Hayden Panettiere is single or a horrible cheater

February 6th, 2009 // 86 Comments

Apparently no longer with her Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia, Hayden Panettiere was spotted making out with singer Jesse McCartney at Crown Bar Wednesday night, according to Radar Online:

The Heroes star was sitting on Jesse’s lap while he kissed her neck. Then she got up and did some crazy sexy dance in his lap.
It must be over between Hayden and her long-time squeeze Milo Ventimigla, 31, because after her inside PDA with Jesse, 21, they went outside to smoke and he wrapped his arms around her from behind and was kissing her neck again.
In the middle of this, a girl approached Hayden to ask for her autograph on the back of a store receipt. Hayden was nice enough to oblige.

Wow, single and kind of slutty. – - Nope, still not watching Heroes again. That said, I have been known to be swayed by lap dances: nature’s bargaining chip.

Legal Notice: Agreement to watch one episode of Heroes constitutes gratuity. No substitutions. Due to strictly held religious beliefs by The Superficial Writer, pasties prohibited. BYOB.

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  1. Nathiest

    I WAS TOLD BY A VERY CLOSE FRIEND OF HER WHO WAS THERE THAT NIGHT THAT SHE WAS IN FULL VIEW OF THE PUBLIC GOING DOWN ON HIM!!! I mean come on idiots unless there are pictures then there are no facts to these words. PICTURE not WORDS!

  2. Milo to JMac? Major downgrade.

  3. hm

    why do these teenage singers/stars turn out so ugly?

  4. Alberto Lupe Montoya

    #10, So when you leave, the redman will finally have peace, no?

  5. #54 – Massa left… he’s the “fry guy” today and his Black boss keeps yelling at him for being late.

  6. Richport like's em male and tall

    Seriously why do you assholes live here when there are so many wonderful countries overrun by minorities. Why not move to France? I hear they are having a nice time of it these days. And don’t worry my littel brown loving buddy, when you are old and see more of them than there are us and they begin to treat you like we treated old Indians – relicts and useless and conquered you will look back and realized you made another mistake. Not as bad as the one you had last week in the bathhouse sucking that guy’s dick with HIV you fag.

    Cheers and a wonderful weekend assholes.

  7. Still White on the Outside

    Massa’ may have a very strong point. After the election I have seemed to notice an alarming trend in many african americans. They usually have a sense of entitlement but it is being enhanced by a sense of “I own this muthafucka”

    This election has only furthered this ghetto mentality. Pay attention, open your eyes, and forget the brainwashing you received in school.

    I am asking you to another look at this objectively, then make your mind up. Many of you are part of this system. To many of you it is impossible to think this way. Many of you are brain dead. Please pay attention.

  8. squirter

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm I love black men!

  9. #56 – When all else fails, they always turn their fantasies to their conservative heroes… Larry Craig… Mark Foley… Ted Haggard… their dads…

  10. Massa'

    Most white people hate coons. It’s only natural. To see every major urban setting completely overrun and destroyed by the apes is reason enough, but then throw in their only contributions to society: rap music, gang rapes, crack rock cocaine, drive-by shootings, and the fashion sense of 3-year old retards, and you see they make it quite easy to despise them, especially since the white man has to pay for their gold teeth, housing, food, etc….

    The problem is, nobody wants to admit it. It’s sad to ask farm animals to behave like humans, to put that kind of pressure on an animal really isn’t fair. They need to be kept in a controlled environment. But first their population has got to be thinned out. They shoud make every even numbered day “kill a porch monkey” day, until their herd is manageable, and then we can keep them in zoo’s, and in military testing and research facilities where they can be ultimately useful.

  11. Massa'

    Besides, it’s awful to see all those cute chimpanzee’s put through all those drug and biological warfare tests when we have an overwhelming surplus of negros we could be using instead.

  12. Still White on the Outside

    Well, examine the entire continent of Africa. 1 in 3 have HIV yet the africans still can’t abstain. They cannot stop squabbling over minor territorial disputes to work together towards a common goal, that being peace and prosperity. Despite having more natural resources than most places they cannot produce anything worthwhile. They press children into their petty wars and don’t think twice when they are slaughtered. Even Oprah cannot keep rapists out of her school for girls.

    The fact that they have never really evolved past a tribal society speaks volumes about the flaws in their genetics and or culture. The ancestors of the slaves, if not for american slavery would still be in Africa living in the tribal culture.

    Left to their own devices, African Americans revert back to their tribal mentality. One only has to examine the bloods and the crips for evidence of this. They both live in the same run down slums that their parents helped perpetuate. I ask you, why should they even care who’s from “westside” or not?

