Hayden Panettiere is single or a horrible cheater

February 6th, 2009 // 86 Comments

Apparently no longer with her Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia, Hayden Panettiere was spotted making out with singer Jesse McCartney at Crown Bar Wednesday night, according to Radar Online:

The Heroes star was sitting on Jesse’s lap while he kissed her neck. Then she got up and did some crazy sexy dance in his lap.
It must be over between Hayden and her long-time squeeze Milo Ventimigla, 31, because after her inside PDA with Jesse, 21, they went outside to smoke and he wrapped his arms around her from behind and was kissing her neck again.
In the middle of this, a girl approached Hayden to ask for her autograph on the back of a store receipt. Hayden was nice enough to oblige.

Wow, single and kind of slutty. – - Nope, still not watching Heroes again. That said, I have been known to be swayed by lap dances: nature’s bargaining chip.

Legal Notice: Agreement to watch one episode of Heroes constitutes gratuity. No substitutions. Due to strictly held religious beliefs by The Superficial Writer, pasties prohibited. BYOB.

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  1. Rich

    FIRST bitches!!!!!!!!

  2. February Jones

    Ew! Look at her mom’s pancake boobs back there… *shudder

  3. Bickus Dickus

    She’s a wretched little troll with funny looking non-titties and a stench cunt. I hope she gets run over by a steam roller after being simultaneously doused in gasoline, lit on fire, and dragged behind an El Camino. And then somehow eaten by a whale.

  4. Above-FirstDouschebagToSayFirst

    Hooray #1. Now accept your nobel prize for world’s shallowest dumbass.

    She looks stout, her body looks awkward especially with the mini breasts. Although of course those will be inflated to moon-sized balloons in a few months time.

  5. A. Fonzerelli

    Heroes jumped the shark long ago.

  6. lynn

    Love rules!!
    Making out with a hot cougar would be fantastic!! that’s what all my friends from ^^^^__ AgelessMate.Com__^^^^ told me again and again!! guess it’s time to check the chemistry out!!LOL

  7. KF

    I agree that she is a troll and her non-boobies are very odd looking.. I’ve been noticing this for awhile. They are awkwardly far apart from eachother, almost like a 40something year old’s tatas.

  8. KF

    I agree that she is a troll and her non-boobies are very odd looking.. I’ve been noticing this for awhile. They are awkwardly far apart from eachother, almost like a 40something year old’s tatas.

  9. lizzy

    ah i love her, she’s so adorable. but jesse mccartney?? she can do so much better, he is gross, and LAME!

    and she is not a troll! she has an athletic build, and she’s kind of flat — big deal.

  10. Massa'

    A stimulus plan that would work instantly:

    Ship all the porch monkeys back to Africa. Ship all the Beaners back to Mexico, no matter what “Latino” country they came from. Ship all the Muslims back to the desert. Ship all the Hollywood elitist celebutards to an island in the middle of nowhere and nuke it. As for evacuating all the minority leaches, just strap airborne parachuts on them and shove them out of C-130′s over their respective destinations.

    It may cost a couple $100 billion, but it would be far less than the current stimulus plan, and the economic recovery would begin instantly. Instead of white people having to work to take care of all the useless minorities in this country, we could, once again, work to better our own lives without millions of unproductive leaches dragging the whole system down.

    Let’s face it, the only time negro’s have ever been organized or productive is when they were slaves. And with all the minorities gone, the US gov’t could get rid of about 90% of it’s current budget and useless gov’t programs that have never worked once anyway.

    Sure, the NFL would have white running backs, receivers, and defensive secondary, but the raping of white women would also dramatically decrease. The NBA could be folded, since no white people watch that sport anyway. And MLB could go back to the glory days when it really was America’s game, instead of South America’s Game.

    Right on.

  11. #10 you forgot to take your meds again..

  12. Chris

    I know a guy who fucked her. He said she had a really stinky pussy, like it had never been cleaned or trimmed. And she was a complete dead fuck. She left her shirt on, probably to cover those ridiculous flapjack wannabe titties.

  13. jrz

    well, at least this little person isn’ t old enough to be her perverted uncle.

  14. Allen's Woody

    She’s a fucking dwarf and I’ll bet she get’s mistaken for a 15 year old quite a bit.

  15. Ru

    From Milo Ventimiglia to Jesse McCartney? How is that even possible? Milo is absolutely gorgeous and jesse is just eww.

  16. Sheva

    Gnome whore.

    And that’s not meant to further denigrate Randall #10 who is back on his usual twisted ranting.

