Hayden Panettiere is now an even sexier midget

July 13th, 2008 // 64 Comments

Before Angelina Jolie’s uterus popped this weekend, the big story was Hayden Panettiere getting a haircut. As an unbiased observer, she definitely looks hotter. I wish she’d come over and take a look at my dolphin. Yeah, I’ve got one in a kiddie pool out back, and I have no idea how to take care of it. Fun Fact: They don’t eat Taco Bell. I thought they’re supposed to be super smart. Seriously, who turns down a Chalupa? Even Britney Spears loves them, and I’ve seen her drink from a gas pump.


  1. Derek

    Yeah, I bet the ones that dislike short hair would kick her out of bed…

    Between Hayden and your hand, you’d opt for the latter?

  2. elia

    Is it me or those she look like she had a nose job?

  3. moneil

    She looks so cute. I love it! How sad! If you love celebrity gossip, be sure to check out the trivia on kwanzoo.com!

  4. farty_mcshitface

    what s disapointment!- short haircuts on cute ladies like her are ALWAYS a bad idea- ALWAYS. she looked great before but now, i’m just waiting for her to come to her senses and realize that the new do is crap and she grows it back out again!!

  5. Kimberly

    I wanted my hair like that too! She actually looks better with long wavy hair, IMHO.

    So that’s where she went in her long yellow dress…

  6. Mr V

    Big mistake. Her face has very prominent baby cheeks with small eyes. Having long hair helped to hide how chubby they were. Now with short hair its not only made her face appear to gain weight but the rest of her now appears to have gotten chubbier too (and the that dress the color of squished fly guts doesn’t help either)..

  7. Eleanor

    Only the profile looks good

  8. Kent

    She is pretty and sexy. I think I will love her. LOL. Every time I sign in to the celeb club R I C H L O V I N G.C O M, I can see many new topics talking about her. She has created a nice profile for seeking a great man for hook ups.

  9. Drunkman

    I hate you Milo.

  10. I think this DWARF is pretty sweet with a lovely HAIRCUT!!(looks FRESH!)
    Brooke hogan’s HAIRCUT is sooooooooooooooo DATED!!!!

  11. br

    All the women think she is hot – let me say this – short haired girls are loved by other women and gay men (just see the makeover shows) but hated by most straight men. To me, Hayden was the absolute hottest actress around – seeing these pictures puts her in the who gives a crap file. Long line of actresses before her who have made the same mistake and paid the price.

    If ya want to attract gay men and other women – go for it – but if you want to keep your audiance – bad move. If you are a hot young woman actress – don’t kid yourself – you are there ’cause the men think you are hot, not because you are the greatest actress the world has ever seen.

    She will be lucky if she isn’t dropped on heroes, and she won’t be getting any more work for a while…

  12. herbiefrog

    #60 we were thinking of that same word…

    mmmmm fresh : )

  13. I love Hayden Panettiere

    Mhm… She’s 5ft of 5’1″. Roughly within that range. So? Yes, I guess it’s small, but is it really that much of a big deal? There are plenty of girls/women out there that are that height or smaller, even other celebrities. Does that give you the right to look down on someone?
    Think about it, Hayden’s… Perfect! She cannot be faulted whatsoever. So y’know, because the media/haters ALWAYS have to criticize celebs, all they can bad-mouth about is her height, because really, what else can the media/haters say?! I guess if the only down-side to her is her height, then that’s pretty good, because height is unnecessary, thus nothing wrong with Hayden. What difference does it make? She’s still beautiful, passionate about what she does, hard-working, enthusiastic, generous, thoughtful, and lastly the thing that she deserves being: She’s rich. Why should she herself even be bothered about her height? She’s got plenty of other things to focus on and has her all her life ahead of her. Just by saying “OMG Hayden Panettiere is a midget!” Really, is that such a big deal? Just because she’s famous has she got to be tall? Height is unnecessary, there are plenty more things that are actually important to life.
    OK, if you are still criticizing her, just think about yourself. How tall are you? Has it made a huge improvement in your life from being specifically that height? What have you achieved that is more impressive and successful than what Hayden has? (Starring roles in TV programmes/movies)
    Do you doing anything for what you are passionate about? (She is passionate about animals, e.g. whales, and has also protested to have whales treated respectfully to such an extent that she has risked her life and and almost been arrested. She obviously doesn’t do that just to give herself a good name, otherwise she wouldn’t be willing to risk her own life or risk being arrested. She is definitely passionate about what she believes in, which is very very good). Lulz, I find it amazing that she’s able to do all this extra work for the environment and animals ONTOP of other work, e.g. Learning and acting for scripts for TV programmes (Heroes, she starred in that), movies and events that she has to attend to. I’m sure there are many other types of work which I have not said as I am not aware of it. She probably makes most of her work look minor, when in reality it is difficult, thus making others not aware of the other work that she does. This clearly shows that she is very successful and that height is unnecessary.
    And for her wearing heels? It is fashionable to wear heels. Is she not allowed to wear heels purely because she’s 5ft/5’1″? That’s silly. And anyway if she didn’t, people would still criticize her, not only for her height, but for being “unfashionable”. Especially to important events. In my personal opinion, I don’t think it’s unfashionable at all, but I’m sure people would say that it is. On the other hand I do understand the importance of wearing heels to important events. Most other celebrity women also wear heels (OBVIOUSLY), and if you didn’t know that then you live under a rock.
    Also there are plenty of haters out there, who have never even met Hayden or think badly on purely because of the voice of the media, or pictures (let me just tell you, if you have a low opinion of her because of pictures, you don’t know what beautiful is).
    And for the people that think she’s fat? OK, well just picture a fat person in your head and then compare it with Hayden. Now what d’you think? For her height, she is an average weight. At least she’s not a size zero like a lot of the Hollywood actors/singers/models. This shows she can take care of her health and not starve herself to death, and also this shows that lack of food is not the cause to her height. Some people naturally just don’t grow as much as others, but as said before, this is unnecessary.
    And the short hair? Do I really have to go on about how unnecessary this is too? She looks really pretty still. She wanted a change. She’s not afraid about what other people think, she will have what she wants. I love love LOVE it

  14. i love those eyes of amber heard, they are very beautiful and she got a very sexy body too ~`:

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