Hayden Panettiere is now an even sexier midget

July 13th, 2008 // 64 Comments

Before Angelina Jolie’s uterus popped this weekend, the big story was Hayden Panettiere getting a haircut. As an unbiased observer, she definitely looks hotter. I wish she’d come over and take a look at my dolphin. Yeah, I’ve got one in a kiddie pool out back, and I have no idea how to take care of it. Fun Fact: They don’t eat Taco Bell. I thought they’re supposed to be super smart. Seriously, who turns down a Chalupa? Even Britney Spears loves them, and I’ve seen her drink from a gas pump.


  1. Sophie

    She looks like Wonky McValtrex’s little sister…

  2. Que

    Que sexy!

  3. britney's weave

    i approve.

  4. Ethan

    Love her…. but don’t love the short hair!

  5. Jeffer

    She is so sexy with the gorgeous dress on her. Is she single now? Her profile was found on the on the wealthy dating club R I C H L O V I N G.C O M for hot guys and girls to hook up for Hot Love and Sexy Dating, “she is so picky about guys!” according to officials of that site, “they have to be fertile douches or she won’t date them!”

  6. English Bob

    In that dress she looks like a pure drop of golden sunshine…Mmmmm, sunshine!!

  7. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    Sexier and younger…come here little girl, I have an all day lollipop for you.

  8. Jerod Cykoski

    Seventh. I’m going straight to #5′s website to find rich loving lovers. Not.

  9. Jerod Cykoski

    F’ing slow to click eighth.

  10. The haircut is criminal, she looked so much cuter before.

  11. I don’t know about the rest of the dads here, but I just love it when my 18 yr old comes home ad tells me she’s been blowing her co-worker, who just happens to nearly double her age.

  12. MightyD

    Sooo freakin’ hot…. I’m sure she still has that “brand new” smell


    can’t anyone do anything about these anoying spams Mr. Super?

  13. lol

    Whoever tells a women she should cut her hair short should be soht.
    Very few women pull of short hair and almost nobody looks sexy in it.

  14. __________________________________________________


    Die already, you dirty fucking gook.

  15. numbers


  16. Jefferisafaggotbitch

    Jeffer is so damn gay with his spamming bullshit. Should I kill him now? His home address must be available on the Web. I’m sick of his fucking spam for his site H O W T O B A N G Y O U N G B O Y S .C O M for hot pedophile action and bestiality to hook up for Munging Love and Sexy Felching, “Jeffer loves to put his cock in 12 year old boys!” according to officials of that site, “they have to have their pubes clean shave or he work fuck them!”

  17. HaydenWho

    I wouldn’t give Hayden 2 cent to go dolphin diving in my jockeys but I think what the fish dude wrote is priceless.

  18. meong

    WOw, she looks older than before…but I’m still not feeling the new hair yet…
    I suppose her hair look fab before

  19. Where's Darkwing Duck

    Meh, She’s still cute. Her hair looks more grown up, but yeah, I got nothin.

  20. #5, thanks for the instruction on how we can find rich loving lovers.

    Oh, and Hayden PantyHairs is gonna get fat, fat, fat. You can just tell by looking at her. She’s an ectomorph dying to get out.

  21. no thanks

    #15. EXACTLY. Those who can pull it off and look pretty STILL look WAY better with long hair. The only exception I know of is Halle Berry for some reason she looks more average/plain with long hair, but she just proves the rule. WOMEN DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR. Men like long hair. When you picture a goodess or a princess does she have long flowing full hair or a shor boring bob?

    What the fuck is with women that after they get married the hair gets shorter and the ass gets bigger. Fucking respecting yourselves. SHIT it makes me embarassed for my own gender. I’ve been married for several years I have long Catherine Zeta Jones like hair and I wear the same size clothing as I did in highschool (the same size Heidi Montag wears, god I hate that bitch, but she is fit and she has a five star crash test rating).

  22. ph7

    Her 31 year old fiance should plow through that midget for another year than dump her. Her career will be shorter than her legs.

  23. asshat

    she looks great…

  24. Richard McBeef

    Hold up #5… she only dates fertile douches??? Well, I am a big fucking douche and I have a few bastard kids so FUCK YEAH I’ve got a chance.

