Hayden Panettiere wants Milo Ventimiglia kicked off Heroes

March 11th, 2009 // 82 Comments

Since their break-up a few weeks ago, Hayden Panettiere has launched a tiny crusade to get Milo Ventimiglia kicked off of Heroes despite the fact that’d be the equivalent of getting rid of the redneck strippers on Rock of Love. (Read: Retarded.) OK! Magazine reports:

“She refuses to be on the set at the same time as him,” the pal tells OK!. “She is making it difficult for everyone involved.” (Her rep denies this).
As for Milo, “He’s not going to play any games or stoop to her level,” says the friend.

Fortunately for NBC, I have a solution to this problem: Think of Heroes as a girlfriend who wants you to stop drinking and playing Xbox in your underwear. Or to a less dire extent, a horse that broke its leg in a race.


  1. Scooby

    Kick her off of HEROES and I might start watching again.

  2. BEAM

    I want Heroes kicked off television.

  3. g_girl

    What a bitchy species…

  4. Oliverlove

    She’s no doubt beautiful; but I gotta say, hot and sensual models on ___Tallmingle.c o m___ are more attractive to me! Man, tell ya what? If you dig hot Milfs, that’s the place!! LOL

  5. Richard McBeef

    I wouldn’t fuck her with #12′s dick.

  6. Wheres the booty SHOT? what a waste of film…

  7. Why would NBC give a crap what this little midget wants or likes? her career is over the instant that stupid show goes off the air.

  8. MJ

    Can’t believe you passed up a “stoop to her level” joke!

  9. Frank N. Stein

    Her character is expendable. We need more Ali.

  10. Grandpa

    She needs someone to shove their 12ft dick right in her useless mouth!!

  11. We always hurt the ones we love.

  12. p0nk

    who the fuck is she

  13. Case

    This is exactly why you don’t fuck your co-workers. What a stupid girl.

  14. Freya

    The Claire storyline is old and tired. Get rid of her. Maybe then she’ll grow up!

  15. Who in their right mind would date a coworker,,,I know you treck these sites hayden, doesnt he get to make a leaving?

  16. jen

    could anyone take her “demands” seriously anyhow? i mean…. she looks like a 12 yr old…

  17. p0nk

    you shouldn’t date co workers!?! take that ya’ll

  18. GuyHolly

    #5– that cause 12 couldn’t find his dick with the Hubble telescope.

  19. Terrence Howard

    That white bitch needs to be beaten into a pulp and ass-raped

    • raper

      Send the little bitch my way and I’ll not only ass rape her but rape her till she walks funny and of course feel her up

  20. Cool site. I’m a first time visitor.

    Personally, I would like to see her off of Heroes. I have read a few articles recently on her demands and attitude. I say get her off the show and everyone will forget who she is…

  21. ladybaba

    Milo’s basically the lead character on Heroes. He’s not going anywhere.

  22. Chris Brown

    My homeboy Guido Venti Latte needs to give that bitch a beatdown like I did to my biatch. Yall see it worked like a charm

  23. MissyK

    She’s pretty much made herself look super immature and lame.

  24. Heroes hasn’t been doing all that well lately and if it came down to kicking Hayden or Milo off the show. I say get rid of Milo, from the interviews I’ve seen he’s a pompous little douche nozzle. “OOOOh look at me I always dress fancy, because I’m professional”, get over yourself Milo

  25. aww shit

    This is exactly why a 30yo shouldn’t date an 18yo. Besides being sort of perverted it’s going to cause a ton of drama.

  26. Kia

    Wow, I don’t think she’s talented or famous enough to be that kind of diva. It also make her look really bad…. no one wants to work with a immature jerk.

  27. Venom

    I have the perfect solution.
    Cancel the show.
    It sucks now terribly, especially the new guy, the poor mans John Malkovich.
    He is killing the show.

  28. Mister Obvious

    Hey Bitch

    You made your bed,now sleep in it

    Stupid Whore

  29. Dubya

    Another reason Midgets shouldn’t be allowed on set!

    Boot her off!!!

  30. goodnews

    SHE has been dating the guy?
    NO!!!!!! her hot pics were just found at one hot datin club called
    __RichFriends.org__ is she looking for serious relationship or just for fun??

  31. Darth

    Aww! I’m getting almost afraid from Amazon warrior Hayden Panettiere!

  32. lookslikeabadger

    I’d like to this midgets ass.

  33. Lowlands

    No one mess with Hayden Panettiere! She’s gonna kick that dude herself off the set!

  34. Who does she think she is?

    For a nobody with the body of a chubby pre-teen, she sure thinks she’s all that.

    Her character on Heroes is becoming very annoying. Maybe if she keeps up the attitude the script will be written so that ClaireBear will lose her powers and fall down an elevator shaft. Or something to that effect.

  35. dew

    Too bad the story is hung up on “Save the cheerleader, save the world”. They keep trying to make her character matter, but her character is as boring and insignificant as the character’s actress. The character Peter is more important to the story anyway, which has been sucking more and more these last two seasons.

    I want more Micah! I hope he’s Rebel. If they brought Micah back, maybe they could do a little more with Ali — the writers must really hate her, because they give her characters the lamest stories ever. Even when they came up with a new character for her, it ended up being lame. Is she a diva, is that why her characters are always so lame?

    I like Angela too. At least she’s getting good stories to play.

  36. Darth

    If i was that dude Milo Ventimiglia i would start to make my testament! Her hawk eyes see everything and her fists are like pneumatic hammers!

  37. U-God

    Milo Ventimiglia should be kicked off the planet. Or at least into it.

  38. Lineman7

    Here, here!

    I will echo these thoughts…

    YES! – She’s a pain in the ass with a diva complex. I see her becoming a Dana Plato for the new millenium.

    YES! – He seems like a real douchebag. What kind of 30+ year-old dates an 18 year-old? Hey dumbass, you’re just supposed to fuck them, not parade around like you’re Roman Polanski.

    YES – The show itself both sucks and blows, just like everything else NBC does.

  39. mikeock

    who gives a shit about this moon faced twat or what she thinks.

  40. vito

    Never watched the show and probably never will.

    She’s cute, especially when she’s fixed up. But KEEE-RYSTT what a spoiled, vindictive little cunt!

  41. Lux

    He would get a terrible back-ache if he stooped to her level.

  42. Ali Knievel

    Look how fucking tiny her hands are! They’re even smaller in proportion with the rest of her body. Maybe she wants Milo off the show because he’s a pedophile.

  43. Phil

    I hope this uppity cunt gets in a disfiguring car accident and her face is melted to an unrecognizable mess. That would be LOL.

  44. AirMail

    Little Princess get dick-slapped?

  45. pinksneakers

    i am all for being trim and toned, but that sort of thigh muscle does NOT work when you are that short.

  46. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD rescinded

    When did this stupid bitch start smoking cigarettes?

  47. RichPort's Labia

    Will someone please punch this pie-faced cow in the head?

    Go back to chain smoking, you dirty little whore.

  48. JPRichardson

    I’d like to toss her salad.

  49. herbiefrog

    rory ?

    …are you missing something ?
    …like about seven years?

    and your point is ?

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