Hayden Panettiere and the Friday song

April 18th, 2008 // 158 Comments

Aw yeah, it’s Friday, Fr-Fr-Friday,
What? What? Friday,
Yes! Yes! Friday,
What’s on Friday? Fr-Fr-Friday,
Hayden’s short shorts,
With some boobies,
Freaking short shorts with some boobies,
Say whaaaaat?

Wow. Jesus. Let’s, uh, let’s pretend that didn’t just happen. Have a great weekend, everybody. I’m going to call my therapist now. *picks up phone* Hello? Dr. Zaius? Yeah, it’s the singing again…

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  1. hm.

    @#128 Silly girl, muscles are for boys! A few other things…you claim men like you (and since you need to say it, its probably not true), but the reasons you give don’t make sense. Muscle weighs more than fat…it actually weighs quite a bit, so you probably actually aren’t that light. I have never seemed to have a problem lifting a normal height and weight female for the purposes I think you have in mind. As far as the flexibility is concerned–your legs are probably too short to get behind your head…a tall and flexible girl has it on you any day. And you forgot to mention the all important tits. I am guessing you neglected it, cause you and your midget ilk are lacking them? As I said before, men that only like tiny women as some sort of fetish often have control issues. I prefer tall women (more elegant) but height aside, I like a girl with a feminine and lean shape. Jessica Simpson, Scarlett Johasson, Jessica Alba, Jessica Beil, Cathrin Zeta Jones, Kelly Brook…really any variation on an actual grown female with the right parts.

  2. ?

    Just a comment for above: most of those celebrities listed above are between 5’2” and 5’6”, not that much taller?

  3. hm.

    Kelly Brook stands at a perfect 5’8.” And I would guess Jessica Beil must be in that neighborhood as well…But as I said, I PREFER tall women…but shape is more important than height. I can accept short if the trade off is worth while ( Scarlett Johansson)…but there is nothing better than a perfect hourglass on mile long legs….Admittedly, many tall women in the media are too thin (models and such), but the ones who are tall and shapely in the media, or in real life, are the most perfect creatures I could ever imagine….

  4. Jackson


    Jessica Simpson is not tall at all and is only 5’3″ but she does have nice curves; unlike Kim Kardaskank who is fat and has to wear a girdle.

  5. Matt

    That is one flat ass and some nice fat truck driver boobies, but its cool I like the androgynous altar boy type.

  6. herbiefrog

    we just felt bad for not saying how hot you looked, etc : )

  7. Jesss


  8. It’s thursday YOU WHORE!!

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