Hayden Panettiere & Kevin Connolly make elf love

Jeremy Piven must be jealous as shit somewhere because Entourage’s Kevin Connolly reportedly showed up with Hayden Panettiere as his date for a post-Emmys party, according to Betty Confidential:

The 35-year-old Entourage star spent the evening with the 20-year-old Heroes starlet. Hayden certainly likes her men older. She dated Heroes co-star, Milo Ventigmilia, 32, for nearly two years and has recently been linked to business mogul (and Lindsay Lohan ex) Harry Morton, 28.
“Hayden spent her entire evening at the Entourage table talking to Kevin. They were there to hang out together and stayed for hours until well after midnight. Kevin only left Hayden’s side towards the end of the night when he wanted to chat with someone at another table.”
Meanwhile, Harry Morton, who has been out of town, was bragging to friends about dating Hayden. One pal says, “He still thought he was dating her last week and told friends all about her. Harry was bragging about getting her to do anything he wants.

And that, my friends, is the Catch-22 of bragging about midget anal. Once you tell somebody, POOF! It’s gone. Curse their tiny magic!

Photos: Getty, Splash News