Hayden Panettiere kissing Madeline Zima

Since exactly five people watch Heroes now, NBC made the wise decision to have Hayden Panettiere’s character become a lesbian and kiss hot chicks such as Californication’s Madeline Zima. Above is the promo still for Monday’s episode that’s making the rounds and, frankly, why wasn’t this the premise for the entire series from Day One? If I were a producer on this show my very first note would be “Instead of a bunch of intricate plots involving superpowers, why don’t we just make the chick in the cheerleader outfit make out with other chicks in every episode? Ali Larter can help, too.” Tell me that’s not a better plot than Heroes. Oh, wow, some guy’s a human bomb. Is he a lesbian kissing another lesbian? I win.

NOTE: Took the liberty of adding shots from Madeline’s FHM shoot because I’m full of good ideas today.