Hayden Panettiere is so mature. You don’t even know.

March 8th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Hayden Panettiere’s squeaky clean image took a hit yesterday when the paparazzi caught her smoking in Hawaii. I don’t know about you, but I can definitely tell she’s a grown up now. No, really, just looking at these pics, I’d swear this was an older, more mature woman. How else do you explain the cigarette? Those are for big people.


  1. advice

    Ever saw a one sorta like this one on ___ Affluentmeet Com ____ It’s where romancing with the rich singles!

  2. eawhtyjeu


  3. Wha

    Need to get some pictures up of Jessica Biel as Jessica Rabbit

  4. mother effer

    Damn, she’s got some fine hips and legs and ass! She needs to let me clean out between her asscheeks with my tongue. Now that’s mature!

  5. g_girl

    It’s a fucking MIDGET, people.

  6. SOS

    Smoking is so tacky.

  7. SOS

    Smoking is so tacky.

  8. Barak Yomama

    They say that smoking can stunt your growth. Oops, too late.

  9. She was photographed smoking while out with Paris Hilton one time if I recall correctly, and that was before she turned 18.

  10. Parker

    And to think I was considering boinking this little midget’s butt. Who taught her how to smoke? That should be against the law. Her little midget lungs will shrivel up faster than my weiner does when a chick says she’s “not into anal.” Like, what’s to get into? You pull your panties down and grab your ankles. No big deal.

  11. Anexio

    Hey Fishstick,

    Looks like your little spinner toy has reached her expiration date.

    Fat ass, flapjack titties and those hangover shades don’t help.

    Bart Simpson’s Aunts are hotter. (Patty and Selma Bouvier)

  12. godsmack38

    is she smoking? she just got really ugly.

  13. Anexio2

    That coffee cup in pic 8 looks like a sandbox pail.

    How friggin’ tiny is this bitch?

    I think my cock might be bigger than her arm.

    Before you cry bullshit, I urge you to consider who I am. Tommy Lee took cock sizing lessons from me as well as Milton Berle and Elton John, (the only thing big about Elton was my disappointment. He never measured up to his potential. Sniff)

  14. Kodos

    It’s the red toenail polish that makes her trashy for me.

    mmm, good.

  15. vanessa

    ew. i can’t tell what’s worse, the disgusting cig or those jeans.

  16. Mama Pinkus

    that big-headed troll’s 15 minutes will be up the minute her stupid show gets canceled

  17. Caught like Obama smoking. It’s her funeral.

  18. Lowlands

    Holy crap! I’m surprised!? Good girl Hayden Panettiere?! *Gasp* Little girls getting big too ofcourse.

  19. Lowlands

    Luckily i made a few serious attempt to stop smoking.True story.

  20. aint that the truth

    wtf is wrong with her toes … i get passed the cigarette but those toe nails are GROSS … ewww

  21. Gando

    Ohmmm,sandals and a candle in her hand.I’m a sucker for that!

  22. Sauron

    I just quit smoking.The only thing i don’t like smoke coming from,are my ears and other body holes.Anything for my wifey!

  23. bill cliton

    She would be better off smoking my c*ck.

  24. feckless

    Lowlands, I can’t click you. I need my computer for school.

  25. alice


  26. humpinfrog

    What’s up with the constantly pulled back hair. Hell, Burma Shave could advertise on that forehead. By the way, her head would look less like a Macy parade float if she wore heels or stilts once and a while. Just sayin’.

  27. Anexio3

    I think she represents the Lollypop Guild so lay off her.

  28. aw

    how cute, little troll.

  29. Delgo

    Hayden is such a

  30. Anexio6

    #26, humpinfrog…

    I think my great great great grandfather talked about Burmashave and those stupid fucking signs they put up on the blue highways.

    You are of course an old fuck and I am nothing more than a young nubile teen something. I spit in your direction and laugh at your white pubic hair.

    Me? Well, I’m strong, fit, get laid once a day and smell like puppies and the beach.

    (I love the Internet. You can be anyone you want and nobody knows the difference.)

  31. Holly

    This is like the female version of the unnotable Everyman: short and pear-shaped with no tits, bleach-blonde-tipped shoulder-length brownish mousy hair, barely-average face… Isn’t this 90% of female nobodies in America?

    Who the fuck cares about the cigarette? That’s the LEAST of her worries.


  33. Kimberly

    OMG, like gag me…like…

  34. farty mcshitface

    good god, all you uptight non smokers really need to chug a big ol’ can of shut the fuck up! big deal she smokes. get over yourselves.

  35. iwatchstuff2

    You forgot to mention she also got “leid”

    I guess she is grown up after all

  36. Dead Fish

    she’s the white female version of Emmanuelle Lewis, so she has to do whatever she can to appear grown up.

  37. unknownone

    I know it does all sorts of shit to your lungs, skin, etc. but does smoking help you lose brain cells at all? pretty sure pannettiere has no more left to lose

  38. KG

    As soon as Heroes is cancelled (probably this year), she’ll enter the “whatever happened to” books. In a year or two, you’ll see pics of her and think “ew…I used to think she was hot?!?”

  39. Frank N. Stein

    She’s alright. Never knew what the big deal about her was.

  40. Ill bet her pussy tastes like heaven.


  41. Vince Lombardi

    C’mon folks. All dwarves smoke. Remember Gimli in “Lord of the Rings?” Did anyone question when Gimli smoked? Now, why she doesn’t have a pipe…. or a beard…. or a hand-and-a-half axe…. or chainmail, well. Those are questions for another post, I suppose.

  42. Buzz

    I thought she was a ‘ Vegan”

    Doesnt she know tobacco companys use insecticides which KILL insects?
    Like tobaccco mites and slugs!

    Hayden Panetiere is an Insect Murderer!

  43. Doc

    A lot of chunky chicks think smoking will help them lose weight like the models. Just put the food down and go work out and stop smoking.

  44. Tim Roth

    She looks like a midget version of Mr Orange in the main pic.

  45. partypants

    Give me a break. Everyone in LA and NYC smokes. They say they don’t but they do. You don’t stay that thin just from working out, you know. Smoking supresses the appetite, etc. That’s why they all do it, yes, all of them, yes them too, ALL OF THEM.

  46. Buzz

    I thought she was a ‘ Vegan”

    Doesnt she know tobacco companys use insecticides which KILL insects?
    Like tobaccco mites and slugs!

    Hayden Panetiere is an Insect Murderer!

  47. SMoking might stunt her growth….

    wait…never mind.

  48. Trust Me

    Those unflattering Ray-Bans are like a stamp on celebrity skulls saying “HEY LOOK HERE, I DO DRUGS.” Trust me.

  49. She is a bit of a midget, but she does look good in a cheerleader outfit!

  50. Clay

    She’s got big panties on. Must be that time of the month.

    Lately, though, she hasn’t been looking as good to me, even on Heroes. I guess they need to put her in the cheerleader uni a few more times.

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