Hayden Panettiere’s day off

November 6th, 2007 // 96 Comments

Hayden Panettiere enjoyed a day off yesterday because of the Writers Guild of America strike. She seems to be working out a lot. Perhaps to settle the score with those Japanese fishermen. She’s a woman out for vengeance. In sweatpants. Whoa. I accidentally just wrote the greatest movie premise of all time during a writers strike. Don’t call me a scab, guys, I can’t help it. I open my mouth and movie magic pops out. It’s a curse, really. A curse that only one man can stop – if he follows his heart and totally kills a ninja. Ah, shit. Sorry!

Photos: INFdaily.com, Pacific Coast News

  1. DJ

    first mofos!

  2. life


  3. SuckIt

    she looks like a little gymnast. i dont see what the fuss is about this little turd….

  4. p911gt10c

    She’s lookin pretty hot without makeup. Sexxeh.

    Oh, #1 and 2, you’re both losers.

  5. needle-dicked nate

    i think her vagina might be too big

  6. soy

    go save some salmon

  7. JOSH

    I think she’s on her way to save the Alaskan snow crab.

  8. Compared to the degenerate trio, Hayden is as pure as the naked heavens.

  9. hegadeth

    When is the stupidly large sunglasses fad going to end? Just curious. Fucking sheep.

  10. Ooba Gooba

    This chick is just barely average, why is everyone making such a big deal about her?

  11. Lysol

    carful Hayden
    you look like the early years Brittney
    i’m just sayin

  12. hegadeth

    @4 – What year?

  13. L.Linus

    There is a sickness in the media about blond haired girls. They could be 3 ft tall and that doesn’t matter. There are beautiful ladies of all colors and hair colors and shapes, but the media only chase gals like Britney, Lindsay and Paris.

  14. nipolian

    #13 – 3 ft blondes definately have their advantages considering I am 6’2″.

  15. Riotboy

    I’d hit Hayden Planetarium.

    /fo sho

  16. ***

    I like the pants

  17. She’s my favorite hero. I love her. I want to be her. Well, her character. Well, no her too.

  18. Boy, she does NOT like it when you mistake her for Lohan.

  19. iggev

    A rich and compelling story about nothin. d to the umb.

    what’s britney doing?

  20. D. Richards

    I was under the impression that Hayden was a hot-ass, that-is, until I saw her on Letterman. Her voice, and overly hardened personality destroyed the very morsel of her cute. I guess her a person can’t help but be gruff, and almost arrogant seeming, given that their parents forced them in to business at such an early age. Hayden will be around forever. And that makes me sad.

    Check-it: You can totally see, what I believe to be, a fecal stain on the ass of Hayd’s “sweats”. Disgusting.

  21. Hecubus

    Okay maybe this tireless marketing and promotion of this plain bitch is finally working on me. I’m actually starting to find her really annoying which I suppose is something, it beats falling fast asleep everytime I look at her slightly below average looking face anyway.

  22. ph7

    She a midget who looks like the average HS cheerleader. Guess she just has some excellent PR.

  23. em


    you got that from J-14 didn’t you.

    and yes, i read J-14 so cue the loser comments

  24. FRIST, would you like if if we mistook you for Lohan?

  25. leatherdaddy

    now heres a girl that i dont see the fuss about. who isnt cute at her age.

  26. needle-dicked nate

    maybe if i stuff some wet paper towels in there, it will be small enough for m-m-my needle, dick.

  27. sportsdvl

    She’s cute, but not hot or a sex symbol.

    Oh, #1 – still a loser!

  28. she’s getting popular!malaysians are liking her..!

  29. lamb

    Is brittney awake yet
    what ‘s she wearing?.. eating ??

  30. iggev

    chalupa boots!

  31. jimboooo

    So freaking hot.

  32. Jimbo I read your comment quickly and thought it said “FRIST, would you like if I mistook you for Lefthand?” Too funny…

  33. Anyway…pretending your left hand is me isn’t a mistake! But if your left hand is clumsy, try sitting on your right hand until it’s numb. Then it’ll seem like another person, but with all your highly practiced jacking skills.

  34. iggypop

    the FRIST troll is as confused as an old lady in a cucumber patch.

  35. why wont she

    complete puberty

  36. i hope

    jimbooo i hope you are young. otherwise you are sick old man. she may be 18. but must have some sort of hormone problem like andy milonakis.

  37. nagger please

    she looks hot in that outfit.

  38. Chris

    Why are her breastses shaped like that??? They never have a normal breast shape, it’s always more like small water balloons wrapped a little too tight in an ace bandage.

  39. Ript1&0

    Look!! Look!!! There’s Baby Veal! And she’s almost growing some little baby breasts underneath those three bras!! Oh my god, get Mom and Grandma together to celebrate her entering womanhood. She finally got her period!

    Fish, put some real women on here. This is a soft, pliable, muscleless child. Who should be stuffed into a box and fattened until she explodes and/or atrophies.

  40. required

    She’s cute, but not Hollywood hot. I think she is innocent, but give her time, and I’m sure she’ll be corrupted by the Hollywood system.

  41. “This is a soft, pliable, muscleless child.”


  42. Wowee Woo Wah

    How the hell can you be 20 years old and have jowls? Damn.

  43. jimboooo

    Like a pop-tart fresh from the toaster, she is delicious and pocket sized. And unbelievably hot. Jimbo has spake. Hear the work of Jimbo.

  44. sicasso


  45. ollietofaceplant

    Heh, Heh…Ninjas.

  46. #35, yeah, I wish it would die. I got no problem with trollicide…

  47. And I sure know what to do with cucumbers!

  48. veggi

    Me too! My version of a veggi sandwich: a cuke in the front, a carrot in the back.

  49. BaconMessiah

    wow. Thrilling.

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