    Oh yeah one more thing #5 – Go fuck yourself ass-master.

  25. #22. you mean an ENDOMORPH, an ectomorph is a naturally skinny person who will always be skinny. The endomorph is the body type that gains weight easily and the mesomorph is the athletic body type. There is no way this girl is the ectomorph type, Gwenyth Paltrow is a classic ectomorph; skinny, long limbs, has trouble gaining weight. Most people don’t fit into one category exactly, Angelina is an ecto-mesomorph; naturally skinny but builds muscle quite easily (like me).

  26. Harry Ballzack

    She’s kinda cute – in a homely sort of way ….. She has to much face to wash

    #14 – I doubt anything will be done about the spammers on this sight, seeing as how they work for the same address that “The Superficial” is home based from.

  27. umm

    she got this haircut a while ago….. idk if this is breaking news..

  28. blahblah

    @ #23

    You seem to think that you as a woman have the right to decide what looks attractive on other women–acting as though your word is law.

    I prefer cute girls to hot ones who are entirely full of themselves (like you) so I happen to like shorter hair.

    Sue me.

  29. better than you

    This is the lamest blog and you morons are retarded

  30. joss

    # 8…I don’t know why, but I literally just died laughing at that comment.

  31. Richard McBeef

    #27 and many many others

    I really enjoy the “(like me)” phenomenon. Someone inevitably finds a way to say that they have D cup tits, they wear a size 2, etc, etc in every thread. What is the deal with that? Do you think that somebody gives a shit?

    You aren’t naturally skinny but able to put on muscle quickly – You are skinny because you throw up your lunch. And that’s not muscle you put on quickly it’s fat.

    You don’t have tits just like ____________ – Unless you are talking about Rosie O’Donnell.

    You don’t have an ass like ____________ – Unless you are talking about Kim Cottagecheesian.

    You are a vain little cunt.

  32. sammy

    what a cutie. would show her that there could be heaven on earth. would lick her long time.

  33. Richard McBeef

    Oh yeah #23

    You don’t wear the same size has Heidi Montag. You wear the same size as Mr. Ed, but I can see how you got confused.

    #30 – I like you, you can come over to my house and fuck my sister.

  34. she looks nasty

  35. Rob

    Wow… I’m left limp like a sail with no wind. Her haircut chopped into her hotness factor.

  36. katie g

    She’s had the haircut for a couple weeks now. This isn’t new. Pics of her with the new cut were posted a while back.

  37. 9NineLivez

    She looks like Tatum O’Neal circa “Paper Moon”


  38. liz

    Wow #23 you are an idiot. Who are you to say what women should do? so you live your life doing what men like? hair is such an insignificant thing, yet you equate it with self respect. i like how halle berry is the only exception, as if you’ve seen every single woman in the world. women like you are the ones that are an embarrassment to the female gender!

    right on # 30!!!

  39. omnibacon

    She’s look better with a set of ridiculously large implants

  40. charm

    I usually agree that most women/girls look better with long hair, but I think she looks better with short. She just looks more sleek and polished.

    When she had long hair, other than when on the red carpet, it was always up in a ratty ponytail. What’s the point?

  41. Chupacabra

    She probably just had some split ends. it looks good. I think it actually makes her look even younger… or maybe it’s the flat chest.

  42. Crappola

    I believe the Superficial Writer has an unhealthy relationship of midgets, butt-pads, and bikini. I suggest an intervention…

  43. Trover

    She needs to hook-up with Mini-Me for the greatest Midget Porn sex tape ever. And if not with Mini-Me, then with Tom Cruise. He is basically a midget and likes girls that have the tits of 9 year old boys..

  44. dongholio

    not cuter

  45. Kareem Ofwheat

    When you have the right face for it, short hair is super hot. Two more who look better with short hair are Charlize Theron and Linda Evangelista.

  46. Kareem Ofwheat

    When you have the right face for it, short hair is super hot. Two more who look better with short hair are Charlize Theron and Linda Evangelista.

  47. Kareem Ofwheat

    When you have the right face for it, short hair is super hot. Two more who look better with short hair are Charlize Theron and Linda Evangelista.

  48. Kareem Ofwheat

    Hat trick!

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