Hayden Panettiere tries to save the dolphins

November 2nd, 2007 // 161 Comments

Hayden Panettiere attempted to rescue a pod of dolphins in a cove off of Japan. Hayden and six other activists rode their surfboards out into the water but were threatened by local fishermen, according to the Associated Press:

Fishermen on a boat approached the activists and ordered them to leave, shoving some of them with a long pole. An angry fisherman later shouted in the face of one of the protesters on the road above the cove. There did not appear to be any injuries.
“This baby stuck its head out and kind of looked as us, and the thought that the baby is no longer with us is very difficult,” Panettiere, who stars in the NBC show “Heroes,” said after coming ashore.

Dolphin hunting is apparently a Japanese custom and the activists’ interference angered some locals:

The local fishermen and their supporters say hunting dolphins — in this case, pilot whales — is a Japanese custom that outsiders have no business interfering with.
“Whales and dolphins are traditionally being used (as resources) in Japan,” said Hideki Moronuki, chief of the whaling section at the Japanese Fisheries Agency. “In this light, we cannot accept an argument simply based on emotional causes.”

Okay, clearly Hayden and her friends surfing was pretty lame. If ’80s movies have taught me anything, it’s that wicked cool surf moves can overcome any obstacle. Had Hayden done like a back flip or something righteous, we would be reading quotes from Japanese officials saying “Radical!” and “Saving the dolphins is totally bodacious!” But, I guess Hayden Panettiere really didn’t want to save the dolphins after all. Bogus.

Photos: Getty Images

  1. RENEE Z...

    Why does she look preggo in these shots? Totally not a flattering dress. From afar it almost looked like the old Britney Spears; but not when closer. Anyways, I admire what she’s doing; at least she doesn’t just act like the typical Hollywood spoiled, materialistic brat.

  2. Grace

    The thing is, the Japanese are fishing out their resources. Fishing for anything is a Japanese tradition, hell, they are an island. But they’re doing it to the point where there will be, literally, no fish left. I can sympathize with her, even if it sounds a bit dirty hippie-ish.

  3. Jon Benet

    Jon Benet is actually alive. Here she is.

  4. RENEE Z...

    And she looks good otherwise. And I have to admit, as retarded as it is, I had to restrain myself from saying first! in that first post. Don’t know what it is about finding yourself in the numero uno position…it seems to turn us all into tards.

  5. Noxioius Bob

    Look it’s a smurf

  6. If you ignore the words and just look at the pictures, it seems like some powerful young girl is receiving a weightlifting trophy.

  7. gotmilk?

    this story is just too gay to even omment on.

    isn’t that dress a little short to be wearing on stage? although i’m sure she has underwear on… right?

  8. Eddy

    I’m sorry…but killing anything that can recognize it’s own reflection is out of the question. And besides, how many of you have interacted with dolphins? probably one or two. dolphins are pretty much damn amazing creatures, totally much more intelligent than dogs and most humans.

    she looks hot, even with that bad looking dress :D

  9. Narcissist

    She’s a righteous Hottie.

    Did her and her friends drift to Japan from Malibu? What are they doing in Japan?

  10. no1justminda

    Ugh…her eyebrows…they bug the crap out of me!

  11. Texas Tranny

    I’m sure she’s wearing pretty panties.

  12. Auntie Kryst

    She’s a lucky girl. From a distance I’m sure one of those fisherman would mistake her for a little whale. I bet there was a harpooner aiming in on her thinking I’ll have enough lamp oil for a year after bagging that pink dolphin.

  13. @7 Thanks troll now shut the fuck up and use your own name

  14. nipolian

    She looks……..I don’t know……….thick?

  15. Josh Simpson

    Cute now, but as I’ve said before. She’s a future fatty. Especially after she has a kid. Though thighs are gonna chunk up.

    I’d hit it now, though.

  16. KamUK

    Good for her I fucking hate these wanker Japanese whaling and dolphin fishing TWATS, I think I’d rather start eating Japanese that dolphin. BASTARDS, and yeah good for her and her compadres, whoever they were.

  17. Mal Reynolds

    Fucking Japanese! They, along with the Chinese, will someday be looking over the endangered species list and comparing recipes. They have no (NONE) respect for ecological conservation or animal welfare.

  18. getty the netty vetty
  19. JOSH

    Oh who gives a f**k. It’s within their waters, they can fish whatever they want. People here hunt deer and bear and no seems to give a rat’s ass! I’d be more impress if she was trying to save the people of Darfur.

  20. Dick Richards

    I’d pay to see Hayden being eaten by a Great White. I’d politely ask the shark to leave the buttochs for me to savagely dick bludgeon. Fucking round-eyes always trying to force their views on other cultures. I wish a couple of Hayd’s surfer doushe-friends would have become entangled in the fishermen’s nets! So hot.

  21. As astoundingly hot as The Hayden is, her lameass “OMG baby dolphins r sooo cute pleez don’t killz them!” nonsense is just that; nonsense. Is she willing to support those Japanese whalers and their families if she gets her way and stops this venerable profession? Ridiculous. Guess what people – there are little baby people in this country RIGHT NOW that do no have enough to eat today. TODAY. Right this minute. Who gives a blue fuck about dolphins – think about your kids, or your nieces or nephews going hungry, and not knowing why. That is a tragedy, this is a photo op.

