Hayden Panettiere likes her coffee

November 29th, 2007 // 68 Comments

Hayden Panettiere made a Starbucks run yesterday afternoon and, by the look of her jeans, all those trips to the gym are paying off. Exercise is important, which is why I start everyday lifting liquor bottles to my mouth. I don’t like to brag, but it’s a pretty rigorous routine. The payoff is these wicked biceps that can suffocate an ox and a debilitating drinking problem that has rendered me incapable of human emotion. So, who wants to go on a date with a super stud?

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. scrappy

    wow. that’s the kind of thing you like to see when you walk into starbucks. a girl with a great ass standing right in front of you. yeah, i’d break my piece off in that thing. *shudder*

  2. Hayden

    “yeah, i’d break my piece off in that thing.” So, like a very thin, weak pencil? Impressive. Call me.

  3. veggi

    Dammit, that midget just floated back on top. Somebody put some weights in her shoes.

  4. shallow val

    52 – nothing personal to you but, the bathwater phrase is soooooo, STP 10 years ago.

  5. Mike, That was my troll. She is not fat and that is a nice ass..

  6. EveryonePoops

    Damn! I wanna get up in them guts!

  7. veggi

    Hey Jimbo! My troll somehow is still breathing too (55)..

    As for Hayden….. yeah yeah, she’s on heros and there’s her butt…blah blah blah.. But her coffee made me realize it’s time caffeine (vodka) up!..

  8. Harry

    As Al Pacino said in “Heat”: GREAT ASS!

    The main reason I love living in L.A. is seeing chicks who look this banging every day, esp. when the weather is 75 degrees 4 weeks before Christmas.

  9. ZZ

    You guys are disgusting.
    She’s what…17? That’s not legal or anything. Blech.

  10. #61, Should she “borrow” Brit’s new undies then? Ewwwe! Now that is blech!

  11. Well her ass makes up for her lack of tits (or at least. tit-job).

    Not bad for 14.

  12. I like da butt. I wyk it a wot.

  13. Realist

    # 49-because if people were really having good sex, with hot women, they wouldn’t be so quick to trash. I’ve had sex with girls with better bodies than Hayden too. But Hayden has a nice body. It’s just not great. People who so overly critical are clearly talking out their ass and they can get away with it since it’s an anonymous internet forum. It’s even more apparent when it’s not Hayden. Yeah, Hayden’s cute but has some figure flaws. But people here will bash women with some of the best bodies in world and say they’re not hot. It’s ridiculous.

  14. BodaciousBooty

    Hayden’s been listening and she’s lost her baby fat. I’d let her slap me silly if she’d sit on me. Awesome.

  15. .

    why does she even bother wearing a bra? she she dress more like her Co-star Ali Larter, she never wears a bra. why wear a bra when you are flat chested?

  16. Hey veggi our trolls are busy this morning. If you are pooring, poor me a shot too..

  17. Gotta admit, I’m a little jealous.

  18. Realist Jackass

    65- when you say “I’ve had sex with girls with better bodies”, do you mean that rabbit’s foot you rub on your penis every night? loser.

  19. i still don’t get the hotness factor entirely. she’s alright…but no one to rave about.

  20. Fit & Happy

    She does not need a boob job; just a better bra. Usually women that are flat chested have nice butts and legs to make up for lack of boobs; that is if they take care of themselves and prevent the spread.

  21. Awe come on. If she was naked in front of any guy, his boner would spill HER coffee!

  22. LayDeeBug

    Her surname is so long…she should have just changed it to Baker, you know?

  23. ph7

    I like it better when she is pictured next to normal sized people, because that makes you realize you have been lusting over a midget.

  24. veggi

    Indiana Jones was voted Best Hero in movies….. hint hint…. can we talk about Harrison please!!!

    ahem, NEXT!..

  25. lentista

    this is fucking jail bait….. dont ever put picz up of jail bait….

  26. pissy skank

    Must be a slow news day, because WHO CARES!

  27. I don’t think she’s “hot”, I think she’s really cute. And pretty. She does need a better bra, sometimes, but that’s not hard to find.

    Hey, superfish dude? You sound like my kind of man!!!..

