Hayden Panettiere and the Friday song

April 18th, 2008 // 158 Comments

Aw yeah, it’s Friday, Fr-Fr-Friday,
What? What? Friday,
Yes! Yes! Friday,
What’s on Friday? Fr-Fr-Friday,
Hayden’s short shorts,
With some boobies,
Freaking short shorts with some boobies,
Say whaaaaat?

Wow. Jesus. Let’s, uh, let’s pretend that didn’t just happen. Have a great weekend, everybody. I’m going to call my therapist now. *picks up phone* Hello? Dr. Zaius? Yeah, it’s the singing again…

Photos: Flynet

  1. flyingskeleton

    very nice

  2. flyingskeleton

    very nice

  3. Spongebob Gangsta


  4. EGGY


  5. AJ

    She is going to give herself a vagina infection because her pussy is eating her shorts ha!

  6. mandy

    She dresses like Amy Wineheart!

  7. Rick

    I do believe she’s gonna save the world! Or possibly just bench-press it.

  8. Little McBeaner

    Seriously..do women get any hotter than this? Just imagine if she had some D’s!

  9. Angus

    It’d be sexier if one of her jumped out of each of Kim’s buttcheeks (she’d certainly fit). I suppose it would all have to be timed to a fart, likely with lots of bass given Kim’s oversized, um, sound chamber. Probably a turn off. Well, to the white guys…

  10. Sandy

    Hey look, it’s Mini-Fabio!

  11. meee

    are you guys nuts? she has a super manly physique. look at those shoulders/pecks/arms/that face. man.

  12. Trav

    Why am I staring at Brooke Hogan right now?
    Seriously, is it just me or is there quite a resemblance between Hayden and the Brooke Beast

    nottttttttttt hottttttt

  13. debagger


  14. Pope Benedict

    I’d bust my eggs on her! She’s like a legal altar boy.

  15. opie

    why is jimmy fallon on the set of heroes?

  16. korina_jebediah

    Sandy, i love you

    you are the only one who gets it

    i hate you Fish,
    such an impressionable idiot
    this entry sucked
    like her vagina is sucking those shorts.

    I get bitter when ugglier/less talented/brained people than me gets applauded
    silly me

  17. nobody

    If you love her so damn much, then why don’t you buy her some fucking breast implants so that I can enjoy her too? I mean, from the waist down it’s all good, but everything else looks like she’s selling tickets to the gun show, and that, my friend, is not cool.

  18. that's one scary manly midget

    NFL quarterback midget? jesus, that’s one scary midget body.
    No matter how hard the midget tries to be attractive, she’s shaped like a man and her height is 4’10”, and her face is ummm… average. Very overrated manly midget.

  19. havoc

    LMFAO @ #14……


  20. she's a man!

    Woah she looks like a man. And she has cellulite at 18, in a few more years that cellulite is gonna be major cellulite.
    Where do you see the boobs, exactly? to me it looks like if a guy who bend presses everyday put on a tight female outfit. Those are not boobs, those are man pectorals.

  21. lola

    short girls are HOT! I am short with a phobia and all my guy friends are only into shorties. She has flabby arms – not strong though. And how is she shaped like a man? retards

  22. she's a man!

    Woah she looks like a man. And she has cellulite at 18, in a few more years that cellulite is gonna be major cellulite.
    Where do you see the boobs, exactly? to me it looks like if a guy who bench presses everyday put on a tight female outfit. Those are not boobs, those are man pectorals.

  23. ..

    #21, you’re retarded, and probably disgusting.

  24. how many desperates out there?

    #8, wow, I knew some people had low standards, but you’re just pitiful. You must not have seen a decent looking female in your whole life.

  25. Frank Drebin

    She is so freaking hot. I think I’d lick her butt.

  26. eww she looks like a fucking dude who bench presses

    Midget Brooke Hogan. The Hulk Hogan gone tranny midget version muahaha.


    Cute little teen body – but the Hollywood machine is sucking her dry as we speak…does she look happy?

