Hayden Panettiere makes a great stocking stuffer

December 11th, 2007 // 117 Comments

Hayden Panettiere went Christmas shopping with her mom in New York City yesterday. She’s seen sporting some tall-ass boots with her short skirt. Now that’s some holiday cheer. But you know what isn’t full of holiday cheer? Having your wife come home early to find you’ve been dressing the tree in Hayden’s cheerleading outfit. That’s full of holiday divorce. Clearly she didn’t think it was cute that I blamed the dry cleaners for using too much starch on the tree skirt. In hindsight, I’m surprised she wasn’t tipped off the day I folded it into a coffee table and stood on it to change some light bulbs.

Photos: INFdaily.com

  1. vane

    Great legs!! Beautiful

  2. lol

    second post

    idk.. i wouldnt fuck her..she has absolutely no body

  3. whoneedsenemies

    Her mom looks like Patricia Arquette

  4. D. Richards (Scum.)

    Nothing bad to say. I’m attracted to Hayden like any caring father would be. I wanna call Hayden “daughter”! I wanna “daughter”! Do daughter! You’ve been a good-dirl haven’t you, Hayds? Yes, you have. Daddy loves you. Oh (!) Daddy loves his little girl. Now wash up, honey. Yum.

  5. sad people

    i love her boots

  6. Malffy Hernande

    I actually saw her yesterday and didn’t spit at her, no I wouldn’t anyway she’s cool.

  7. combustion8

    Those are actually normal sized boots.. her legs are just that short.

  8. OH MY EFFING GOD!!!!!! I’m going to rename this site the superSLOWcial

    It took half an hour to load on DSL!!! WTC!!! Hard to be sneaky at work when your shit doesn’t come up!!!

    Ugh…I need a brewski..

  9. zz

    Haha # 7

    That’s a completely ridiculous outfit.
    I am getting SO sick of her, she’s always photographed doing absolutely nothing of importance. She’s 17….go to school or something, bitch

  10. Banana

    God damn, she is so fucking fine

  11. That old hag next to her in the last pictures needs some high boots too! Cover that shit up!

  12. Not Your Mom

    Her cinnamon ring needs a flogging.

  13. Ript1&0

    I get you, man. This chick is a fucking child.

    Baby Veal.

  14. nagger nplease


  15. nagger please


  16. grobpilot

    Yep, take a look at mom. That’s an indication of things to come in a few years for her.

  17. BunnyButt

    Why is mom, who has to be at least 50 looking at these pics, dressing like her 18 year old daughter? Damn, woman, dress in something age appropriate! You can’t pass for -20 no matter how hard you try!

  18. I want to hit that like a homerun in the 9th inning.

  19. Those are known on the street as “fuck-me boots.”

  20. xoxo

    sooooooooo tired of this hayden cunt…..boring boring boring. she looks like an 8yr old.

  21. Hayden is demonstrating to Britney how NOT to look like a confused 70′s clown hooker in a flapper dress. They’re called “cfm’s” Britney, not gtfom (get the fuck off me) boots!

  22. Chauncey Gardner

    Hayden represents the blonde piece of popular high school tail that most guys never got to bang. That’s why broads like her are always popular with grown heterosexual men. I personally will be focusing my jizzblast on her tan little thighs when I jerk off on these photos tonight.

  23. shaggy

    another puss in boots, this one’s cuter though. i agree with chauncey – she’ll be wearing those boots for a long time in my mind.

  24. Auntie Kryst

    I guess she’s not involved in anymore important causes like saving dolphins and child literacy. We’ve already got those pictures so it’s time to move on. My faith in her is completely shaken. Only way she can make it up for me if I see pics of her in these boots hanging around the Holland Tunnel. Make her put the cheerleading costume on too.

  25. please. can we get something more interesting than hayden fuckin panettiere doing damage to her credit card with mom in new york city. i mean, i’d rather watch reba reruns. no, i’d rather watch reba fucking sleep…

  26. bijou

    lol. Did no one even comment on how cold it is right now? Neither one of them are wearing tights or nylons!

    I think some black tights would have made the whole thing cuter anyway – … wonder why the Fug Girls didn’t jump on this one!

