Hayden Panettiere sounds awesome to work with

July 27th, 2009 // 68 Comments

PETA can’t get enough of Hayden Panettiere’s wacky animal-loving antics, according to Page Six:

The group lauded the sexy “Heroes” star for halting the filming of a scene after a crew member used a leaf-blower to blast birds out of a tree. They quoted her as shouting to the bird-brained jerk: “What are you doing? How would you like someone to blow that thing inside your house?”

Do you know what I would’ve said if I were that guy? I would’ve said “I’d fucking LOVE IT. In fact, I’d pay someone just to come over to my house and blow all my important papers around.” Then I’d aim the leaf-blower at Hayden sending her careening over a building because everyone knows midgets have hollow bones just like birds. That’s how they’re so good at hiding treasure.


  1. RtSS


  2. RtSS

    Ah, sweet!!! I popped my “First” cherry!!! It feels so good, and to do it on a thread of sweet Hayden makes it all the more better. Speaking of popping a cherry, Hayden, you “in”???

  3. I’d like her to blow me.

  4. Burner

    Are the birds being hurt by air? I can understand it if they were being hurt but if it is just to get them out of a tree, it isn’t going to harm them.

  5. Burner

    Are the birds being hurt by air? I can understand it if they were being hurt but if it is just to get them out of a tree, it isn’t going to harm them.

  6. Ted from LA

    Which one is she, Sneezy?

  7. gotmilk?

    this troll is such a hypocrite.

  8. Crabby Old Guy

    Somewhere, the “Sad Clown of Life” wiped a single tear from his eye…and then shot this self absorbed bitch in the head.

    Animals everywhere, rejoiced.

  9. Poor guy probably getting minimum wage, he should’ve told her to go sit on a dolphin snout…

  10. Darth Retard

    Was she pointing at the leaf blower when she said that or at the leaf blower’s crotch?

  11. phoring

    Heroes suck. Not just because of her.

  12. Work Sucks

    Easily the best Hayden-bashing yet. She gives leprechauns a bad name. Did you see that movie? That little bastard would have f*cked those birds up, then murdered everyone on set. Tempted to say they deserve it for prolonging her career….

  13. Venom

    Still want to bang her.

  14. Taz

    id pump her in her blow hole

  15. dk

    I would love to tie her face down, fuck her in the ass, while I skinned a cat on her back in a hut tub full of rose petals, romantic right, I know * blushes *

    Oh yeah, she was hotter when she was 16.

  16. jesus

    he should have stuck the leaf blower up her rectum

  17. Id love to teach that lil bitch, in a swept away scenario…

  18. I bet the stumpy bitch sits on and wears leather every day in her gas guzzling luxury SUV.

    And if I had been that dude, I would’ve told her, “Sure, you can come in my house and blow me all you want. You stupid cunt.”

  19. mel

    I would pay to see that.

  20. Lloyd Johnson

    Korea wants to nuke us.
    Iran wants to nuke Israel.
    The economy is crap.
    Disease is rampant.


    This moron has decided to focus her efforts on birds. Not some endangered species, just some random birds.

    Animal activism = an easy way to look like you care. Try helping PEOPLE!

  21. Veronica

    in the main photo she looks like Vanna White.

    v annoying girl, strong animal-rights activities but Joker’s probably right about the leather Manolos and the tricked out seats in the SUV.

  22. Chas

    OK I think we can all agree that PETA are a bunch of whackjobs…. HOWEVER, I’m siding with Hayden on this one. It seems unnessesary to do this especially considering there might be nests with eggs in the tree that could get blown down.

  23. radio_babylon

    goddamn i cant wait for the collapse of civilization so darwin can weed all these stupid PETA motherfuckers out of the genepool.

  24. Jim Jones

    Good for her.

  25. Adrienne

    How nice

  26. Heroes : “Slay the Cheerleader – Save the Show”

    Simple as that it would improve 90% just by getting rid of this stuck up talentless whinny drawf!

