Hayden Panettiere isn’t Lindsay Lohan

April 5th, 2007 // 122 Comments

Hayden Panettiere (the cheerleader from Heroes) got pissed after she was mistaken for Lindsay Lohan Tuesday night while leaving L’Scorpion in Hollywood. A confused onlooker across the street shouted, “Give ‘em hell Lindsay!” and Hayden screamed back, “Don’t ever call me that again!”

I guess being confused with Lindsay Lohan is pretty much the ultimate insult for girls now. Right up there with “When’s the baby due?” and “Hey look, it’s Pauly Shore!”

hayden-panettiere-see-through-01-thumb.jpg hayden-panettiere-see-through-02-thumb.jpg hayden-panettiere-see-through-03-thumb.jpg hayden-panettiere-see-through-04-thumb.jpg hayden-panettiere-see-through-05-thumb.jpg hayden-panettiere-see-through-06-thumb.jpg hayden-panettiere-see-through-07-thumb.jpg hayden-panettiere-see-through-08-thumb.jpg


  1. J-Unit

    In what way does she even remotely look like Lindsay Hohan?! ‘Tards…

  2. J-Unit

    Heh, it’s so easy to get in a bit of “FRIST”ing whilst the Yanks are still asleep…!

  3. grandarcmaster

    Does anyone else think she doesnt really get pissed. Just seems annoyed.

  4. Cabaret

    Shes wayy uglier then Lindsay lohan… If i was Lindsay Lohan I’d be so insulted being mistaken for her then I’d go back to doing cocaine off Joe Fancis’s stomach and dancing down the street in Manhattan telling parking meters that how much i love them.

  5. Regnig

    Unfortunately I know who Lindsay is.. but who the hell is this chick?

  6. MrSemprini

    Yeah, I get mistaken for guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger or David Hasselhoff all the time. It’s embarrassing.

  7. aryssa

    Who the heck is she?? They should ban semi-celebs from being seen in public and cage them all together in a hut downtown. with any luck they’ll turn cannibal and solve everyones problems…

  8. ponk

    She’s pissed because she has 1/100th of Lindsay’s talent.

  9. grits2005

    She plays on the tv show heros and did a whole lot of shows when she was little such as Remember the Titans (that cute little girl that was obsessed with football, yep that was her). I can see how she got confused as Lindsey, from teh side there hair is similar. She is far prettier than Lindsey though.

  10. diplodufus

    I’ve never wanted to be a bottle of spring water so much in my life.

  11. Negatrice


  12. She should show us her hoo-ha so we can be sure.

  13. Negatrice


  14. Ezran

    “give em hell lindsay”? who the hell says that? why?
    worst ever.

  15. Ricky Razzle

    Between the first and last photos her head size seems to swell from ‘normal girl’ to’small moon’

    That’d be a fucking wicked skill if you could control it. Not so cool if you couldn’t. I reckon.

  16. daηielle™↵

    Poor Hayden.

    Walking down the street wearing see through clothes with a water bottle in hand.

    Gee, I wonder how that idiot across the street confused the two?

    Although, I’m pretty sure Lohan wears a note taped to her back that says:

    “I’m Lindsay Lohan, please take my picture.”


  17. iamsosmrt

    She’s been barely famous for 3 seconds (the show Heroes)and she already has attitude, wow she’ll be charming when she’s a ragged old cougar like Lindsay. Plus she’s dating Stephen Coletti of Laguna Beach fame so Lindsay Lohan is not an unfair guess and she has that stupid Lindsay water bottle. Anyway she didn’t have to be so rude.

    If I was her I would have just gone over to the person and tazered the shit out of them, poured my vodka (or “water”) over them and then left an autograph picture of myself on the ground next to it( half dead confused fan). Wait isn’t…that’s what Angelina does to the parents of the “orphans” she adopts.

  18. Nikk The Templar

    She should be lucky that people ever recognize her….because in a few years, she’s going to be doing the sci-fi convention circuit PERMANENTLY because she has no fucking talent.

  19. Oh my. She looks nothing like Lindsay!
    Plus Lindsay is only seen in public with the most hideous men on the planet, while Hayden gets to hang out with that dreamy Milo.
    That should have tipped off the on-lookers.

  20. rukdngme

    lindsay started out as a good enough actress and then she got into coke, lets see what this one does.

  21. Which girl looks like Pauly Shore?

  22. iamsosmrt

    If I was there I would have been too busy staring at the rare phenomenon; a man purse, to have noticed blondi.

  23. DrPhowstus

    Uuuhhhhh…. isn’t she like 17? What’s with the see through dress revealing her delicious undergarments and encouraging curvaciousness? I have to say, I was none to happy that my pecker tried to have a look, that pervy fucker. I had to beat it until it threw up. That’ll teach him.

    So when’s the sex tape coming out? Apparently you can beat the shit out of this chick and she just heals her damn self.

  24. Stickman

    I’m with #13. I demand to see her growler to compare and contrast.

  25. iamsosmrt

    I must add that is a mighty slutty way to dress for such a young lady, well actually for any age. Poor thing she hasn’t learnt the difference between attention from guys and respect from guys. Ya guys will look at her and want to… blah blah, but they won’t have any actual interest in her want her to meet there Mom and fall in love and blah blah… and it’s funny cause that’s all girls want and they try to get it in the worst ways. Why advertise sex when we all know girls just aren’t that interest in sex, well not the way guys are. It’s just confusing for those silly boys. Oh and the girls who are interested in sex usually go for other girls and in real life (not porno’s) they don’t usually dress or look like that.

