Hayden Panettiere licks her friend’s boob

April 12th, 2007 // 73 Comments

This picture of Hayden Panettiere licking her friend’s boob has been making the rounds on the internet. I have no idea what’s going on but I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to think about. She’s, what, 17-years-old? If you’re a guy and you looked at this the police are already on their way over.


  1. I had the weirdest dream two nights ago where i was in a tree and then Hayden Pantywhatever was throwing lizards at me. Then suddenly Paris Hilton showed up on Liam Gallaghers arm and they started throwing lizards also. Then Wonderwall started playing and Liam shoved a lizard down Paris’ throat, gave me the finger, and took off. Then Hayden flew away and I woke up. No joke. Just thought i’d share it with you guys.

  2. kitty_kat

    I knew she was just jealous of Lindsay. Look at that stupid picture. She just wishes that people cared about her, thats all.

  3. herbiefrog

    ok first… age of consent here = `16


    hey babe… you’re doing so well : )

    lets try not to discuiss
    heroes as a subject : )

    you realise that you make that show…

    …although we wouldnt like to discuss why

    …or maybe


    …would ?

    two switches…
    sorry bout that…

  4. rukdngme

    the owner of the almost licked boob looks a little like mariah carey i know they would have said that but look at it…..i hate mariah carey.

  5. MrSemprini

    Ohhhhh… double enemas…


  6. roflmao

    @11 And their overfucking use of the word “random”.

    “that was so totally random”

  7. jrzmommy♠

    WHO? Jesus…..who the fuck are these people?

  8. Yo, I’m gonna freestyle about this post:



    here we go

    Hayden licks this

    and Hayden licks that

    Hayden licks chicks

    then uses a baseball bat


    -Andy Milonakis

  9. chaunceygardner

    I really want to fuck that chick in the face. She’s really tiny, too, so she’s super-poseable, like an action figure.

  10. kacsing

    And to think she FREAKED when someone called her Lindsay! Just goes to show you, there’s a little bit Britney in everyone!

  11. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    So…who all got arrested today?!

  12. Wow, no one said it yet? It’s Lauren from The Hills, Hayden’s licking. I have photos in my linked site.

  13. meisnick

    could I get some of that?

  14. Ashley

    These girls are really fucking stupid!

  15. h

    come and lick me

  16. Mike

    She turned 18 in August (per IMDB), so fap all you want.

  17. Mike

    n/m, apparently I’m a retard and didn’t see the part where this is from April

  18. ANONNY

    hahah the girl who’s boob shes licking is my landlady’s daughter.

  19. cambee

    I Don’t see how you yanks are not all in Jail.. Here in NewZealand 16 is the age of sexual consent (we are allowed to do it at 16 but not see it??!!) if girls like this walked around and we were not allowed those errrmm ‘erotic’ thoughts the sheep would walk nervously :-) You guys cant (honestly) tell me that you see girls like this as non-sexual until they are what 18 or 21 in USA?

  20. haydens #1 fan (kelsey)

    wow, cant anyone take a joke, shes just a fun person, im positive she was jus joking around having fun, press really is just obsessive, hayden ur still hilarious and the best girl!

  21. haden

    hay i persnaly now her andany one who says any bad about her ill kick their ass

  22. conner

    i loveu haden so much ur butiful

  23. I like…so beautiful and sexy,good!

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