Hayden Panettiere & Kevin Connolly make elf love

September 25th, 2009 // 30 Comments

Jeremy Piven must be jealous as shit somewhere because Entourage’s Kevin Connolly reportedly showed up with Hayden Panettiere as his date for a post-Emmys party, according to Betty Confidential:

The 35-year-old Entourage star spent the evening with the 20-year-old Heroes starlet. Hayden certainly likes her men older. She dated Heroes co-star, Milo Ventigmilia, 32, for nearly two years and has recently been linked to business mogul (and Lindsay Lohan ex) Harry Morton, 28.
“Hayden spent her entire evening at the Entourage table talking to Kevin. They were there to hang out together and stayed for hours until well after midnight. Kevin only left Hayden’s side towards the end of the night when he wanted to chat with someone at another table.”
Meanwhile, Harry Morton, who has been out of town, was bragging to friends about dating Hayden. One pal says, “He still thought he was dating her last week and told friends all about her. Harry was bragging about getting her to do anything he wants.

And that, my friends, is the Catch-22 of bragging about midget anal. Once you tell somebody, POOF! It’s gone. Curse their tiny magic!

Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. boom


  2. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    When he meant anything it was probably using her as an ottoman rather than anal.

  3. Anon

    Nice!! As short as she is you can give her anal and gag her throat at the same time!

  4. Richard G.

    where is everyone!?!?! out to lunch!?!?!

  5. blame it on ROUGH DADDY

    Midget or not she just played a loser with a silver spoon in his mouth…

  6. Damn…she’s like a little sex toy…

  7. krys

    He’s one of the most annoying people I have ever heard speak.

  8. Taz

    way to go E

  9. mer

    Why always with the clown lipstick?

  10. stefsam

    She is trying to get her one of the stars of that show cause she is always hanging around them. Jeremy publicly said they were nothing more than friends on his twitter now she is going after Kevin.

  11. stefsam

    She is trying to get her one of the stars of that show cause she is always hanging around them. Jeremy publicly said they were nothing more than friends on his twitter and I bet she didn’t like that so now she is going after Kevin.

  12. Mama Pinkus

    that gal needs bangs; her head looks like a fucking globe

  13. capt. douchebag

    She looks 40 in that dress.

  14. Sport

    How does a 20 year old get into an ‘after party?’

    Porn in less than 6 years. Yoda told me it’s her destiny.

  15. missywissy

    She needs to start practicing her Hillary Clinton voice, because DAMN! she looks just like her in these photos! She would be great at playing her in the next made-for-tv movie about her.

  16. Claudia

    well I guess they work together. she’s a midget and so is he. I’ve seen him in person…no taller than 5’5′

  17. See Alice

    I wonder what Tattoo would have thought ?

  18. Yeah, she’s one of those short girls without the fine proportions. She’s a stubby short girl. Poor thing, thinks she’s special. In her family, perhaps she is but not next to the rest of us.

  19. GTK

    Globe head: check
    Clown face: check
    Short & insecure: check
    No fashion sense: check
    Smoker: check
    Had half of Hollywood’s dicks rammed inside her: check

    Well, goddamn, sounds like a real catch! Where do I sign up?!?!?!?!?!?!

  20. Capitalist

    So being a mogul now means having a really rich parent give you the money to do whatever you want? Business mogul my ass.

  21. puhleez

    This girl is boring. And the guys she dates are attention seeking pencil dicks.

  22. Rhialto

    I could see on her that there was something going on.

  23. Darth

    Are these the bachelor party pics?!

  24. bewbiegirl

    Such a cuttie. Her photos were seen on persoanal’s site **Seek rich beauty. c o m ****last week(filled by Milllionaire&Celebrities). It is said he is a legally certified Millionaire, and Celeb there looking for young woman

  25. Patrick Bateman

    So she likes sexually experienced guys with small dicks….. move on.

  26. Well, she just likes to get around. Nuttin wrong with that, another notch on the bedpost. – bookshopdating.com

  27. mafme

    I’d link her business to my mogul… or something.

  28. She is looking really so cute in this pics..

  29. I bit into this man’s charisma.

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