Hayden Panettiere licks butts

June 27th, 2007 // 107 Comments

I get the feeling these are old, but they’re making the rounds on the ol’ interweb so I’m putting them up anyway. They’re personal shots of Hayden Panettiere – the cheerleader from Heroes - licking a statue’s butt and then, um, paying her friend to spank her? I guess? She doesn’t turn 18 for another two months, so whatever you’re thinking it’s probably illegal. Unless you happen to be thinking about a cure for cancer. That’s, you know, especially illegal.


  1. I think saying my panties were in a “bunch” is overstating it. Perhaps they were a little “crumpled” or going up my butt slightly to make me uncomfortable enough to discreetly pull out the wedgie, but not “bunched” and I take exception to that.

  2. meee

    her eyebrows seriously bother me.

  3. Charity

    With the money she makes, do you think maybe she can hang out somewhere other than someones crack house apartment?

  4. Kingnitro

    God I sure hope she doen’t end up another Lindsay Lohan or Brittany Spears. Seems like she’s drifting that way…

  5. Mia



  6. That’s disgusting!

    Doesn’t she know how many other people have licked that statue’s ass?

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