    If you don’t support the Porkulus Obamanation plan, you a racist. LOL

  17. WhereAreThePictures?

    I’ll bet the Fish 10 lap dances with women I’ve never met that this articleis made up. Where are the pictures? People will take pictures of Phelps sucking on a bong but no one gets a pic of Hayden sitting on a dudes lap trying to pick up his dick with her butt crack?

  18. I’d pound that ass… but I wouldn’t feel good about it… not. at. all.


  19. Saw this slut out on the dirty streets of HollywoodNOT and she’s looks like a thick midget. She looked smelly too.


  20. Ali Knievel

    @#10…How many times do I have to tell you. All the racist message board trolling in the world isn’t going to help you with your sad, inverted, 1/2 inch penis. And even though your mom tells you everyday that one day you’ll meet a nice girl that understands you for you the truth is you probably won’t. Crying in your beer and eating 50 three mile island wings every payday isn’t the answer. The Hooters girls are just being nice to you because they want your tips. They don’t really care about your Battlestar Gallactica blog or your World of Warcraft scores.

    But seriously, who are the dumb-asses running the white power movement nowadays? Instead of the psycho skinheads, racist computer hackers and intelligent undercover racists of old the best they can do is a thousand splinter groups of unorganized inbred meth addicts and mouth breathers who try to ‘stir up shit’ on celebrity gossip sites?


  21. lool

    Her face is young, fresh scrubbed and pretty.

    But her body is way too short; she is stocky; and her curves are all wrong. Nothing appealing about her from the chin down.

    Her face will turn bad as she ages, too – her cheek fat is cute now, but will sag..

  22. I think it’s funny the way #10 calls hispanics “beaners”. Seriously, I laugh everytime I reread it. I perosnally love beans… they’re delicious.

  23. dude

    Nice floppy pancake tits.

  24. whoa nelly

    Hey Dumbass All Knievel #20,

    Ignore him and he’ll go away. You’re as bad as he is.

  25. Massa's Slave

    You gay guys are upset because what the man says is absolutely correct. No terminological obfuscation, just plain truth although perhaps vulgar. Nonetheless if this nation was all Christian whites we would be and would remain not only a superpower but all of us would be leading decent lives because our economy would not be manipulated by a group of non-christian non-whites.
    End of story.
    Now counter that with facts, mocha persons.

  26. Vince Lombardi

    I’m sorry… who is this again?

  27. #25 – You’re 100% right, because neither the Christians nor the whites have ever been responsible for anything of significant detriment. Do you write children’s stories as well?

  28. jrz

    My man Rich!
    How’s it going my brother?

    I think I’m a beaner because I eat beans. So if eating beans is wrong I don’t wanna be right. I never understood Wet Back.

    Did you see the 30 Rock when Alec Baldwin says that Salma Hayek told him he could call her Puerto Rican and he was like, That just seems wrong.

  29. Massa's Slave

    Richport, you little shit, non sequitur. We have and invasion of ugly mexicans, angry blacks that hate us and a race of people manipualting our economy and none of them have any respect for this nation other than to serve their own needs. Much like you. Assfuck.

  30. RichPort's Enema Water

    If it weren’t for White Christians there wouldn’t be a United States where pussy treehugging twerps like you can bitch about how awful White Christians are.
    When our forefathers, (none of whom owned slaves, that’s just leftist propoganda, it’s never been proven) started this country, it was so hard working white Christians could create a better life, free from gov’t tyranny and control, where every man was responsible for himself.

    Not a place where countless millions of minority “victims” could mooch off the White Christians who actually still work and care about the USA. Fucking pussy ass liberals, if all the liberals were dead, this would still be the greatest country God ever blessed upon man.

  31. Massa'

    I heard a great joke this morning….

    Q: What did Jesus say to all the porch monkey’s and beaners before he left?

    A: Don’t do a fucking thing until I return!

  32. kels

    #10, what about the asians? you missed them.

  33. Pale Face

    Not to take anything away from the native Americans, but white Christians fought for and built this country. Blacks worked in the fields. White Christians fought and won two world wars believing they were fighting to end tyranny and to bring justice. Well we have always had traitors and financial manipulators in the world and there have always been those financing wars for profit. And they financed both sides of many wars. And made lots of money doing it.

    If only the white race would wake up and reunite we could not only take back what is ours, but build a better world.

    Those of you who stand against us should just go somewhere else and practive your voodoo there.

  34. #29 – So to be clear, your publisher has no issue with your Tourette’s like outbursts during you children’s book signings?

    Massa’s Slave: Hey l’il niglette! I’m surprised your mommy can afford my new book “Mommy, why Can’t I Play With Those Dark Kids?” Is she a prostitute or is she using her welfare money?

