911gt10c

    1 2 and 3, you’re losers.

    Ain’t that always the way. The girls we actually wanna see without panties never wear skirts!
    I envy the first guy to tap that ass.

  19. BaldAsBritney

    Meh. next.

  20. cookiepuss

    She’s so plain and average. YAWN

  21. ssdd

    This little smart ass is the next Blohan.

  22. She's completely plain, boring, and like any other 17 year old....

    No comment.

  23. 25///// zhez completely boring to U
    coz zhe don’t have cellulite
    and green teeth like U
    zhez young and hott and U
    hate that zhit..U can’t find
    anything wrong with her
    bazically..zhe lookz better than your old azz?

  24. LayDeeBug

    Greeeeat legs. This is the product of exercise since birth. Yeah, she’s only 18, but she has a good start.

    Keep working it grrl!

  25. She’s my HERO

  26. Pedro

    she actually doesn’t look that bad. looks a lot better here than in her bikini pics. needs bigger boobs though. andale andale

  27. krazyridestheshortbuskelli, thought you were going out to play.

  28. combustion8

    I dont see ass so they’re not that short… props on the hat, cleveland irons rule!

  29. FINALLY, you post pics of someone good looking.

    Thank you Superficial. You’ve redeemed yourself a little by posting these.

    Stay away from Kim “lard ass” Kardashian,please. Not hot.

  30. combustion8

    ps. I’m in love with her.

  31. 30//// I’m already out playing

    Juzt wanted to zend your zweetheart

    an email …..FRIST!!!

  32. Victor

    Fuck in the last picture those shorts are going up pretty high in between her thighs. Ohhhhhhhh, how I would love to be those shorts. I would never come off those hips when she tried to take me off.

    I wonder how I could get a hold of those short shorts. I would fuckin scratch and sniff those all day long. I would even sleep with them. Hell I would ……… never mind……enough.

  33. Victor

    Oh by the way……HELLO FRIST.

  34. Ashness

    I love how these complete and utterly self conscious women who are probably completely disgusted personally with their own appearance, get on here and bash people who obviously look 10 times better than them and then end it with “but I look better/fantastic/sexy” etc. Props to you tools. Get a life.

    She looks healthy. I hope she stays that way and doesn’t follow in the footsteps of other young actresses. She’s a beautiful girl and I hope she knows and realizes this no matter what people say.

  35. Hi Victor, can I suck your dick for you today. I missed you so much after the phone sex we had last night.

  36. Lauren

    Her boyfriend is gorgeous.

  37. Victor

    FRIST, you know last night was the best and you can suck my cock any time you want. I’ve always loved you.

  38. Victor

    FRIST, I know that wasn’t you. You have more class. So I will just ignore the troll. I already when it is you and when it isn’t.

  39. 30//// whatz wrong..checkin BiteMe=z email
    yea..thatz what I thought..wazn’t born
    yezterday …ok?

  40. Victor

    Let’s have phone sex every night FRIST. You need to get rid of Jimbo as soon as possible. You know he’s not the man for you.

  41. Big Mama

    # 37 –

    Get a life. She is so average looking. If you don’t live on the coasts, and you visit the rest of this wonderful country, you will see better looking girls than her everyday working at Wal-Mart and McDonalds. Her type is just a rarity in LA and NY now.

  42. Victor

    Anyway, getting off for a while, until the pussy impersonator of me, goes to bed, near his bedtime. So anything after this will be the pussy ass impersonator.

  43. She’s no Hanna Montana

  44. Ashness


    I’m from the midwest, and I have seen far more attractive girls as well. That’s besides the point. She’s healthy and she’s attractive, so I don’t see the need of all these women going on and on about all the mishaps of her features when I bet none of them look half as good as she does.

  45. BiteMe

    Victor, you should see the pic I just got in my email box.

  46. lambman

    I don’t get the whole “count down to 18″ BS because 18 is not the legal age of consent in the most states. I guess 18 means they can legally do nudity on screen in America, but since none of the actresses ppl have done count downs for ever go on to film a nude scene I don’t see the point.

  47. Victor

    Goodnite Frist! I will be sure to have wet dreams of you and fantasize about you in your ass-less chaps

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