Hayden Panettiere and the Friday song

April 18th, 2008 // 158 Comments

Aw yeah, it’s Friday, Fr-Fr-Friday,
What? What? Friday,
Yes! Yes! Friday,
What’s on Friday? Fr-Fr-Friday,
Hayden’s short shorts,
With some boobies,
Freaking short shorts with some boobies,
Say whaaaaat?

Wow. Jesus. Let’s, uh, let’s pretend that didn’t just happen. Have a great weekend, everybody. I’m going to call my therapist now. *picks up phone* Hello? Dr. Zaius? Yeah, it’s the singing again…

Photos: Flynet

  1. Barkingrex

    God, I love that song. It really should be a church hymn.

  2. lambman

    its weird, if you scroll so that you only see from the neck down in the pics her body looks freaking hot. and she has a pretty face….so why does she look so fugly/manish in so many pics? its like her head doesn’t fit her body correctly

  3. human_girl

    Jesus Christ you people are weird. This is a human body. It is perhaps average, but it is not disfigured, or blatantly ugly. I think she looks healthy and youthful. If you want some huge breasted thing with no meat on her (contradictory things might I add) your best bet is a blow up doll. That way you can have your measurements, a custom fit. Next bet, someone with such low self-esteem that she would insert dangerous compounds into her chest, and her finger down her throat just to appeal to you. Good luck with that, and good luck with all the shrink visits she’ll definitely need.

  4. hahaha

    man boobs

  5. cookiepuss

    wow , that is one beefy girl. gross

  6. SeasideJohnny

    She looks like Jewel when Jewel was hot.

  7. shimmy

    Nice try Hayden. We all know you’re one flat, undeveloped girl; no mega pushup bras are going to fool us. As your bra drops to the floor, watch your lover’s face crumble.

  8. kay

    She’s a pretty girl but she need to stop lifting those weights!! .. broad shoulders is not cute on a girl

  9. umm

    #44, I think the word you’re looking for is “LOSERS” not “LOOSERS.”

  10. fygu

    She;s not bad looking but not great looking either. Go to any high school and you can find 20 better looking girls.

  11. rcok

    holy shit… #14 ‘s comment.. fuckin awesome

  12. Greg

    Wow…I’m watching Remember the Titans on TV and I just realized…Hayden Pantierre plays the assistant coach’s daughter.

  13. jennb

    I don’t particularly like her, but geeezzz…. what’s with all the “man” comments? She’s looking freakin adorable and pretty damn hot. I’m a little jealous.

  14. ldsqtbea

    in my opinion, shes okay … shes not drop dead gorgeous but not horrible looking either … shes okay … and she has really broad shoulders

    awesome comment lol

  15. Dorito Man

    What is she; like 4 foot 8 or so?

  16. the fridge

    Such a weird looking little nugget.

    The chest is big,yet there are no boobs. The butt is also big, yet there are no butt cheeks. He looks little yet bloated at the same time…sort of like a dude that uses steroids.

    I can’t figure it out, but I know his hair extensions are saving his carrier.

  17. Ted from LA

    She’s only 4’8 when she is standing Fish’s penis. Othewise, she’s 4’6.

  18. Ted from LA

    I forgot the word “on” in that last post. Sorry Fish.

  19. been bench pressing much lately, hayden?

    God, that face is ugly, sorry. She has the face of half a male elf and half a viking. And that body scares me, shit, that’s the body of a paraolympics weight lifting champion, you know, a midget weight lifting champion. She’s so stubby and she looks like she’d bench press ya’ll. Those wide shoulders like a man’s and those bench presser pectorals instead of tits, eww. It wouldn’t hurt her to grow up a little and have a more feminie body, but I guess that’s what you have to deal with when you’re 4’10”. Anyone who finds this manly midget attractive is just absolutely DESPERATE, plain and simple.

  20. I thinks she hot as Hell, but then, I am heterosexual (sorry)

    You whores and fags need to move on. She is a babe.

  21. Jimboooo!

    A little less rouge, my dear. Then you’re getting it hard and fast.

    Rapid nookie is the order of the day.

  22. Lugh

    Allow me to translate this from douchebag-ese to English:

    “She looks like a mini-Fabio”

    “She’s ugly!”

