Hayden Panettiere sounds awesome to work with

July 27th, 2009 // 68 Comments

PETA can’t get enough of Hayden Panettiere’s wacky animal-loving antics, according to Page Six:

The group lauded the sexy “Heroes” star for halting the filming of a scene after a crew member used a leaf-blower to blast birds out of a tree. They quoted her as shouting to the bird-brained jerk: “What are you doing? How would you like someone to blow that thing inside your house?”

Do you know what I would’ve said if I were that guy? I would’ve said “I’d fucking LOVE IT. In fact, I’d pay someone just to come over to my house and blow all my important papers around.” Then I’d aim the leaf-blower at Hayden sending her careening over a building because everyone knows midgets have hollow bones just like birds. That’s how they’re so good at hiding treasure.


  1. Coda

    Congrats to Hayden!!
    It’s sad how cold-hearted some people can be (which is the majority of the people who have commented on this story).

  2. Rhialto

    Like a tigress she’ll continue to stand up for the animals.Nature can count blind on her !

  3. Gando

    The dolphins will dance and sing songs of praise for her the next time she’s going to swim with them! Nature will bless her with good Karma for this!

  4. Galtacticus

    Next time she must gentle shake a tree.A bird’s nest will drop on her head and will fit her like a Crown.This is how the birds show their gratitude!

  5. I really like that purple dress

  6. ihatepeta

    Typical self righteous libertard thinking she’s above everyone else. That’s why I get along better with the Republicans. They might be religious and crazy but when it comes to politics, those guys aren’t as dumb as liberals.

    I really do hope that one day Hayden gets killed by a shark or whale, you know, the ones she’s trying so desperately to save?

    And @mothernature, you’re such a debbie downer. You just called yourself a smelly human ape fuck, why the hell should people care what you think? You’re a collectivist piece of shit and I have nothing but contempt for your kind.

  7. Brooke

    good for Hayden

    don’t diss her for being motherfuckin compassionate!!

  8. This girl just had bad genes that make her appendages look sausage like.

  9. Josh

    I don’t get what’s wrong with wanting to be kind to animals…
    It seems some people care way too much i.e. people who got annoyed at obama when he killed that fly, but then the way some people on here comment you would think she just told the whole world to stop driving cars because you might hit a bird on the freeway.

    Yeah, I’m looking at you 56, you crazy retard. Get off the internet and into that AA meeting.

  10. Barry O

    I just stomped on a hornet. And I called a squirrel a racial slur. I think I gave it an eating disorder.

  11. Carlos


  12. Mother Nature

    A pity that people don’t seem to realize that without this world we are born into we have nothing. As more useless eaters grow hungry, the remaining space for other living beings diminishes. Humans now eat artificially engineered food grown my chemicals which come from geological formations they continually destroy and that are not going to renenerate. And when it’s gone it’s gone.
    Don’t bother trying to teach this to the Republicans, they just aren’t bright enough to comprehend.

  13. Brian

    First of all after having worked in the film industry… there is NO way that she halted a scene to tell someone to stop with a leaf blower… if your within 3 blocks of a set some PA will come and tell you to shut up… so if they were in fact rolling it was his damn fault and he is the one that is “hard to work with”…

    Second… I LOVE MEAT!!!! and think PETA is stupid as hell (yet i love their nudie ads).

    BUT…. really guys… really? I need to stay away from the comments section of most sites… It makes me extremely sad for the human race. In the end there was really nothing wrong with that guy blowing the birds away (unless they were rolling tape) but there was also NOTHING wrong with her speaking her mind. Isn’t that what half of you idiots are doing when you are flaming her in the comments of a site she will never read. At least her words are being heard. And to all those people who were talking about she should be caring for human causes not animals… I’ll bet a year salary that she does more for good ‘human’ causes than you could ever do. Perk of being rich.

    I’m jumping all over (but dont give a shit). Back to the birds and her speaking up for the animals… While you guys have been fighting back at “Mother Nature” for her libritard love of animals… she is the only one that is making any damn sense. If any one here thinks that life or the planet or galexy or anyhting we currently know of is all here for HUMANS your just god (if there was one) retarded. Humans are a blip on the radar of EVERYTHING. You might as well realize and respect other animals cause we are all as useless as them…

    WOW… that post makes me sound like a moron… thats what you get for ranting, not caring and not proof reading… but everything i said was true….

    Well I’m going to go now… to my VERY fulfilling life where I live just how I like… in harmony with nature (as much as comfortably possible) with lots of useless world possessions… a woman I love VERY much… and a job that is probably 100x better than all of yours and I just graduated university.

    Thanks for letting me have some fun tonight venting, defending both leaf blower dude and cock blower girl, and reminding myself how much better my life is than the people who spend their time flaming in comments. Thank you and good night!

  14. She is quite tiny, good for her and her passions! http://www.bbwsinglesdate.com/

  15. ihatepeta

    @59. Josh, there’s nothing wrong with caring for animals, in fact, I do so myself. I do not butcher or kill animals for my pleasure. I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years (I’m 20). I became a vegetarian because I thought meat was gross and disgusting and clearly not to save some animal but at the end of the day, I’m not eating them, whatever my reasons might be.

    However, Hayden Gotmypantiesinabunch was “yelling” at some guy like some self righteous zealot. All he was doing was blowing birds away, not shooting them.

    @63. Brian, mothernature is not ‘making sense’. She loathes and detests other human beings. Perhaps it is because she is not truly a liberal but a communist instead. Or it might be because animals don’t talk or in her case “do anything negative” and she feels like she has this God complex over them because she’s protecting them.

    Sorry to break it to you both but as you are sitting there, wishing to be ‘kind and compassionate’ to animals (whilst loathing humans), if you were to be in the wild, a bear would tear your limbs apart with its teeth without second thought. If you were at sea, a shark would tear at your flesh without second thought.

    As a liberal, mother nature uses her emotions to get her by. She has more compassion for an animal who could do absolutely nothing for her than she does for a human being who built her house, made her car, created drugs, restored her health. It’s sad.

  16. kerry

    I would have been more interested to hear what happened after she said that.
    Was there silence? Did someone drop something? Golf clap ?


    Maybe he just switched the f*cker back on and contined huffing and puffing their house down

  17. Gerard Butler

    I’d stick the fucking wind-blowing machine in her cunt and inflate the motherfucker

    Then I’d wait and say, well, shes kind of right about the birds. Lets relocate these fucktards

  18. He is a typical liberal elitist. And a megabitch. Just a matter of time before some B-list guy throws him to stop him realize that he thinks are fading, and most men like tall girls, just in time to -.

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