Hayden Panettiere shows off her tattoo

May 1st, 2009 // 100 Comments

Hayden Panettiere showed off her tattoo at the LA premiere of Star Trek last night. She was presumably invited because Eyebrow Guy from Heroes plays Spock, or there’s now a midget quota for Hollywood premieres. I’ll know for definite when Tom Cruise shows up to the opening of Transfomers 2 and, to no one’s surprise, admits he’s more of a Go-Bot fan.

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  1. AT

    The girl is an angel. Simply beautiful. Tattoo though, is not a help. Like marring a fine sculpture.

  2. trisha

    i love how she’s barely as tall as the car even with those 4″ heels

  3. sara



  4. farthammer

    God, what is it about white girls and stupid tattoos?

  5. TavernGuy

    She looks like a younger version of the mother from Everyone Loves Raymond. Raymond’s mother, that is. Not a good look when you’re in your 20′s.

  6. dew

    There’s plenty of tattoo designs that are attractive, and feminine, if put in the right places. These kinds of tattoos are neither.

    And that heavy makeup does not cover up her facial wrinkles either. Why does a girl her age even have wrinkles anyway? Maybe she had a rough week; I hope she rests up, because she’s aging much too quickly.

  7. isitin

    Tattoos are the dumbest thing ever invented on this planet. Its even worse than the plague.

  8. BuffaloSixtySex

    If you isolate her elbow in this picture it looks as though it may speak…

  9. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Oooooooooohhhhhhhh you got a tattoo!!!!! KNOW you are a full-fledged somebody!!!!!!!!
    Fucking bitch….who cares?????????

  10. CMonkey

    I can explain what happened here. An older dude once tried to score with her by showing her The Pillow Book. The vertical tattoo like a line of Japanese is the dead giveaway.

  11. Cmonkey

    Also, it completely ruins whatever appeal she had, which was to be not too wholesome, and not too skanky, but to be mysteriously in-between. Now she is just plain skanky and no longer mysterious. With that tat she looks like a white chola. Just awful.

  12. vito

    Jeezusss…what’s with all you naysayers? Fat? Chunky? Leprecaun? Wrinkles? Bad dress?

    She looks good enough to eat with a spoon!

    Hell, I’d take her home with me just so I could watch her sit on my couch! If she were my lady she sure as hell wouldn’t have to waste money on toilet paper.

    I think she is fucking GORGEOUS!!!

  13. Patricia Sue

    its a sad day when a 19 year old needs botox for her lined forehead..

  14. Anonymous

    If you think that Hayden is fat & ugly, then I think you need to get a catscan or psychological help, she’s beautiful!!! Another thing, you have to be at least 4’10 to be legally considered a midget & she is 5’1. Also, it’s HER tattoo! Not yours, so it dosen’t really matter what you think, so get over it!!! Last thing, this is not how you spell “tatoo”, you spell it like so, tattoo!! Nice going genius!!!

  15. Anonymous

    Wrinkles? What picture are you looking at?!

  16. Anon

    #65 Look at her forehead in the pictures – there are seemingly permanent horizontal creases on them. It’s more noticable in some pictures than others, though. I actually noticed them in the last post of her here where she’s wearing the green dress..she needs to stop smoking (theres also been pics of her smoking posted here)

    I agree with #63, she is far too young to be getting those creases on her forehead. That type of ageing doesnt usually occur until a woman is in her mid-thirties, unless the woman has a bad lifetsyle (smokes, too much sun, etc.)



  18. She just wants to be friends

  19. JJ

    She’s got a pretty face, and to me that’s more important than a perfect body, and as a 6 foot male, I just prefer more petite women. Don’t dig tall chicks, they don’t feel as good and as soon as they gain weight, they’re as big as my fridge…and fridges don’t turn me on. This chick is damn cute. i’d take her over Paris or her sis anyday. tall chicks are way too overrated…and too big

  20. sid

    54- rihannas tattoos are really fucking stupid BTW unless you feels shes too white hahaa

    w/e this girl is going down the same road as all of them, done.

  21. I wonder: WHAT EXACTLY WILL IT DO FOR HER, folks?

  22. Alex

    Anyone notice how her and that pornstar Kayden Kross favor one another?

  23. Bo

    Very pretty girl with a cute body.

  24. Hope that shits henna. Actually I don’t care.

  25. mikeock

    Fuck all you gay assknobs who say she’s stumpy. I’d mouth fuck that moonpie face hard. Any real man would.

  26. BuffaloSixtySex

    This bitch just annoys the ever living shit out of me.

  27. arroyo

    She’d better do that sextape before she’s overweight and wrinkled.

  28. bob

    what 19 year old has that many wrinkles on their face???

  29. yo

    #71 i disagree. i would find it obnoxious to date someone as short as her. always bending down to kiss her, or having to help her reach the cereal in the morning. what do you consider a tall woman? id say a 6ft woman is too tall. anything below that is fine with me.

  30. Airmail56

    It reads ‘Objects in the Mirror are closer than they appear” – backwards.

  31. reg

    @16: She’s totally sucking it in in that pic. Chunky Monkey.

  32. Missystar

    She seems so desperate for attention. It’s really annoying.

  33. Wednesday

    What a bunch of HATERS! I’ll bet 99% on here are all a bunch of fat and ugly girls who are just spewing with jealously. The girl is gorgeous…it’s not even debatable. She has a tattoo big freaking deal! Why the need to criticize her ruthlessly bc she has a tattoo? Get over yourselves you hypocrites. If she were a guy you’d be all on his dck praising his artsy tattoo and swooning.

  34. non

    pretty girl, but also pretty ordinary looking. ive never understood all the hype about her. i dont think she’s spectacular looking enough to warrant being labeled beautiful or gorgeous by any means, but the people here saying that shes ugly are just silly. shes also not fat. she just looks stubby sometimes due to her height, and round, chubby face.

  35. fred

    Whats wrong with these stupid bitches. Line em all up and shoot em

  36. Mama Pinkus


  37. pdt

    This little troll is so annoying, thinks she is the hottest, but she a stump, wannabe sexy ho bag, she is substandard looking and not a talented actress.

  38. weasel

    her arms look like link sausages, she actually looks like a pudgy little midget – but not cute at all – she looks like a bitch ass ho

  39. yo

    #85 im sorry but shes not gorgeous. shes cute as hell, but gorgeous and cute are too very different things.

  40. foxy

    midget whahahaha

  41. Roger

    Supacute. But…is it the makeup, or is she looking old and whore-ish already?

  42. CakeSnifferer

    I’m pretty sure the tat reads, “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”. Pretty sure.

  43. shit

    I didn’t know so many people hated tattoos, since I can’t go anywhere now without seeing them as far as the eye can see. It seems a little hypocritical, unless all the people on this forum are Christians or virgins. But if not, tattoos are all right, man. Leave the hating to the conservatives.

  44. CAB

    “I’ll know for definite when Tom Cruise shows up to the opening of Transfomers 2 and, to no one’s surprise, admits he’s more of a Go-Bot fan.”
    Funniest line ever. HA.

  45. brandi

    wow, i got two tat’s of my kids names does that mean im a tramp too?

  46. brandi

    her tat means to live without regrets….hmmm bet she regrets gettin a tat goin sideways like that tho, my daughters names are on my leg….lol

  47. Katie

    you asshole. “eyebrow guy” is zachary quinto and she isn’t a midget. try being nice just for once.

  48. I agree with she is too young to get those wrinkles on his forehead.i’d take her over Paris or her sis anyday. tall chicks are way too overrated…and too big.

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