    “There’s nothing special about this girl.”

    Translation: I wish I were as hot as Hayden Panettiere (or I wish my girlfriend/wife were as hot as Hayden Panettiere).

    Another quality douchebag translation from Lugh.

  23. remember the Haydens

    I want to fuck her so bad.

  24. amee

    yeah she does look a little like brooke hogan. but considering that i think brooke hogan is hot its not a bad thing :D

  25. Uh

    I’ve found that most guys like girls built like gymnasts (like me; on the short side and muscular) because

    -easy to pick up (light weight)
    -easy and fun to manipulate in to fun positions (due to flexibility)
    -muscular enough to provide “punishment” (if you’re into that sort of thing)
    -healthy enough that we won’t die due to either malnourishment (tall underweight bitches) or a heart attack or diabetes (fat overweight cunts)

  26. absolute

    She is so beautiful. Her blog and photos were found at milllionaire&celeb datingsite —”W e a l t h yR o m a n c e, c o m”—- last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is seeking on that site.

  27. Rat

    Hayden i s totally cool!
    What a little cutie! And I love that she loves animals.
    She is soo adorable!

    I’d like her to kick me in the balls, then when I am down on the floor she would kick the shit out of me tie me up and whip me until I pass out from the pain.
    When I wake up I will be bound helpless and naked and Hayden will be torturing my bound genitals, while sitting on my face. Forever!
    When she is done you can have what is left.

  28. gryphon50

    people, she is stocky. There isn’t much she can do about that.

  29. Mouse

    i’d let her stomp on my balls.
    Then beat my cock to a bloody pulp with those cute little stilettos!

  30. Rat

    And she is not stocky just athletic and nice.
    A squeeze with those cute little thighs could break a guys neck.
    He would be smiling as he died.



    She needs to lose 10 lbs pronto!

  32. Juan Carlos

    He’d do very well in Thailand. He’s got the whole midget ladyboy thing down pat – don’t been fooled by the tight crotch – he’s tucked his wang between his legs.

  33. hey


  34. Asem

    Nice pics. Also, Matt Shadonix from Arizona is a fag who sucks cock and has a small penis himself.

  35. Bodylotion

    What’s wrong with her? I’d let her sit on my face for days. Then again, I’m heterosexual.

  36. kevin

    Wait a minute are we all talking about the same shots?????
    U said Hot? u must be totally wasted to say so!!!
    God she has an awkward body, fat thighs, weird arms and a manly manner !!!*she is nothing but an average girl !!!!

  37. fatality

    Such a nice ASS!!!!!!! Rounded and ohh soo beautiful. I would love to fuck her doggy style all night long…. This picture is making me HARD….

  38. You know the “LITTLE GTO” song?
    By Ronnie and the Daytona’s.

  39. Joe

    she shouldn’t be a good lay !! and believe me i know what i’m talking about!

    #55 I think u should get back to school and practice your English !
    your spelling urgently needs a brushing up !!! however I’m going to give you the benefice of the doubt and consider that you were stoned whan you were typing !

  40. sinklewinkle

    she looks like a man….body like a man….arms like a man….i bet she has manly parts under her shorts

  41. smileyface43221

    eeeewwww hayden but some clothes on no wants to see ur flegs ( fat legs) man ur probally worse brittany spears but at least she has a body go on a dieett !

  42. lily

    Chill out ! I just forgot to check my spelling that’s all. No need to freak out.
    Just wondering how many languages you can speak…English only, well try typing in French or German and then we’ll see.

  43. eew, she has a really fat ass, she needs to be saved she is starting to look like a whale herself!

  44. smileyface43221

    eeeewwww hayden but some clothes on no wants to see ur flegs ( fat legs) man ur probally worse brittany spears but at least she has a body go on a dieett !

  45. Lisa

    Elle est vraiement moche cette fille ! (french)

    Translation = this girl is really ugly (english)

  46. NY Ted

    She has a sweet little bucket…I’d like to bend her over and drive her home like Miss Daisy! So plump, so sweet and fully-rounded! THAT IS AN ASS! Not like some of those skinny-ass bitches running around La-La Land!

  47. Jackson

    At least Hayden does not have to wear a girdle like Kim Kardaskank. She looks nice for her body type.

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