Hayden Panettiere sounds awesome to work with

PETA can’t get enough of Hayden Panettiere’s wacky animal-loving antics, according to Page Six:

The group lauded the sexy “Heroes” star for halting the filming of a scene after a crew member used a leaf-blower to blast birds out of a tree. They quoted her as shouting to the bird-brained jerk: “What are you doing? How would you like someone to blow that thing inside your house?”

Do you know what I would’ve said if I were that guy? I would’ve said “I’d fucking LOVE IT. In fact, I’d pay someone just to come over to my house and blow all my important papers around.” Then I’d aim the leaf-blower at Hayden sending her careening over a building because everyone knows midgets have hollow bones just like birds. That’s how they’re so good at hiding treasure.