Hayden Panettiere’s shirt is transparenty


Hayden Panettiere stopped at a headshot studio in LA yesterday and her shirt is a little more transparent than she thought. While sadly you only see her bra, it’s a start, I suppose. In the meantime, I don’t get why Hayden’s even wearing a shirt to get a headshot. I mean, they’re only photographing your face. I go completely topless when I get mine done. Then again, there’s very few times when I wear a shirt. I think I wore one for my sister’s wedding. I made it about ten minutes into the reception until I ripped it off, stood up on a table and asked “Who wants to feel the thunder?” Unfortunately, my sister and her husband didn’t feel this service was worth the $50 grand I attempted to charge them, so I don’t feel guilty about ganking some wedding gifts. By the way, this espresso machine is awesome. I’ve had five this morning. Ha ha! My heart hurts!

Photos: Bauer-Griffin.com