  27. Scott

    Bitch all you want, at least she’s doing something. Just because its not what you want, who the fuck cares. Shes still hot, and still looks smokin in these photos. I’m usually hot and cold w her, shes either fairly cute, or fine as fuck, depending on the day. Today, its the latter. Dammit Jim.

  28. Heroes : “Slay the Cheerleader – Save the Show”

    Simple as that it would improve 90% just by getting rid of this stuck up talentless whinny dwarf!

    dwarf ? lol booze = no typy!

  29. RtSS

    She is looking sweet in this lavender dress she’s in. I’d like to put her on a foot stool, bend her over and hike up that dress and have my way with her. Let me poke and prod her bird’s nest. I like the way her hair is blown up in image #3 and #4, is the guy with the leaf blower following her around? Save the cheerleader, rah!

  30. Rupert

    How would you like to puke your lunch up for your kids BIIIIIIIIIITCH???

  31. Zed

    Next time, they should use a pellet gun.

  32. wasteland

    superficial writer: you wouldn’t have any paper, let alone important ones, in the shit-hole you call home.

  33. Jamie's Uterus

    He should of bashed her in the face with the leaf blower. Inconsiderate spoiled stupid bitch.

  34. biz

    this was awesome. nicely done.

  35. Norman

    She’s pretty… pretty jerky!

  36. Norman

    She’s pretty… pretty jerky!

  37. vito

    M-m-m-me…l-l-love…h-h-her. M-m-m-e…w-w-w-want…t-t-to…b-b-bang…h-h-her…in…h-h-her…p-p-pussy…and…m-m-mouth…a-a-and…b-b-bottom.

  38. Mother Nature

    We have about 7 billion ugly smell human apefucks on this earth. That’s about 99% too many. The girl loves animals. She is right. What do you fucking mindless right wing fags eat anyway? I mean we have to take care of the ecology of the only planet we may ever dwell on. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we never make it very far into space before a truly intelligent specie realizes what assholes we are and eradicates us.
    Iran can’t have nukes but Isreal can? How does that make any fucking sense?

  39. I’d make her blow me.

  40. Holy Jihad

    Sounds like Mother Nature needs to be laid.

  41. Mother Nature

    yes 41, having sex will make it all better wouldn’t it?

  42. Truth Doctor

    She’s a typical liberal elitist. And a megabitch. Just a matter of time before some B-list guy throws her to the curb – just in time for her to realize that her looks are fading, and most men prefer tall girls.

  43. I’d wouldn’t mind her coming over and blowing me all over my house.

  44. DCMikeRotch

    Just because I read that, I’m now microwaving a Hungry Man Baby Seal Pot Pie.

  45. pa;gj

    #39 Kill yourself and there will be one less “ugly human smelly apefuck” Deal?

  46. Eddie

    Thank you “Mother Nature”!

    You are spot on, except for the “fags” part. First of all, it’s an ugly slur. Second, and way more importantly, the type of moron that jumped all over you for your comment (that means you, “pa;gj”–by the way, nice name) are usually hetero breeders, sorry to say. The dumber they are, the earlier and more frequently they breed. Look at the Palin family.

  47. Fuzzy Tingle TImes

    I hope she runs over a swan on her way home. The swan is a hired actor and won’t die. But she doesn’t know that. Let the wrist cutting and pill popping begin! DON’T FORGET TO MIX THE PILLS WITH ALCOHOL!!

  48. sam

    you’re a jerk

  49. Dread not

    Hayden: “What are you doing? How would you like someone to blow that thing inside your house?”

    Dn: Oh, Hayden. You often say, do and ask, stupid things. Kind of like, open mouth, insert foot. Only, the foot is my penis. Of course you can “blow that thing inside my house.” And now that you’ve “blown it”, Hayden, you shall hence be known as, “My Angry Lil’ Dragon”. Oh, here’s a Kleenex. No, it’s not for your nose! Wipe off the couch, Jeez.

    This quote may have been taken out of context. But in my defense, she’s a female, asked about blowing something and if it’d be appreciated. You do the math.

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