    Note: Save it for the bedroom for a guy who actually like you for you, don’t just offer it up to any douche with eyes and also switch those granny panties to something a little more flattering.

  26. iamsosmrt

    I love how Milo has his serious ‘I’m not attracted to a minor’ face on trying to act all cool and oblivious to her meanwhile in his head he’s mentally pacing back on forth going “c’maaan, c’maaan” and counting down the seconds until she turns 18. What no one watches South Park?

    No more coffee and candy for breakfast, I have way too many thoughts on such a minor story.

  27. she is so freaking hot. How can she be compared to that fire crotch? Whomever said that must be as blind as Stevie Wonder.

  28. daηielle™↵

    She looks like a peguin…on crack.

  29. kacsing

    She was on Ally McBeal, as the girl who came to live with Ally near the end of the series(when Jon Bon Jovi was on it). She also did “Bring It On, All Or Nothing” the sequal to “Bring It On”(Kirsten Dunst) so I guess that’s why she can play a cheerleader on TV now. Movies can train you for so much these days! WHATEVER!

  30. bungoone

    26, you must be kidding. i’ve seen sluttier 12 year olds at the mall.

    and the dress probably wasn’t see through until all the paparazzi started taking flash photos.

    although i can’t stand how she has so much cleavage exposed on the show.

  31. DrPhowstus

    @29 — Well you would know, being the resident expert and all. So that would make you look like a racoon on crack?

  32. daηielle™↵

    Shall we not?

    It’s too early in the morning dear/

  33. DrDanny

    The Un-Lindsay is a major babe, whoever she is. I’m still not going to watch Heroes, tho. I have _some_ self-respect.

  34. DrPhowstus

    That’s Dr Dear to you, tootsie pop.

  35. Lizzle

    #9 ponk – “She has 1/100th of Lindsay’s talent”. So what exactly Oscar-worthy performance has Lindsay Lohan EVER given? Are we talking about her far-reaching achievements in Herbie: Fully Loaded; or maybe something a bit deeper in her Mean Girls role?

    (Side note, I actually liked Mean Girls, but I digress).

    Point is that Hohan will never win an Oscar because she won’t be recognized as a serious actress 10, 5 maybe even 2 years down the road. Shit she’s not even recognized as a serious actress NOW – she’s too much of a coke fiend and leather-faced, drunken slut to concentrate on her “lucrative” career. Girls like that don’t HAVE real talent. They focus on the size of their tits or the number of parties they attend to keep thdir spot in Hollywood and we can only hope that we run into them later as bag ladies.

  36. daηielle™↵

    Yes sir.

    Dr. No Dick.

    Gotcha ;)

  37. She is so hot! I really need a new intern.

    Hayden has so much more talent than Lindsay and is HOT!

  38. BarbadoSlim

    Hayden Panewhothefuck? Sorry, not ringin’ a bell, get back to me when she’s not on some crappy one season wonder series.

    And that name is teh annoying.

  39. Cardinal Ximenez

    Cute face but the cum-gut is not real attractive. Also where is Lorenzo Lamas with his laser pointer to show her that her thighs rub together. You can’t be hot in Hollywood when you don’t even sport factory air. If Firecrotch had thighs that tightly pressed together, she’d go into core meltdown. She needs a Nicole Ritchey diet plan and lose that baby fat and she’d be at least porn worthy. Right now I’d rate her as a B level contract porn star. Just hovering above the DVDA level.

  40. BarbadoSlim

    And my post in NO way should be construed as an endorsement of Lyndsay aka the “whore of Babylon” Lohan

  41. MsSocialist

    I think i’m in love.


    Hayden has a wonderful body, she is stunning. I hope she doesnt go all size zero on us :(

  42. KatieKates

    Hayden is way hotter than Lindsay. And I see no resemblance whatsoever. And I really don’t see as that she is pissed – she seems more amused than anything.

    But yeah – a little cocky for someone who was acting in Noxzema commercials just months ago.

  43. teetee

    They should have said “give ‘em hell slut”!
    That would have been more appropriate.

  44. Jimbo

    This has got to be the worst post by the superficial I have ever seen. Who cares? She seem like a nice girl and I am sure she will look good when her career drops into the toilet and has to pose for Playboy. But really does anyone care that she was offended that some idiot mistook her for Lindsay slowhand?

  45. teetee

    Did someone stick a helium hose up her nose?

  46. daηielle™↵

    The chick puts on a seethrough sweater dress, buys a vicky s push up bra and runs to the corner store for a premade bottle of “water” and all of a sudden she’s hot?

    The broad has no neck and her face looks as if it’s been stung by a hundred bees. You could dress up a flag pole in the same outfit and it would look 100x better.

    I hope Heroes gets canceled.

  47. roflmao

    “Give ‘em hell Lindsay!”


  48. 23apples

    HAHA I couldn’t decide, but I think I’m going to have to say I like her better because of this video. That would probably be my same reaction if someone called me Lindsay.

    And that guy is TOTALLY holding a purse.

  49. roflmao

    whats wrong with her mascara

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