    Black Child: Mister, my mom is a successful business woman. Can you please sign the book so I can get extra credit for my AP class on racism in America?

    Massa’s Slave: Go fuck yourself, monkey boy.

    I’m sure Jesus is really proud of you and your extermination aspirations. Really, it’s how he would do it if he had been loopy, paranoid, and subhuman too.

    Jrz, that was freaking hilarious on 30 Rock. And I swear, the racists used to be WAAAAAY funnier here.

  35. This cow & Jessican Alba (yes even pre-baby) have the roundest goddamn faces I’ve ever seen…. mooo moooo mmooooooo

  36. Massa's Slave

    hey Bitchport, I like how you make the white person in your sick fantasy dumbed down and the black person more intelligent. You don’t play fair do you? That’s the only way traitors like you realize yourselves. You are too dim-witted and intellectually nonchalant to field anything realistic.
    This nation was built on OUR virtues. Not those of pinkos like you, dirty liberal.

    You liberals think it’s ok to molest kids. be queer, fuck away our racial heritage, allow invaders to take what is ours away from us. I guess the fact that we are deteriorating as a nation is just what you scum have been waiting for. This country will not be recognisable in 30 years. And it will a shell of what it once was and could have been.

    Now go back to your gay website and put back on your grannie’s panties.

  37. Jrz

    Yeah, the racism was a lot more……..cerebral… back in the day. Now it’s just going for the easy laugh.

  38. Really? Bitchport? That’s like SOOOO 2006 you unoriginal twit. Face it: you hate America, you hate Jesus, and you probably even hate your pants. You’re a rabble rousing miserable fuck who’s funniest moment was typing “beaners”… (heh heh heh… that still makes me laugh…) And what the fuck do you mean “our” virtues? What? Are you like 250 fucking years old? Like I said, you’re an unoriginal fuck. But I’m glad you liked my depiction… I was generous to you… I didn’t describe you as being partially toothless.

  39. RichPort's Daddy

    God it must have been great in the pre-civil war days. Fucking yankee liberals had to go and fuck everything up by “freeing” the farm animals. Now they are allowed to roam the streets and attack whitey at will. We wouldn’t let Lions and Tigers from the zoo roam the streets, so why do we let the apes? Just because they have some similar physical characteristics as humans doesn’t make them humans.

  40. kat

    ‘Crazy sexy’? sure it was. what the hell is ‘crazy sexy’ supposed to mean? the only adjectives these retards can think up?

  41. p0nk

    “…I like how you make the white person in your sick fantasy dumbed down”

    actually, asshat, it’s you that is dumbing down the white person. Ignorant trolls like yourself make me embarrassed to be white.

  42. diddleysquat

    she has become more and more annoying now that Heroes sucks. I just can’t watch that show anymore.

  43. kellie

    She’s ugly….and so flat chested I could iron my boyfriends slacks on it. (And not feel bad about burning the crap out of the chest because she’s just that damn ugly. )

  44. #39 – I hear ya. Sometimes they even win Superbowl MVPs, run major investment banks, sell multiplatinum albums, or even (gasp) become the 44th president of the US. Fuckin’ Yankees indeed…

  45. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    Wow, this website really needs to censor these horrifying racist remarks. Seriously, I’m horrified. What the fuck?

  46. Brandon

    Jesse who? Really?

  47. jrz

    don’t be horrified….it’s all the work of one lonely pink-penised loner.

  48. Massa'

    44. RichPort’s Ghost – February 6, 2009 1:12 PM

    #39 – I hear ya. Sometimes they even win Superbowl MVPs, run major investment banks, sell multiplatinum albums, or even (gasp) become the 44th president of the US. Fuckin’ Yankees indeed…

    1) Secretariat won the triple crown, but we didn’t let it roam the streets afterwards, and the government didn’t pay for it’s food and housing, it’s owners did.

    2) The only porch monkey’s in any corporation are just token employees due to government regulation and racial blackmail, they don’t actually produce anything, they just sit in their office eating bananas.

    3) Blacks buying the music of other blacks hardly makes the “music” credible. Alot of birds sing pretty music too, but we don’t give birds voting rights and risky mortgages.

    4) Again, allowing apes to vote is the only reason another ape wandered into the white house. A mistake that will never happen again.

  49. Alec Baldwin

    I guess he won’t be saving the cheerleader anymore.

  50. Sheva

    Why is Randall talking to himself with all this racist stuff? He wants to draw others into it but is mostly talking to himself, all three of his Sybil ass selves.

    Must be big trouble with the Obamanation’s Porkulus, because Randall is going totally mental now.

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