  27. notmeganharris

    I guess her mom saved her pennies and had Hayden’s nose done. It’s so nice how she does without for the sake of her child.

  28. Claudia

    She is beautiful! very beautiful;;;

  29. she is boring. very boring.

  30. White667

    fuck yeah..

  31. emily

    yum…just take a look at her mom and see what the future holds for her. Although her mom looks like she’s had 5 or 6 too many surgeries…

  32. Dan

    She looks like a 12 year old trying her hardest to look older and like a whore.
    Fuck your obsession with this midget Superfish, I’m sooooo fucking tired of seeing this average midget on this website again and again and even worse, you unfairly glorifying her average self. Get back to Kim Kardashian. Kim’s hot Superfish, but not Hayden. Hayden is for losers who have never touched or seen a truly hot chick in their lives and who hide a stash of child porn in their computers. Even sluttied up and trying her hardest like in these pictures, she still looks the same… like a 12 year old midget trying hard to look older and managing to look ridiculous in the process. Hell, she isn’t even developed. She’s 18 and looks 12. Her face is very average, leaning towards the ugly side. Her body is like a midget’s, 4’9”, no boobs, no ass, waist even wider than her non-existing hips, stubby. What’s there to like or find attractive about this chick? Anyone who finds her attractive finds every 12 year old girl walking around attractive and boner inducing too.

  33. A bored guy.


    can I just ask what happened to this site? Dude, this used to be the BEST site and now its…it’s only updates (and very slow ones at that) about girls and either how hot they are or how hot their not – and even then there’ll be some kinda sexual refrence in some form or another.
    Get back on the ball man, please, cos right now its not worth coming here…

  34. I’d stuff her stocking… Bam! Still got it…

  35. #33

    I second that, and it gets really annoying when the ramblings are about how hot some chicks are when they are NOT, like this one.

  36. LL

    And I, too, agree with #33…..zzzzzzzz

    Check it out….another young actress’s mom trying too hard to fit in
    And another young actress overrated times 1 million.

    I like how it’s….cold. Was it necessary to wear those boots and short skirts? A nice pair of jeans would be a little more appropriate, don’t ya think??

    And um. Do something useful with your time Hayden. You never seem to do anything but walk around in expensive outfits talking on your phone. ALL the time. Never anything different.

    I almost hate this site now. Almost.

  37. Jenny

    skirt in the middle of winter in nyc??? are you kidding? Her legs must have been freezing.

  38. THANK YOU 33. i wholeheartedly agree. this is ridiculously boring and totally inconsequential. i used to laugh out loud at nearly ever post. these shitty ass updates are boring me. yet, i keep coming back. just hoping…

  39. evelyn

    Its FREEZING here in New York.

    I forgot to wear socks today and nearly died. Her crotch must have crystallized.

  40. Caligula

    # 33, # 35, # 36

    Please shut the fuck up.

  41. dude, #40, are you telling me that “Hayden Panettiere went Christmas shopping with her mom in New York City yesterday” is fucking worthy of mention?


  42. endoftheshityear

    Fuck. She looks absolutely beautiful in that main pic.

    Good for you, Hayden.

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  44. Brian

    Is it just me or are people getting sick of seeing others with their damn Starbucks cup. If I see one more celebrity (or anyone else for that matter) with a fucking starbucks in their hand I think I might just puke. By the way, this bitch without makeup looks like my 11 year old neighbor

  45. Ted from LA

    Thanks for the tip. After “seening” it, I recommend another site for you. You’ll see great photos at juleeisafuckingcrackwhore.com. The only better site to find naked interracial pictures is at juleesucksdonkeydicksforexercise.net.

  46. herbiefrog

    aaaahh cute : )

    whats with all the hateful comments guys?

    oh… you forgot that you dont run this site : )

    loosers : ) )

  47. motherfrakker

    switch to the old picture format goddamit!!!

  48. nagger please

    She’s carrying my jizz in that cup.

  49. yep

    yep im with 47.

  50. Travis

    man, if you’re high on anything and read that joke, it’s funny as hell.

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