  28. male

    a lot jealous females on here today hymmm

  29. Ted from LA

    I heard she is going to complete in the Beijing Olympics as a German weightlifter. I wish her nothing but the best.

  30. bench pressing much lately, hayden? or is it just the fact that you're a stubby midget?

    she? looks like a midget male gay hooker.
    I bet she’d bench press y’all.

  31. gay?

    #28 just admit you’re gay and that’s why you find manly looking females attractive.

  32. Bob

    It doesn’t help that she has that midget voice. She’s like something back in the 1970s. In professional wrestling. She could be the midget tagteam partner for some whale like Beyonce.

  33. me

    I never found her to be pretty at all, nothing but average, but wow, in these pictures you can see the girl is actually quite ugly.
    And that body… I’d feel ashamed. She has the body of a midget weight lifter.

  34. Kat

    Haha, she’s not THAT muscular. I like her and thinks she’s beautiful and a nice physique. :D

  35. Pat

    The worst part? She’s a pretentious condescending know-it-all liberal activist. On that basis alone she deserves to be shredded with criticism.

  36. Ted from LA

    She should give up the weightlifting and represent the lollipop kids full-time.

  37. poonmoon

    That long blonde hair really goes a long way, if it was short, she’d be as nasty as Pink and yall know it.

    She has such a typical gymnast body, short and squat .beefy little fatman tits, no ass and short stumpy legs. She really really needs to lay off the heavy weight and start doing multiple reps with light weights to tone rather than bulk. That muscle would look a lot better in her ass.

  38. Jose Canseco

    Poor thing. But you know, I told her that in her case, she needed to quadruple the HGH before even thinking about stacking the steroids. Chicks never listen.

  39. poonmoon

    Also, I must admit the small pictures look rather hot but once you enlarge them her weird proprtions kill it.

  40. poonlover

    AIso must add to the comments here she has really bad posture and that’s causing a lot of the weirdness, she needs to relax those shoulders and straighten that back, somewhere in there is a neck.

  41. Hayden fan

    You people are nuts! Hayden is the hottest girl alive. Everybody knows that. I fantasize about her all day! I bet my cock would seem HUGE to a 4-foot 15-year-old boy like her!

  42. Whacka Whacka

    She lacks Jenna Jameson’s natural beauty, intelligence, and grace.

  43. she is so UGLY! and POOR!

    -and -you -are SO UGLY! AND poor TOO!!


  44. axel


    i´m drunk

    i <3 you all

  45. whatever

    I just don’t understand why fish is in love with this midget. What is the appeal? Unless he has a thing for the gymnasts in their early teens look? Hmm . . .

  46. Dudeee

    OMG! She is my favorite! Seems she has a hot profile on ” m ee t i n g r i ch. co m” and is now dating a young trillionaire on that site now. it is rumored that she found true love on that site. All of the hot celebrities and trillionaires play on that site because it is so hot and because of all of the playing by celebrities. Does she has a profile on that site? I will check.

  47. pills

    #48. “Trillionaire?” You fu**ing spamming morons are getting worse by the day. There are no f***ing trillionaires anywhere on the planet.

  48. jesse

    I think Hayden’s hot, because I have eyes and a penis.

    You guys complain all you want.. you’ll realize some day it’s a waste of time to sit there and bitch about every chick he puts up. You remind me of George Cantstandya on Shallow Hal. You always have to find a flaw because in real life, you’re afraid of women, and most likely you’re all virgins. Either that or you got lucky ONE time in high school when a drunk chick thought you were her boyfriend and accidentally brushed the purse she was carrying on your cock, leading you to tell all your friends that you TOTALLY did it with her.

    That said, she is nowhere NEAR manly, in any way. She’s got a hell of a body and I wouldn’t hesitate to put a serious hurtin’ on her.

    Oh yeah, I forgot another cliche hater.. the “No one thinks I’m funny in real life so I have to make cracks that I think are witty towards beautiful girls so I will seem more confident and humorous to more people than just myself.” Did I forget anything?

  49. Amy

    She’s so ugly. Fat, chunky, big-boned…she looks like a soccer player lol Superficial, you have no taste :)

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