Hayden Panettiere licks butts

June 27th, 2007 // 107 Comments

I get the feeling these are old, but they’re making the rounds on the ol’ interweb so I’m putting them up anyway. They’re personal shots of Hayden Panettiere – the cheerleader from Heroes - licking a statue’s butt and then, um, paying her friend to spank her? I guess? She doesn’t turn 18 for another two months, so whatever you’re thinking it’s probably illegal. Unless you happen to be thinking about a cure for cancer. That’s, you know, especially illegal.


  1. Jerome

    Thats hot.

  2. marinette

    thats wierd

  3. I'd hit that for a dollar!

    Man, I’m from Alabama. Here hitting that is totally legal! I’ll hit her till she’s black and blue

  4. mimi


    weird story tho..lol

  5. wiinja

    i’ve got an ass for her to lick

  6. wiinja

    way to maintain your journalistic integrity, Superfish

  7. zippysweetcheeks

    she’s way overrated.

  8. miller

    that girl she’s with looks like a brunette paris hilton. hayden looks good all done up in that one picture but normally i think she’s ugly..

  9. P911GT10c

    weird, the other girl looks like Paris.
    underage or not, I’d tap both of ‘em.

  10. Superfish

    she’s an R. Kelly in the making…i can tell. either that or i am

  11. George

    She reminds me of mini-me in the second photo.

  12. Hey! Hayden licks ass! What else is she putting her mouth on nowadays? please say dick…

    **rubs penis until masterbation is unbearable

  13. LEAVE MY MAN R.KELLY alone…don’t make me find you! anyway….I think that that shit is nasty! You don’t know how many germs is on that shit! For all she know…somebody could have rubbed their infected pussy on the statue!

  14. Rachael

    Here is the next up and coming Paris Hilton. You watch – as soon as she turns 18 it’s gonna be crotch shots and nip slips all over.
    Hollywood corrupts them all.

    I think the first pic is funny though!

  15. Must Have Hayden

    dude, if i see just ONE more picture of Hayden Panettiere on the internet talkng about how sexy she is im going to blow my brains out…or hers. She’s not even old enough to SPELL sexy. Doesn’t she still ride trycycles?

    …in other words…i’d hit it

  16. She likes big butts and she cannot lie,
    You other brothers can’t deny
    When that girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
    And a round thing in her face
    She get’s sprung.

    My guess is you do too.

  17. Superfish

    #15 for someone who “must have hayden” you sure have a problem with seeing her all over the internet.

    It’s a good thing she’s not legal yet cause you know…

    * *shakes head and makes motorboat noises…LOUD noises

  18. Penis Mightier

    This chick must be retarded. There were pics floating around of her licking a chicks tit a few weeks back. She is the secong coming of PAris Hilton…..only she has a job.

  19. miss oblivious

    huh… whats the big deal abt this chic anyways? never saw her on tv or in anything…doesn’t look very attractive to me. has kind of an annoying yappy little dog look to her. and thats real classy licking some ass sculpture in what appears to be a decent looking restaurant…but then she’s only a teenager so I guess it could be looked over. can’t say I never did anything silly and retarded when I was a youngin’.

  20. craps mcgee

    It’s actually nice to see a young actress doing something that normal goofy teens do.

  21. Jimbo

    She can lick my hairy butt and spank my ass

  22. spencesmellslikepoop

    good girl, keep up the good work, with a couple of drinks, you’ll turn into lohan or ph and work on the front. Ouch – watch the teeth

  23. Jimbo's Hairy Butt


  24. Thomas

    Can someone please tell me why people say “first” when they write in? If your comment is before everyone else’s, you’re obviously the first one. Fucking idiots. Seriously.

  25. Chauncey Gardner

    Goddamn this chick! The only thing she isn’t currently licking is my rod – even after all the times I’ve ejaculated on her pictures and posted them in YahooGroups! You’d figure a little ass-and-titty-licking slut piece of chicken like this one would get turned on by that!

    Ah, well – I’m gonna go coat the cover of the latest issue of EW with this little slit-trim on on it. I’ve been saving up all day to coat her real good.

