Hayden Panettiere shows off her tattoo

May 1st, 2009 // 100 Comments

Hayden Panettiere showed off her tattoo at the LA premiere of Star Trek last night. She was presumably invited because Eyebrow Guy from Heroes plays Spock, or there’s now a midget quota for Hollywood premieres. I’ll know for definite when Tom Cruise shows up to the opening of Transfomers 2 and, to no one’s surprise, admits he’s more of a Go-Bot fan.

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  1. Errol Flynn

    What does it read? Avoid Vapidity, move out of L.A???

  2. kels

    that is not a flattering dress. she’s a lil chunky to be wearing a super tight dress like that…

  3. kels

    that is not a flattering dress. she’s a lil chunky to be wearing a super tight dress like that…

  4. Jeezy

    Wow! She got a tattoo?!?!? I don’t know anyone who has a tattoo, so this is very newsworthy.

  5. -I get nasty too-
    Thats the message I get from her new tat… nothing wrong with that!

  6. TUBBO

    Follow the yellow brick road………………

  7. Cash

    First it was Jolie, then Fox, and now midget. What is it with these dumbass vertical tattoos?

  8. Just more proof she is a tramp.

  9. Cash

    Oh, and #6… see those things sticking out inbetween those slits in her dress halfway up? Yeah, those are called RIBS!
    I’m sure you probably mistook them for fat rolls, seeing how you’re a complete dumbass and all, but I assure you, the midget is anything but chunky. You can trust my opinion, as I’m not a complete shit eating retard.
    Glad I could clear that up for you.

  10. Rutty

    You all would. Every one of you…

  11. 20-20


    She’s fat.

  12. mikeock

    How original.

    Is it French for “I Suck Dick While Standing”

  13. Andy

    It says “I ran out of space”.

  14. Damn id love to bite her all over!

  15. Danklin24

    She didnt have that fuckers name tattooed on her body did she?

  16. Tattoo? Yeaaaah… she’s about the same height as that “Dee plane!” mothafucka…

  17. Galtacticus

    I can almost read her tattoo. . . Viver . . . . rimipo? What does that mean?

  18. hurley

    Not only is she fat, but now she’s trashy. Next.

  19. AGD

    Lil’ Blond midget: now 50% less attractive

  20. Giddy

    Still waiting for the comment from the token anorexic asking if Hayden’s pregnant.

  21. I like her tat! And her hair looks amaaaazing!

  22. Richard McBeef

    @13 – All I see is muffin tops coming out those slits in her dress. You need to rexamine the pics.

    @16 – spot on.

  23. Krassy McKrass

    While she appears bangable, I would feel like a pedo doing so.

  24. “De plane, de plane” ………..hahahahaha……………Rich you are one funny ass mofo.

  25. Gross! Is that Britney Spears’ tampon string on the back of her dress???

  26. Cv

    Oh isn’t that nice she just ruined her body, tats are fucking stupid.

  27. Cv

    Oh isn’t that nice she just ruined her body, tats are fucking stupid.

  28. Venom

    Nice ghetto trash tattoo.

  29. The tattoo has officially been ruled uncool and has jumped the shark.

    I don’t think I could even nut to a photo of that porky little tramp, and that’s saying a lot because I can blow a load to anything.


  30. pappy smeary


    i called it a week ago….
    suck on that psychic friends network losers…

    large phone bill in my very near future

  31. #33 – What about canaries and tulips? It takes a REAL man to cream to that.

  32. DrunkenJules

    Yeah, she’s a midget and pudgy and whatever, but is it me or is she getting hotter?

  33. VickyOz

    Chunky? Are you for real???? Whats with all the haters? The dress is awful but she is def not chunky. As for the tattoo…I personally don’t like the tat. I agree that it looks trashy.

    Despite all that I think she is beautiful.

  34. ambassador sarek

    She is clearly a spy. EVERYone know the Vulcan salute is done with the thumb AWAY from the hand. Or, as a Trekkie might put it:

    “Thumb OUT, you denebian slime devil! It’s THUMB OUT! Geez! How can you not know that!!?!??? Holy cow, did you see Uhura’s bra in the movie?! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!”

  35. Yes

    Meh. Gives you something to read when you’re banging this average midget whorebag.

  36. Rhialto

    Hmmm,i’m thinking about to send one of my Master spies to find out all about her tattoo.

  37. Nero

    How about getting me send? What’s her age?

  38. whatever

    Hayden’s not fat, she’s probably really healthy and eats well. Since when was there anything wrong with that?

    Not keen on her tattoo though.

  39. Dr. Spock

    Does this mean she’s all grown up now? Smoking, a tatoo. I’m guessing she even has her own cellphone.

  40. f.a.h

    I agree with #42

  41. sonny

    But I’d still do the pudgy little thing, stupid tat or not.

  42. AJ

    Did she put that tatoo on her back in case her lover gets bored while doing her from behind and he will have something to read?

  43. eeeeek

    That, gentleman, is what we like to call a “skank flank” which is the latest version of the tramp stamp.

  44. PunkA

    Wow. She is way original. Not. just because your tramp stamp is in cursive does not make it cool. What a tool.

  45. henry

    She’s built like a linebacker. And now has a tat to go with her build.

  46. Brooke

    She’s chunky, has fine lines on her forehead ALREADY, and now she has a Jane Slutbot Everygirl tattoo with some fucking ‘meaningful’ quote?

    …just give up Hayden. Just give up.

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