  28. Realist

    And Hayden has nice tits. They probably stay where they’re supposed to when the bra comes off.

  29. PunkA

    She needs to go back to riding Zebras for a living. Porno style.

  30. dr phil

    It’s odd but reassuring – to patients – that people are finding this girl attractive. She looks like a misshapen low birthweight preemie, with the big head, moon-face, and arms and legs that don’t fit. This is perhaps the healthiest genre of fetish.

  31. zz

    she better have gotten off her fucking phone before she drove away, nothing makes me more mad than seeing someone driving while on the phone, AND drinking coffee. Holy hell Hayden, you’re an accident waiting to happen. Who is SO important you can’t wait until you get home?

    AND on the phone while ordering. RUDE.

    This girl is a fucktard. A little girl prancing around, playing grown up. UGH.

  32. EuroNeckPain

    Hmm… Short legs, like Britney. She should wear heels. Oh, but she already HAS heels.

  33. Ript1&0

    I’m so confused right now.

  34. holla@meh

    #83. you need a life. yes, i strongly suggest you get a life, either that, or consider suicide. immediately. k. thanks.

  35. Lady Zombie

    Awwww! She’s got a cute ‘lil butt.

  36. Ally

    There is nothing wrong with her body. She’s just a kid; wait until she hits her mid-20s to judge her. Britney was smoking hot at 17 and look at her now. Only time will tell. And also, anyone who thinks Hayden’s disgusting-looking needs to go back a few posts and check out the hideousness that is Jennifer Love Hewitt. Those images are going to haunt me for a few years, at least.

  37. shit man

    are you fucking serious, fat? its muscle, that what happens when girls excersice as much as she does. what do you expect when you go to the gym? no meat on your bones. if you want her to be stick then tell her to stop working out.

  38. FagHag


    Your 11 year old daughter is an obese piece of shit if she has bigger tits that this girl.

    Stop being such a horrible mom, get off your fat ass and stop feeding your piggy little daughter so many goddamn cookies.

  39. Hahaha, Superfish you’re sad.
    ‘The trips to the gym are paying off?’ muahahaha, where?
    This 4’9” stubby ridiculous pre-teenager dressed as a woman or like ‘when a 5 year old puts on mommy’s lipstick and heels and pretends she’s a big girl’ looking teen gnome has no booty, no boobies, no hips and a waist almost bigger than her hips. On the face she isn’t pretty, she may well be an elf, she looks like every other teenage girl walking around, no better.
    She’s just a weird fetish of your Superfish.
    She truly looks stubby and ridiculous, she looks like a pre-teen dressed in big girl’s clothes, like trying to look like a celebrity but looking like a child with momma’s lipstick and heels on. She should learn what style is and find clothes appropiate for herself and which won’t make her look ridiculous.
    You say she’s 18 but she looks 13 or 14.
    Get over this stubby gnome Superfish, I’m getting so freaking tired of seeing her elf face so much on this website.

  40. MassGrrl

    I want to do nasty things to her. For about four hours straight.

  41. Chelsey

    shes deffinatly had a nose job i was looking at pictures or her a few years ago and her nose loose different.

  42. jack-in-the-green

    i really could give a shit about this little whore, manufactured and sold-out by her parents to hollywood, but these photos are really good. i think this is the best she’s ever looked. keep in mind she’s 4’11″, looks 12, and like scarlett johanssen, she has a deeply mannish, butch-like voice.

    all in a day’s work.

  43. honestly…
    how tall is she?
    she looks like she’s maybe 5’3″

    if she then she’s pretty much a physical copy of my ex.

    so yes…
    i totally dig this chick…regardless of how tall she is :p

  44. Asstastic

    I have to admit I’m more into tits, but DAMN. Instant boner.

  45. Celynna

    She needs to wear some pants that fit her. she has very short legs and a waaay long torso.

  46. lotc

    She legal yet or what?
    Damn!! That´s some nice jail bait ass!!!

  47. jacknasty

    her ass is my heroe

  48. jwizzle

    monster zit on her chin. no makeup covering that mountain…

  49. We’re just curious how and where do you SHIT with such an ASS!!

  50. whatever


    I would love to bend her over my table and enjoy a piece of that pussy, doggy style!

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