  22. wha.wha.WHAT!

    @20…the Japanese are overfishing the people of Darfur??? That’s just wrong!

  23. That being said, Hayden can ride my porpoise whenever she wants to really help an ‘endangered species’.

  24. MrSemprini

    I hate to bring everyone back down to earth here but I just have to say…

    Fish, man! Great set today! I am totally going to have a lotion date tonight. If my wife wants in, so much the better!

  25. wha.wha.WHAT?

    @24…then you can “Flipper” over…

  26. Princess

    If she wants to have a career beyond her current RETARDED tv show, she’ll have to lose a lot of weight.

  27. steve

    I have this zen master friend named Jim who now lives in San Francisco with his wife. Anyway, he travelled the whole world after college with a surfboard. He never says anything negative about any culture except the Japanese and Chinese. They love to kill shit. His quote was, “That is a soul-less culture”.
    Hayden could’ve saved a trip over there if she just talked to Jim. My apologies to everyone that this post is so long, but DAMN Japan, quit killing your marine life!!

  28. Grace

    Yeah, Josh, that’s great. Until we recognize the ecological impact that Japanese fishing has made on the world. Hunting bear and deer keep populations down so that there aren’t other ecological problems that come with overpopulation. However, with Japanese fishing, not only does it affect oceanic ecology, it affects the entire planet. http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,22635086-5001021,00.html
    That’s just one of the many stories relating to Japan’s refusal to change their fishing habits.

  29. Big Bear

    Funniest comment on the page: #3


  30. @22, What do you expect from an 18 year old kid? Just because she is hot, does not mean she is smart. Look at Jessica Simpson.

  31. Doomhammer

    Hey 23, its called Darwinism. Surival of the fittest? Im sure youve heard of it. The weak need to die and get disease so that the strong can flourish. Its how God made it. So stop crying for the starving babies. Nature thins the herd, its how God wants it. Besides, the dolphins are cuter than black babies.

  32. She looks like my little sister. I remember one time she was putting on a dress like that one and my hand accidentally knocked against the door of the closet in her room. I was soooooo close, I just about spurted in her face when she yanked the door open!

  33. gotmilk?

    27, c’mon, you know for a fact that she’s not fat. she just needs to tone up, not necessarily lose weight.

  34. LD

    Are you serious?!? Do you read Perez Hilton and then two days later post the same shit?!? I love this site, but you’re ridiculous!

  35. JOSH

    I love the clip of her crying as got back onto land. Talk about photo op.

  36. Christine

    If you actually watched the video on youtube and learned anything about what’s happening to these dolphins that are being mutilated in mass numbers you would see that they weren’t surfing.. they were paddling on their boards to try to drive the dolphins away. Then were attacked by Japanese fisherman who pushed at them with the propellers of their boat and poked them with fishing equipment… what’s happening in Japan is disgusting… I love your site and love your funny comments but making fun of her for trying to actually do something besides get high and fucked up and mess up their kids lives like other celebrities do isn’t cool.

  37. Captain Walleye

    If she lost about 15 pounds, she’d be really hot.

  38. Captain Walleye

    Her co-star (the guy who is a cop that can read minds) evidentally lost a lot of weight doing Weight Watchers. Perhaps she’ll give it a try.

  39. Pam Smith

    Some of you are racist bigots. What if a female Japanese celebrity stops Caucasian men from deer hunting? You’d think she’s a crazy Japanese tree hugger. Now this bitch stops Japanese fishermen from doing what has long been a custom, and you still point fingers at the Japanese. Such ridiculous statements from ignorant fucks who would bang anything with a hole.

  40. JOSH

    You know what Grace? Us getting into our SUV everyday has ecological affects on the entire world but do you see anyone of us trading our excessive lifestyle for public transportation? Hell no!

  41. @33 Fuck you troll. Get a life

  42. moobs

    Not really “hot” imo more like “really average” but ok.

    Whatever you say!

  43. lalaland

    this girl is HOT if i was a lesbo, i’d tap that

  44. Chauncey Gardner

    Fucking Nips.

    Now, let’s see Hayden’s nips. And ‘lips’.

  45. pilot whales rule fishermen drool

    HOW CAN PEOPLE SAY THEY WERE INTERFERING??? THEY SHOULD’VE THROWN NETS ON THE FISHERMEN. HOW ABOUT THE HUNTERS WERE INTERFERING WITH THOSE DEFENSELESS ANIMALS? thats annoying. some humans think they are superior. of all the animals in the sea…do they really need to hunt pilot whales/dolphins?

  46. nipolian

    Who gives a shit about what they do to their aquatic ecosystem. It will adjust. What do you think those two little gems we dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 did to the ecosystem over there? If they want to destroy all their dolphins – that’s their fucking problem. I feel we have enough trash in our own backyard to clean up before we need to worry about Japan and China.

  47. wake up!

    we shouldnt be killing animals that are smarter than us.

  48. hey trashy celeb!

    u should give a shit about dolphins, they may teach us something one day. u should give a shit about every living thing. we are all apart of the same planet. we all effect each other. why dont people realize that? we are destroying our own habitat as well as other animals. we suck. im embarassed to be human.

  49. Snarky McComments

    Admirable, sure. But she should have done it topless.

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