Hayden Panettiere kissing Madeline Zima

October 9th, 2009 // 67 Comments

Since exactly five people watch Heroes now, NBC made the wise decision to have Hayden Panettiere’s character become a lesbian and kiss hot chicks such as Californication‘s Madeline Zima. Above is the promo still for Monday’s episode that’s making the rounds and, frankly, why wasn’t this the premise for the entire series from Day One? If I were a producer on this show my very first note would be “Instead of a bunch of intricate plots involving superpowers, why don’t we just make the chick in the cheerleader outfit make out with other chicks in every episode? Ali Larter can help, too.” Tell me that’s not a better plot than Heroes. Oh, wow, some guy’s a human bomb. Is he a lesbian kissing another lesbian? I win.

NOTE: Took the liberty of adding shots from Madeline’s FHM shoot because I’m full of good ideas today.


  1. SARS

    That’s the little girl from The Nanny.

  2. Hugh Gentry

    god damn that’s sexy

  3. Hugh Gentry

    I want to see her and megan fox make out.

  4. Hugh Gentry

    i wish she’d buy some big boobs

  5. Photoshop Police

    Are they still giving out Nobel Prizes this year?

  6. ama

    Very pretty.

  7. How is that sexy? It is an orange, blonde haired, muscly oompa loopma kissing what can only be described as a disheveled 40 year old dusty librarian with caterpillar eyebrows.

    The only thing halfway watchable about it is the fact that the ugly chick (madeline zima?) sounds kinda like Winona Ryder. But she is such a bad actress that i’m surprised anyone managed to watch enough to get to the kiss.
    which FYI starts about 01:30 (or 01:35 to be precise) if you wanna skip.

    vid is in my link, you’re welcome.

  8. Tracey


  9. Sport

    I dont know why but my eye goes right to the immaculately manicured and penciled eyebrows of both. Odd.

  10. Hamza

    god damn that’s sexy

  11. cin

    Gracie nooooooooooooooooooo

  12. HRG

    So Claire Bear’s a lipstick? Too bad it isn’t Ali Larter.

  13. MySuggestion

    If you are gonna have Hayden kiss something then why not Lilly Allen’s tits. Lily always has them out and Hayden has a mouth. If there were in the same country this could work. Get Lily a part on Heroes so Hayden has something to chew on.

  14. Erica

    Gracie is HOT.

  15. Some Girl

    But… Her face.

  16. Stephanie

    Madeline looks so into it! Much sexier than Hayden(who is also beautiful). Those long slender fingers cradling Haydens neck while their lips mingle, fuck yeah. Way to throw off your “Nanny” roots…oh that and fucking David Duchovny on camera heh

  17. vince vaughn

    agreed. a Butta face for sure. When she isn’t Fucking and punching david duchovney (sp?) she isn’t much to look at.

  18. Tanzarian

    This makes my penis sad.

  19. Dick Zinner

    All of a sudden, I think Zima must taste great!

  20. OTP

    LAME! Is this honestly the type of shit that’s on TV these days? The acting was horrible.

  21. frankinSloth

    Desperate attempt to drawn in horny teen boys and is purely for the shock value
    “oOoOo… girls kissing girls, how risque”
    *rolls eyes*
    this show went to crap big time.

  22. The Listener

    #12 LOL

  23. Charlie Caligula

    She looks so much better in the pics than in the video.

  24. Parker

    I want to buttfuck that little midget and walk around with her stuck on the end of my weiner just to watch her little legs wiggling and to touch the ground. I’d even buttfuck her while she’s kissing Madeline Zima. Then she won’t have to stand on a milk crate to do it. Madeline would hold her steady, and kiss her while I stir Hayden’s little midget fudgepot, but she’d soon become jealously enraged and yank the midget off my weiner and toss her like all midgets get tossed then beg me to butfuck her instead. I would and I’d enjoy it but all the while I’d be wondering if it would be more fun to do some midget tossing.

  25. marc

    meh, madeline zima is fug.

  26. vintage Rough

    There’s nothing like the power of skin. I saw that particular episode, and frankly I thought they accidentally film her while making food delivery on the set…but she sure redeem herself with those pics…

  27. aime

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  28. Jenna

    I miss the Nanny.

  29. Willie Dixon

    Bummer Heroes had to resort to hype for viewers. The first season was amazing…I even like the second season a little. But now the show feels pretty empty.

  30. Danklin24

    Madeline Zima is NOT hot. WTF Fish. Your taste in women disgusts me sometimes.

  31. Albin Bainbridge

    Pretend lesbianism is boring, unsexy, and desperate.

    Unless they actually muff dive eachother I don’t see what the big deal is at all. Lame.

  32. Wait?? is this the new Heroes season?? and if yes, when did it start back up…?!

  33. jlylec

    holy shit

  34. clpierced

    #26 Parker-

    dude either your a true freak in bed or your truly fucked up. im hoping for the first. wanna tie me up and fuck me in the ass? your comment made me kinda horny :)

  35. ohmygodd. i saw her in californication and now this, and i haven’t been able to place where she was from. i can’t believe i couldn’t see it was Gracie.

  36. DebbieW

    Oh come on people. Who cares about two girls kissing!! If it was two guys, you’d all puke.

  37. Dolores

    Well, I guess I’ll stop watching Heroes, this is getting ridiculous.

  38. Darth

    I don’t look much up from two kissing girls.Maybe it’s elsewhere different?!

  39. She can kiss me and Il make her my hero!!

  40. Galtacticus

    This could be legal proof that Hayden Panettiere is a closet lesbian.

  41. Danklin24

    Yes because a girl kissing another girl automatically makes her a lesbian.

  42. merra

    hell no, not with that face.

  43. ha


    What does it make them, then?

  44. Danklin24

    It makes them “two girls kissing” You’re not a lesbian until you want to do the same things with a girl that you do with a guy and you want to be in a relationship with one.

    Christ if just kissing a chick made a girl a lesbian we’d had a hell of a lot more lesbians at college campuses.

  45. drew al

    These picks are so old. I am moving on too a different site now. I expect I will be missed by alI the friends I have made here. Thank you first and first who always came in second and third.

  46. Someone wise once said “If a man hasn’t kissed a man by age 30; he doesn’t want to. If a woman hasn’t kissed a woman by age 30; she’s wanted to.”

    Bottom line; I think all women are, to some extent, lesbians.

  47. Coren

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  48. mondo270

    i don’t know….. this chick has a face like wil wheaton.

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