Hayden Panettiere and the Friday song

April 18th, 2008 // 158 Comments

Aw yeah, it’s Friday, Fr-Fr-Friday,
What? What? Friday,
Yes! Yes! Friday,
What’s on Friday? Fr-Fr-Friday,
Hayden’s short shorts,
With some boobies,
Freaking short shorts with some boobies,
Say whaaaaat?

Wow. Jesus. Let’s, uh, let’s pretend that didn’t just happen. Have a great weekend, everybody. I’m going to call my therapist now. *picks up phone* Hello? Dr. Zaius? Yeah, it’s the singing again…

Photos: Flynet

  1. jealousy . . .

    Im a girl and i can appreciate that she is a very cute girl, a lot hotter than ANY of you all!
    jealousy. . .shame on you!

  2. jealousy . . .

    Im a girl and i can appreciate that she is a very cute girl, a lot hotter than ANY of you all!
    jealousy. . .shame on you!

  3. Clay

    I guess there really is a God.

  4. asbo

    whoever cast her in Heroes as the ‘hot blonde’ should be on the sex offenders register. the gay one.

  5. lily

    Cellulite ?! How did can you say that ?! I mean after I read some of your comments I tried too see it on the picutres but I can’t seem to find some. People are just ao jealous because she’s not a plastic bimbo. She actually have real blond hair and is naturally pretty. What if she’s stronger than the avrage actresses ?! It’s not unattractive, and thanks god dhe’s not skinny bordeline anorexic. Have you seen Madonna ?! Now that woman has muscles !!! But look at her, she’s one of the most popular person in the media world. I’m a girl and honestly I think Hayden is nicely shaped and I wish I could compare to her. So sucked it up ladies. Not your fault if you are all jealous bitches !!!

  6. Ted from LA

    Lily, Lily, Lily,
    This is a site to jokingly make fun of celebutards. When I say she should go back to representing the lollipop kids full-time I am only making a Wizard of Oz joke at her expense. For the record, I think she looks fine. She’s once, twice, three times a lady. Can’t we all just get along? All I am saying, is give peace a chance.

  7. Little McBeaner

    #24 go fuk yourself

  8. MeanOldMan

    They didn’t make ‘em like that back in my day…

  9. JapperSpice

    I used to think she was really pretty. But then I saw how manly her shoulders are. *shudders*

  10. amma

    Very manly, very stubby. There is nothing wrong with short–that isn’t her problem. Her problem…once again, children? Very manly, very stubby. All together now…

  11. Songs ? Poetry ? This ‘Fish man’ getting as lame as Mr. BinkWad.
    Binky : Oh come on Knee. That ‘Kim’s Kitchens’ was certainly acceptable a few links back.

  12. Lori

    Why is there so much white trash glorification in this country nowadays?

  13. Ted from LA

    What in the hell are you doing on this site before 1:30 AM? Midwest Earthquake? Inside job?

  14. Binky

    Ted. I was trying the ‘Stay up All Night – Who Really Gives a Shit’ program along with ‘Tony Little’ ™ exercisers’ skis during an extensive reno where my kitchen even moved.( And Dry Wall dust may have finally killed the Dyson(tm)
    And for those you keeping score for your home – always feel free to consider whether or not you want to hire alcoholic workers.
    Figure I should try day-time for a while – although there seems to be a lot more traffic at this place during the day. And, as Andy Rooney used to say, ‘It’s a lot easier spewing a week’s worth of drivel commentary in one night.” etc.

  15. Republican War Guy

    I say we finish off the Caananites and bomb the Iranians and then take Canada from those thankless chinooks and then let all the cheap labor Mexicans move here and then give all our military hardware to Israel.
    That would be a good start.
    Anyway, I think this girl is beautiful, but then hey, I am a white guy who likes white chicks. They don’t need fake tits and giant smelly asses and dark hair. I likes em white.

    Anyway where was I? Oh yeah. Who cares about the forests and the pollution and the climbing national debt? Fucking liberals make me sick. We should attack them. Declare war of liberals



  16. G

    she needs to lose a lil’ weight.

  17. Jacquie siemens

    Sorry but I must be missing the attraction here. Her face is average and she’s so short and stocky. She’s going to be fighting some serious thunder-thighs in about 5 minutes.

  18. Well, at least # 66 McCain said ‘sorry’.
    You’re not going to get that out of PNAC, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Perle, Feith, Larry Silverstein, the MSM etc. Talk about Change !

  19. She need to quit doing shoulder presses before she HULKS OUT….wel, that or pose naked before she gets all nassy lookin’


  20. Jason

    Yeah she’s hot. More importantly the Friday song was hilarious. The writer checked out at noon.