  26. Thomas little penis

    #24 shut up! had you have eaten ur vegetables like ur parents told you to instead of taking those steroids everyday, we BOTH would have gotten some!!!!

  27. BigTony

    Isn’t the girl she’s with Alexa Vega from Spy Kids fame? Or Vanessa Lengies from Waiting?

  28. HonestAbe

    I heard that she’s dating Wilmer Valderrama.

  29. Deb

    I dunno what your alls problem is…what is so different from what every other 17 year old girl puts on facebook…and current college students for that matter…a bunch of retarded faces that they think make them look cute or gangster with a peace sign next to it…and retarded pics with statues..leave her alone…shes just having fun.

  30. Blowme

    I’m pretty sure the ass-lick pic was taken at the Dali museum in Amsterdam… she was probably blitz’d when she took it – all the more reason to legalize! ;)

  31. Jimbo

    @23 What?

  32. Lowlands

    I’ll guess the cleaner doesn’t have to take the mob over the sculpture for this time.

  33. Britt

    She’s sooo pretty i hate that underage bitch…lol…jk..shes cute

  34. Chauncey Gardner


    As a female, you probably wouldn’t understand the male desire to nail girls who could get us thrown in jail, particularly the blonde-haired cheerleader types.

    I suspect it’s because that’s what we all wanted when we were kids, it’s the earliest ideal etched into our brains when we start liking girls, and we never really stop liking that.

    And it’s also a little like that line from DAZED & CONFUSED: “That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.”

  35. ElatedPornStar

    I take it’s a slow news day today, hmm?

  36. Hey. don’t lick ass! Just join this club…ass lickers, cunt suckers, and ball jerkers!

  37. Hey. don’t lick ass! Just join this club…ass lickers, cunt suckers, and ball jerkers!

  38. Madonna

    Oh illegal my ass. Anyone who sticks their ass out like that in the second pic acting all sexy is open season for fucking. I have no shame that I want to fuck her, “illegal” or not.

  39. MassGrrl

    God, she’s hot. I’d give her something to lick… and it wouldn’t be my ass.

  40. Madonna

    “First” on a forum is all the rage. It’s pretty new people were only doing it about 11 fucking years ago.

  41. Thomas

    Hey #26, um, whatever. You still didn’t answer why these idiots write in to state the obvious…If you’re gonna be that un-funny, at least try to be inforamtive and answer the question.

  42. zome people will do anything for attention..
    zhez like one of theze people who R at a
    party and nothingz going on..zo, they go
    to the icebox and take out a hotdog and
    ztart pretending itz a peniz….muzt of been
    ztarved for attention az a child…

  43. Thomas

    How can it be all the rage? What’s the benefit? I honestly don’t get it. How does it pertain to the article? I am seriously trying to understand.

  44. Thomas

    Got it, 42. So I was right, they’re fucking idiots?

  45. Jimbo

    @41 Thomas – nobody knows when a new story is posted. So when someone see that there is a new post and it does not appear that anyone has posted anything yet, they just post “First” or sometime “FRIST” that is why you will see first posted 3 or 4 times. All it is, is to say you were the first one on the post. Kind of juvenile, but who in here is mature

  46. Jimbo

    @44 As you can see from #42 you are correct

  47. Thomas

    Gotcha Jimbo. Thanks.

  48. Sauron

    |32|Mob,mob…..Your English has quite made some imProvement lately. *Evil Grin*

  49. amma

    So I’m guessing none of you has a credit card and are just able to access xxx? Jerking off to The Superficial is…just sad. But funny too, thanks.
    I’m glad to know we still worship virginity. Because…isn’t this what its all about? Being first? Or at least the illusion of it being a possibility? For F’s sake…the clerk at my grocery store is hotter than this chick. Oh, but she’s 24! Doesn’t quite have the same allure does it?
    Check yourself. What’s next…fetus humping? How about whacking off to your own sperm? Cause that’s where you’re going with this.

  50. Lowlands

    How’s the weather today?I’ve heard scientist found a cure for cancer.Has anybody else heard about this?

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