Hayden Panettiere tries to save the dolphins


Hayden Panettiere attempted to rescue a pod of dolphins in a cove off of Japan. Hayden and six other activists rode their surfboards out into the water but were threatened by local fishermen, according to the Associated Press:

Fishermen on a boat approached the activists and ordered them to leave, shoving some of them with a long pole. An angry fisherman later shouted in the face of one of the protesters on the road above the cove. There did not appear to be any injuries.
“This baby stuck its head out and kind of looked as us, and the thought that the baby is no longer with us is very difficult,” Panettiere, who stars in the NBC show “Heroes,” said after coming ashore.

Dolphin hunting is apparently a Japanese custom and the activists’ interference angered some locals:

The local fishermen and their supporters say hunting dolphins — in this case, pilot whales — is a Japanese custom that outsiders have no business interfering with.
“Whales and dolphins are traditionally being used (as resources) in Japan,” said Hideki Moronuki, chief of the whaling section at the Japanese Fisheries Agency. “In this light, we cannot accept an argument simply based on emotional causes.”

Okay, clearly Hayden and her friends surfing was pretty lame. If ’80s movies have taught me anything, it’s that wicked cool surf moves can overcome any obstacle. Had Hayden done like a back flip or something righteous, we would be reading quotes from Japanese officials saying “Radical!” and “Saving the dolphins is totally bodacious!” But, I guess Hayden Panettiere really didn’t want to save the dolphins after all. Bogus.

Photos: Getty Images