  21. War Monger

    Cliff Notes guy: there aint nuthin to be sorry about. Collateral damage. CDOs?
    Let em all walk the streets and I say we drive by and pick the poor off from our double decker SUVs! YeeHaaaaaaaaaaa! Blood is like wine (except the HIV – I do hope they expedite that process).
    I got my little American flag pin inserted in the end of my piss tip! I got a flag flying all day long! I am a patriot! I am a brain dead foot soldier of the New World Order! Let em take my country away…away…I will serf the wave for them with the sharks nipping my heels.
    But I am strong for I identify with the carnage as though it were somehow a projection of my worth – I am on the winning team! We are the Bad Boyz Bad Boyz…watcha gonna do ???
    We are big and they are small and we will rape them and pillage them. Hurrah hurrah!
    And in the end…?

  22. D

    touche for realizing you posted jenna jamison pics and understood that you can’t end a friday on that note. that’s almost as bad telling your supervisor’s wife that she could loose a few. nice save though. jesus christ hayden and your strong yet still uniquely feminine structure. bonah in da sweat pants!

  23. Conscience_Found

    she’s gonna pork out. i have spoken.

  24. Cutie patootie! Just get it now because that ass isn’t going to stay that size for long.


  25. HuckyDucky

    She is a fine thing now. But Polly and Conscience have it right. She’s going to get Mary Lou Retton (sp?) Syndrome.

    And a shout out to Bink and Ted.

  26. Pork Hole

    That’s a tight package. She’s quite the little spinner.

  27. jojo

    jewel – juggs + steroids = hayden

  28. hmmm....

    she’s a tight little package, alright…but its like its all packed in there TOO tight. like some how its all going to explode into being really fat. or that the constipation holding it all together will come to an end, and then it will be a particularly unpleasent explosion…those titties look like she squeezed all the fat that should be distributed across her body and shoved it into a bra. its not like she is offensive to looks at. better than most of the female population. but someone like jessica biel is way hotter. still toned, but with actual curves and on the frame of an actual adult. short women creep me out…most guys i know who like them specifically have power issues. not ones that date the occassional petitte girl…but the ones who have some wierd fetish about it.

  29. Anal Fistula


  30. monkeyfightclub

    she’s good enough for me. plus she has money. I’ll take her.

  31. yasir

    she is very beautiful lady
    i love her body

    i like her …………….i want her…………………i think her…………..

  32. Cheers Huck Duck.
    Always good to hear your quack.

  33. Bink – The ‘IT guys”, as they say in the industry,are having a bit of a prob connecting the people ‘keeping score at home’ – with the last link up there at.like, #82.

    Binky : So ?

  34. Oh and cheers #71. Sober up – or pass me a cold one.
    The solution is – Start taking out the people at the top! They’re all cowards anyway.
    Don’ t bother ‘fighting in the streets’ against uninformed pawns.’ Just start killing the people who put the pawns there in the first place.
    Start taking them out at the top and let God sort them out.
    Don’t lose any sweat on the pawns.
    Actually this approach has been done in the past.( Successfully )
    Cliff Notes : What are you saying exactly here Bink ? Kill them all ?
    Binky : No Cliff. Come on now. This is America.
    You’all got your guns. Aim for the bad guys.

  35. Jill

    oh look- she bought her boobies finally.

  36. Knee Ya Ha Ha : So hAYDEN. Me and ‘Frank’ ‘from 16th floor have night shift.
    Feeling a little ROSIE ? ….DOLPHINS LOOKING a little bIt Sad ? Because….?
    Inside job ?

    bINKY : rOCK ON kNEE. i’M GOING TO BED. Have s good ‘weak end’ everyone and don’t forget to check your ‘Caps Lock’ – as they say in the industry….

  37. James

    She’s a sexy little thing.

  38. Bodylotion

    Now where the fuck do you guys get this name “Fish” from everytime. I’ve been following The Superficial for quite some time, and I can not see any reference to his name on the whole site, other than in the posted comments.

    On topic: I’d do her.

  39. dave

    Hayden Penertration is ok I guess.

  40. hendero

    #77 – hilarious

    #88 – it’s short for Super”fish”al – as in the name of the site. Moron.

    Hayden’s the new Poison Dwarf

  41. Brynnbrynn

    forget about the pic. its all about the friday song……



  43. Dan

    She is cute and sexy. She is also my favorite. I saw her profile on “S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m ” last week. It is said she is dating a young billionaire on that site now.You can contact her on that site.

  44. Ted from LA

    HuckyDucky back to you. Fish has it bad for this young midget. I’ll bet he gets her a bike helmet for her birthday and takes her bowling.

  45. Spazz


  46. Alex

    I see the Hollywood trash finally figured out a way to get more attention.. show of their bras or go braless.

  47. Dave

    Ah… Isn’t the female body a wonderful thing?

  48. mindy


  49. mindy


  50. Rut Roh

    I think jesse had about the best comment. It’s hard to top that.

    Well, I could add one thing…just one: This chica is a bit young for my taste, but that’s because I’m old. Other than that, she’s banging cute and will be banging hot in a few years.

    Why on earth do straight women comment about other women? It comes off as odd to me. Maybe that whole lack of a penis and hating everything that penises like.

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