Hayden Panettiere really likes those sports bras

November 9th, 2007 // 122 Comments

Hayden Panettiere stopped at a newsstand and tried unsuccessfully to shield her face from the paparazzi yesterday afternoon. Fortunately for me those dudes are everywhere and I get to see some hot Hayden-buying-a-magazine action. It always seems like she just finished working out somewhere which, don’t get me wrong, is awesome. Maybe someone else who used to be a blonde teen bombshell could take a hint. You know, someone whose ass used to be smoking hot but it’s now loaded to capacity with Frappucinos, Taco Supremes and, more recently, fried chicken. I think you all know which train wreck I’m talking about. Time to drop a few pounds, Christina Aguilera. This may sound a little harsh, but if you keep it up people will start to think you’re pregnant. Like third trimester pregnant. Yeah, you really let yourself go.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin.com

  1. milfhunter

    first bitches !!!! !!!!

  2. kelly

    is she wearing lululemon pants?

  3. rodney

    she is pritty. i want to tuch her on her privit parts. a lot.

    with my dangle dong

  4. asdf

    sweet im fifth

  5. Binky

    Didn’t the Smurfs used to be blue ?

  6. Long-dong-silver

    Why does The Superficial keep posting pics of this otherwise ordinary beeotch? It’s not like she’s Alexandra Ambrosio or Brooke Burke, where you clearly don’t need a reason to post.

  7. Kris

    Newsflash: I just took a dump

  8. hi
    um excuse me, what are you talking about?

  9. Nice ass. She would be a 10 with a boob job. Otherwise, I give her a 8.5.

  10. Cate

    I fucking love her body!

  11. she’s nice…i really like her in heroes!

  12. Nosh

    Hope the guy who normally blogs here comes back soon, the difference is pretty apparent.

  13. MsMilf

    this Disney girl looks like Early Britney
    short & thick is just around the corner
    She’ll be hoein soon

  14. EdHuna

    I herd those Porsche Cheyenne’s are painted with crushed dolphin souls.

  15. Guy

    Is the Superficial paid by her manager to be nice about her and promote her?

    Because thats certainly the impression that I’m getting.

  16. Gal

    #16 Exactly!.. what you said

  17. jed

    -looks like any other chick in sweats at my kids school
    Nothing hot about this one

  18. MadameO

    Her lululemons are too big. And she clearly doesn’t do yoga, so why is she wearing them?

  19. Huh, is there a night version now?

  20. codependant

    it’s a highly exclusive club

  21. sym

    fake ass
    ” hmmm. . .I saved dolfins that was hard..

    today i’ll just pretend I do Yoga..stop to buy a magazine
    …mmmaybe tomorrow
    I’ll knit mittens for the striking writers..

  22. gertie

    boring ………yawn no news here

  23. Ript1&0

    There’s Baby Veal, back at it. What you buyin’ girl. Ooooo…

    Yeah, I’m really starting to hate this one. I can’t figure out why… I’ll sleep on it. Maybe tomorrow an answer will come.

  24. Hayden looks like she’s putting on a little weight, man. Those arms are a litte sqwishy.

  25. jess

    i didn’t know they sold bongs at news stands…

  26. FirstYouBitches



    Oh…wait…FUCK 1-26! ASSHOLES!!!

  27. Alice

    She is a talented actress. men and fans who like her should be aware of this. I have seen her photo on a celebrity and millionaire dating site named searchingmillionaire.com. Seems she is very popular there.

  28. Jayjay

    Honestly, she should just wear a gimp mask and be done with it.

    Also, it looks like she needs to hit the gym more than she does. She’s got some extended belly action going on there. Like, 3 months pregnant belly.

  29. Feckless

    Thank all the Gods you said “Christina” – I thought you were talking about me. I’m doing the best I can! I’m just kind of depressed right now.

  30. algernon, flowers for

    hey, i know that photographer! is that dave callahan?

  31. Narcissist

    I bet she could put those shapely legs around someone and their spine would explode into splinters and dust.

    Hayden Panettiere walking around…this is the best article ever!

  32. WTF

    Porsche Cheyenne’s are like the stuff you scrape of the bottom of your shoe. Only retards with money and no taste buy them….also, does she use a set of steps to get inside it it?

  33. Nique

    Come on, she is just a chunky little something

  34. Uber Jalemon

    I’m in lust

  35. ph7

    I dunno. Too short and squatty for my tastes – and no boobs. Plain face. Pretty sure Fish is paid by a publicist to post her repeatedly.

  36. joeypants


  37. RENEE Z...

    She seems like a sweet girl…but just so…I don’t know…average looking. I don’t see what the mass sex appeal, etc, etc, is all about. All I see is girl next door with caterpillar eyebrows that freak me the fuck out.

  38. L.Linus

    I have no problem with the eyebrows, because I don’t feel you have to shave anything. Secondly, #37 & 38 that’s just how I feel just average short, real short kinda plain, but does have the blond hair which drive the media crazy.

  39. whatever

    She’s not the hottest chick, but she’s above average, and anyone who wouldn’t tap that is GAY.

  40. adult

    she looks like a child. sick

  41. adult

    she looks like a child. sick

  42. Martina McBride

    if that’s a 3 – month preggo belly, then i’m obese. fuck that. she looks fine, still has a little baby fat on her.

  43. oatmeal rice cakes dry toast vanilla leftovers

    Big arms and short legs…Poster child for American mediocrity

  44. Mal Reynolds

    I think she is cute. I like her on Heroes. I would love to design a device that could damage the paparazzi’s cameras. Like an intensely bright light that damaged the CCD chips. I hat the intrusive paps.

  45. Boobs

    why? Its not like she has anything to strap down. little ant hills. Unlike her mom who has large breasticles

  46. she has growth hormone problems?

    im only 21 and im still thinking i have to wait on this… like wait 4 years until she is legal. but she is legal, i know. i really think she might have the andy milonakis disease

  47. gotmilk?

    wtf are lulullooomlemon pants or whatever you’re talking about? who cares!

    and i love how she’s off saving the whales one day and then polluting the earth with her gas guzzling douchebag-mobile the next.

    she needs to do some pushups. she’s got sausage arms.

  48. em

    #28, are you the same one promoting that damn site on other blogs too?

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