Hayden Panettiere walks her dogs

August 14th, 2007 // 113 Comments

I don’t know why, but people seem to enjoy Hayden Panettiere so here’s some shots of her walking her dogs around Los Angeles. Although I don’t really understand her appeal. She’s cute and all, but she’s built like a tiny little pit bull. A tiny little pit bull made out of puppies and kittens and rainbows. Okay, yeah, I get it. But she’s still got another week before she turns 18, so just settle down there Mr. Dateline. Go put on your trench coat and hang around an elementary school or something.

Photos: Splash

  1. Pedro

    ummm….just needs a little more boobage

  2. mdiz

    oh man in 10 years…..

  3. Pedro

    Well on second thought, she kinda looks like the Joker in Pic 6.

  4. She can take me for a walk

  5. big

    how old is she?

  6. Stickman

    Ah shit, the guilt’s back.

  7. hendero

    She’s 17, getting stalked by the paparazzi, obsessed over on celebrity chat sites, and has pics of her licking her friends’ boob circling the internet. She’ll turn completely insane by the time she’s 21.

    Who is she again?

  8. mdiz

    Her future resume ..

    Shaved head at 19, rehab by 20, make out with ben kingsley at 21, have 2 failed marriages by 25, prison by 26, found god at 28, disposed of by hollywood by 30…. If the trend of current crazy blonds continue….

  9. RichPort

    I’d love to visit the dark moist crevices of the Hayden Planetarium.

  10. RichPort

    Mr. Fish, if you could hold off from posting comment #9 until next week, I’d appreciate it.

  11. Penis Mightier

    This girl is not the least bit interesting yet she has about 80% of the posts on this waste of a website.

  12. gerard Vandenberg

    Okay now. Without the paparazzi there wouldn’t be celebrities. So some people act if they don’t want attention but the truth is: they just love it and want more!! Because of that they are acting like imbeciles/idiots!! But these pictures are being questioned. That girl is still a kid so give her time to grow up, WITHOUT PAPARAZZI!!

  13. ssdd

    I dont know what the big deal is about her.. she always looks pissed off .. and or thats her natural facial expressions which make me think she’s got a smart ass attitude.

  14. gotmilk?

    why is she built like a pit bull? because she’s muscular?

    i’d rather see a chick looking like this than flabby assed mischa barton or tara reid.

  15. Hey #11:

    A) I feel like your 80% calculation is flawless — are you a mathematician?

    B) If this website is a waste, why the fuck would you “waste” your ridiculously valuable time commenting?

    Most websites are a waste, so please enjoy your testicle sandwich at lunch, today.

  16. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    that dog looks like he’s about to kick someone’s ass in the last picture.

  17. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    mmmMM testicle sandwich!

  18. michelle

    ah, she is not that good looking… about a 6 maybe.

  19. supposably



  20. mywellrehearsedmistake

    12. You’re an idiot. That’s her job (to be photographed), her chosen career. And how is she acting like an imbecile? She’s walking her dog… She’s not a kid – she’s 17. Some people have jobs, homes, cars, kids by then. Jeez. Where I live – she’s been legal for a whole year already. Land of the Free? umm…

  21. yolatengo

    HAH! yeah right…. the minute this chick turns ‘legal’ everyone will lose interest and move on to the next underage deer-in- headlights i.e britney, logan, olsen twins …. everyone pretends to act so shocked with shit like Dateline Predators when actually this shit goes on right in front of our faces.

  22. mywellrehearsedmistake

    20. sorry that should even be ‘two’ whole years already! whoops. (I forgot she’s nearly 18.)

  23. justsomebastard

    Jesus fish, you’re kind of perving out on this chick lately.

    And yolatengo, I’m not afraid of you, and I will beat your ass.

  24. blue.

    eek, who was logan?

    I think most people are going for the pre-teens because there’s no dramz yet.
    Think about it. Legal= shit starts hitting fan (at incredibly fast rate)

  25. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    20, who at 17 years of age owns a house? seriously, i would love to meet them. and the house can’t be a trailer.

