Hayden Panettiere auctions herself off on eBay? Pardon me while I go broke…

Hayden Panettiere freakin’ loves those sea creatures. So much so that she’s auctioning off a VIP whale-watching trip with you, her and five of your closest friends (Interesting number choice…). The auctions are a joint effort with Hayden’s new social networking site Zude and The Whaleman Foundation. Here’s the details straight from the eBay itself:

You and up to 5 guests will join Hayden Panettiere at a Save the Whales Again! fundraising dinner hosted at the famous Hollywood restaurant Beso, owned by Eva Longoria.
The following week you’ll board Condor Cruises’ Condor Express with 5 of your friends for lunch and a whale watching tour off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, through the Channel Islands, to witness some of the most spectacular whale feeding grounds and have the chance to see the ever-elusive Blue Whale.
The total package also includes hobnobbing over drinks and dinner at Beso, photo opportunities with Hayden, $1000 American Express® gift card and a private whale watching tour with Hayden and Jeff Pantukhoff, world-renowned whale researcher, marine life filmmaker and founder of The Whaleman Foundation.

Apparently, you can also bid on Hayden’s clothes that she wore in her Candies’ ad campaign. Wait, items actually worn by Save the Cheerleader?! *digs gun out of desk* Hey, Geekologie Writer, I’m going to need to borrow your wallet. All of your wallet. *opens it up* Hmm… Monopoly money and a picture of LEGO Princess Leia covered in fondant. Fantastic. So, is it illegal if I give your wallet back but still shoot you? Because I see that in your future.

Huge thanks to Jim over at Knightime Studios. The dude’s artistic talent is exceeded only by his talent of telling me how to buy my own Hayden Panettiere. And outfits to go with it! Score!

Photos: eBay, Splash News