    Please pay attention. Not all are bad, of course there are exceptions to the rule but try not to always believe what the media spoon feeds you.

  13. $10 says Massa is Clarence Thomas’s son…

  14. HankTheDwarf

    She’s got terrible, flat, pancake tits. And they’re only going to get worse as she ages.

    NOT HOT.

  15. mmmmm

    I don’t blame her. I’d let him eat me out…thrice.

  16. agentgirl007

    Jesse McCartney? ughh….I just puked in my mouth a little

  17. She’s no sluttier than any college student under 21. She can’t drink legally so there is nothing to do except hook up. Milo must have had the best time of his life when he was with her. Ihope it doesn’t effect the storyline or that one of them might be killed off. I’m predicting that it is Ally larter who will be killed.


  18. 11pound

    I guess he got over his midget sex fetish

  19. Mike Hawk

    My Celebrity Clock says her time is at 14.36 minutes.

  20. Ike

    Most girls, not all, don’t realize what they want till their middle 20s to early 30s now-a-days. So an 18 year old who still hasn’t even explored relationships and the fact that she is making out with another guy doesn’t really make her a slut, at least I don’t think so. It just makes her 18. Shes young and is probably still trying to find herself and as of today women seem to be settling down later and later in life. Let her have her fun and it doesn’t necessarily mean she is a slut, just that she still hasn’t figure out all that she wants out of life.

  21. AmandaTheRawBitch

    Wow they would have some nice looking children haha

  22. She’s an american so choose th “CHEATER”, folks!!

  23. Lima

    She would trade in Milo Ventimiglia for THAT?

  24. TheMadCow

    Cute, but still a dumb bitch for smoking. Wait until she’s 30 and she looks like saran wrap stretched over a coffee can.

    Why are young people so fucking stupid?

  25. Gbunny

    Dumbass seriously JM is such a little pussy and boo to her for smoking.she’ll go off and save the dolphins but she’ll help out with the rise of lung cancer..niiiice

  26. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Trillion at a time

    She can cheat on me! Hell Yeah! That would mean I at least got to fuck her!

  27. josh

    I think we’re all missing the punchline here:
    JESSE MCARTNEY hashhahahahahahahahahjajajajaja

  28. Dirk Diggler

    Why do all these gays steal women for men who actually want them?

  29. Joe Simpson

    Anyone who thinks this girl is some kind of hottie is a freakin’ retard.

  30. sin

    #10. That might have worked 30 years ago, but its too late. You forgot to add in the Jews that control the money. Any other group we forgot to insult?
    We need to keep a few Mexicans in the South. Those Redneck inbreds down there can’t build shit.
    From another post. We can not move tro France. France is becoming one big Muslim haven. The French, in their own cowardly way, are just whining about it but doing nothing to stop it. France will soon be controled by the Muslims and be put on the Terrorist list of Countries. Weak ass French fags. In 10-15 years we will have to bail their sorry aases out AGAIN. Lets use nukes. The French are useless in the world anyway.
    Finally, as to Hayden. She is legal so lets all pull a train on her. We will just tell her this is the only way to save the whales.

  31. sin

    Damn, just expanded the view of the main picture. Her little left tit is a little bigger than her little right tit.

  32. What a skank. What is up with little teeny bopper celebrities dating older guys? I mean, she hasn’t been 18 for too long, what was she doing dating Milo?

    But even grosser is what the hell was Milo doing dating an underage gnome? He’s got some weird fetishes…

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  34. stop picking on Jesse.just because He’s Ugly it doesn’t mean that you have to say something Mean.:(nobody should ever be called Ugly ever again.because beauty comes within them.:)when I was in kinder garden.I always got picked on Because of Course I was Ugly.so just please stop with the fighting and be Nice too Celebrities.just Because there Famous Doesn’t mean that you have to be mean that way.:(so just please like Celebrities for who they are.because every Celebrity in this World is like a Regular person they just live in a Different Town and City and. Of Course place too.so you know what I Love everybody and you know what even I don’t care that I ‘am not a Celebrity.so instead we can just make our own video on you tube.Peace:)

    PS.:)Jesse can date whoever he wants to date.so just leave them alone.and just be Happy that Jesse Is Back.k:)and I am a Christan and I am also 17 turning 18 this year in Nov.,8./09:)Love ya’ll:).Peace out. but I am Honestly not saying this Rudely.if I am then I am terribly Sorry:)

  35. I think I have a beaner because I eat beans. So if eating beans is wrong I do not want to be fair. One, I never understood Wet Back.

  36. mbt

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