  26. @21 Hey dumb shit, Britney, Lohan, Paris, and the Olsen twin are all legal and have been legal for a while and they are on the top of the pop’s list to follow around. And WTF does this have to do Dateline Predators? We are talking about actors, not child abductions

  27. I don’t see why people are so eager to wait until pop-tarts like this are 18, its not like any of YOU people are going to be fucking her.

  28. Reli

    at least she fixed her damn eyebrows.

  29. Bob.

    Hahaha what does the age of consent have to do with ‘land of the free’
    Fucking blind canned patriotism shite

  30. mywellrehearsedmistake

    25. alright maybe not a house. but you get what i mean. 17 is not really a kid is it? If she’s old enough to be an actress – she’s old enough to deal with having her photo taken.

  31. Texas Tranny

    Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed.

  32. Chauncey Gardner

    I wonder if she knows that people blast her photos with semen and post them on websites?

  33. @27 How do you know?

  34. Sandy Beach

    Grass on the field, play ball.

  35. supposably

    Does anyone else find it funny how many people start arguing on a Hayden page?

    She hasn’t even done anything yet. Oh, this could get fun in months/years to come.

  36. Josh Simpson

    She’s not great. Like I said in the pics the other day of her on the beach, she’s a future butterface fattie. She just has the build for it.

  37. She will be 18 one week from today!

  38. Wowieweewa

    I have that shirt. It’s from target.

  39. carey

    How can you tell what build she has and what her future will be?
    It’s pretty obvious she has some meat on her already so it’s not exactly genius to predict she’ll get fat as she already is fat in some people’s eyes.

    Most normal girls are about her size . She has always had a pretty face so I don’t see it changing as she gets older.
    By the way do you even know what butterface means?

    Okay now tell me how a fatty can be a butterface? Do you like fatties? Don’t you mean a butterbody or something, LOL

  40. isellhohouse

    I just finished my testicle sandwich and man that was delicious.

  41. Sugar Tits

    What the fuck is wrong with this chick’s chest? She’s been the victim of a very cruel joke in which they sculpted her pectoral area out of pure lard and gave her no discernible jugs. Poor thing.

  42. whodoyouthinkyouare?

    @ 18/michelle – who died and made you God?

    So you think this chick’s “about a 6 maybe”? You judgemental cow. Let’s see a picture of you on this site and we can all rate you on a scale of 1-to-moose.


  43. Penis Mightier

    15: Bern your website is a waste….so are you.

  44. Victor

    All I got to say, “AS LONG AS IT IS CONCENTUAL.”

  45. Penis Mightier

    42: You do realize that this site is all about celebrity criticism right? You don’t? Thats because you are a fucking idiot.

  46. wedgeone

    #42 – twatstick – best putdown since “twatwaffle”! LOL.

    While seeing pics of pretty 18-year-old starlets is a good thing (as opposed to 45 year old, cellulite riddled, vagina-like-sleeve-of-wizard pics of Deb Messing or MissPMS from #27), so much more is going on that is worthy of discussion.

    Like Brad Garrett popping a papz’ camera back into his eye yesterday, or Mary Louise Parker posing nude with a huge python/boa. Now THAT’S some shit to talk about.

    Welcome back, Bern. TT just emptied his prostate over your “testicle sandwich” remark. So the world is back to normal again. Now go find us some big boobies to ogle!

  47. lambman

    Thankfully I, like the silly Japanese man, can travel in time where it’s already next week!

    take that suckers!

  48. Texas Tranny

    @46…..Can I have the “special” sauce on my sandwich?

  49. Awwww…all I brought for lunch was a tuna sandwich. I didn’t know they made them in testicle :(

  50. Sheva

    She’s a nice cute American girl and she values her work and should do fine. As long as she avoids the pedophiles here who seem to have erupted in a volume of Bill Clinton disease.

    Or maybe that’s just how it is back on the trailer.

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