Hayden Panettiere is dating Captain Sissypants

September 24th, 2007 // 68 Comments

Hayden Panettiere is dating her Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia, according to Ok! Magazine:

For weeks now, handsome Heroes co-stars Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia (now known collectively as “HayLo”), have been sparking rumors of a relationship, with reports of her split from long-time beau Stephen Colletti and the pair’s closeness at various events. One friend of Milo has revealed to OK! that “they’re definitely dating.”

I heard that Milo Ventimiglia is unable to satisfy a woman in bed and randomly kicks puppies. It’s true. I’ve got documents to back it up. Some might say these “documents” are tear-stained napkins with the words “Hayden is mine” written in red crayon. I say, how the hell did you get in my safe-deposit box? I mean, you’re a liar. Seriously, these are official documents and not a handful of napkins from Arby’s.

UPDATE: Milo Ventimiglia has syphilis and shot a nun. I love you, Hayden!


  1. jrzmommy


  2. I must be old cuz I really have no idea who this chick is, other than seeing her on this site

    Hot babes and Retro video games

  3. Rod Tidwell

    Hayden Panettiere is about as sexy as a soccer mom of 3 and she’s only 18. She’ll probably act like my grandma by 28. Pass.

  4. She’s the next Hollywood underager-turn-of-age-slut-turn-coke-whore-turn-rehab-frequenter

  5. Ted from LA

    Didn’t she used to coach the Iowa Hawkeyes in football?

  6. Ascil

    Frist!! Damn you #1…BAHH!H!HAHAHAHAHAHHA

  7. kathy

    why is she even important? she will be in a drug-induced coma in about 3 years, mark my words. until then….let’s move on to more important things.

  8. I am just waiting for her to do Playboy

  9. Ted, that won’t work – there are only gays on this blog.

  10. p0nk

    Is this the little girl that just came out of Selma Hayek?

  11. jrzmommy


  12. rebecca


  13. Mandy

    It’s ironic, because Jamie Lynn Spears used to be “mini Britney” but now clearly Hayden is – look at those thunder thighs! I guess in the offseason she decided to eat heroically.

  14. aeuwave

    Seriously, who? This girl is not even hot… honestly. She’ll be the next Lohan, though; I can FEEL IT!

    Bring on more Britney.

  15. @9 troll, we all know your brother only pretended to be gay so he would not have to have sex with you.

    And where is your brother??? Oh Yeah SFU!!!

  16. FishDude

    Don’t worry fish dude. Hayden is saving her virginity for her husband. That means Milo only gets blow jobs and the occasion ride in the poop chute. And you thought this was serious.

  17. joeypants

    She’s VERY average…

  18. Martina

    mmmmmm milo ventimiglia….. YUM!!!!

  19. miggs

    She’s so small, the occasional ride in the poop chute ends up being a blow job.

  20. Doomhammer

    Lord how Id fuck that until my hips popped out of socket…..such sweet little meat

  21. @4-ryan: you are right!

  22. Milo sounds like a dogs name. She can do better.

  23. nik

    this story is breaking the week that the new season premieres. how interesting.

  24. llllllllll

    This chick has enough room on that forhead to start a storage business

  25. tommy spooger

    Ive got something to cover that forehead with, and it aint butterfly kisses

  26. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    Milo Ventimiglia sounds like a skin condition

  27. ssdd

    Damn! ~ What a HUuuuuge head for that size body.

  28. 3. Rod Tidwell – September 24, 2007 1:01 PM

    Hayden Panettiere is about as sexy as a soccer mom of 3 and she’s only 18. She’ll probably act like my grandma by 28. Pass.

    Actually, soccer moms of three are pretty damn hot these days. Of course you probably live in one of those ugly chick parts of the country like Central Florida. One visit to a soccer field in Arizona or California will have you packing your bags.

  29. IWONKY

    Seems to me she points more toward Jessica Simpson than Brit. Say what you will about her looks, she’s too young for me-but I think she and Jess are both smarter than Brit

  30. lambman

    I hope I’m not the only one 100% skeeved out by this. He’s 30, and she turned 18 like a week ago…also he plays her uncle on TV, its very creepy.

    It was also widely reported the Milo was frequently verbally and emotionally abusive to Alexis Bledel (daughter on Gilmore Girls) over the 2 years they dated. Now he’s dating an 18-year-old? guys like that have issues

  31. mmmmm...... Roomba....

    mmmmm…… Roomba….

  32. suk

    You ever post something apart from stuff about her? I bet you have that odd surname in your clipboard all the time.
    Shes not even that hot…

  33. whatever

    Wait…WHAT?!? If she’s dating Milo Ventimiglia, then what was she doing sucking my cock last night???

  34. sunsan

    hey jrzmommy at #1, thanks for telling us what grade you’re in.

  35. TS

    #1, you have been around a while. Suffice it to say that we have come to expect more out of you than “FIRST!” Act like you’ve been there before. Come on now.

  36. TS

    And white Raybans? Those went out in ’87 and are not back in. Sweet shades. Holy Christ.

  37. bob

    hey 34, um, yeah that is almost as annoying as people saying “first” because it’s soon to be as unoriginal.

  38. whitegold

    #30 – I didn’t realize he was so old. And yeah, 100% agree with you. Creepy…and sounds like he has some issues. Now how am I gonna be able to watch the season premier tonight and not feel all weird about them.

  39. Tyallie

    Dude, seriously? Milo is like twelve years older than Hayden! That’s ridiculous, he should be dating me instead. I’m only ten years younger.

    Stupid Hayden.

  40. HelloHayden

    #33. Hayden learned from her father that the 1st thing u do to when meeting a guy is make his zipper monster calm down. She is very good with wood. About the only man with whom hayden has not had to battle the zipper monster is Tom Cruise. Tom told her it was because he loved his Katie but then Milo walked in and Tom’s zipper monster got ready to attack. Milo asked Hayden why this was happening if she was good with wood and then he remembered it’s that Tom Cruise guy. Milo quickly left the room.

  41. Liacin

    Wait.. She’s 18 and he’s like 30 I think. That is only mildly disturbing and slightly inapropriate…

  42. Zojmiester

    Yea… Liacin. That fucker’s 30 yrs old.

    She’s crazy

  43. whatever

    #36 – at least she’s not wearing fucking solar panels like most other women today. I appreciate a woman who chooses sunglasses with lenses smaller than her face.

  44. Ren

    I think people dont care about ages anymore. Younger women like oldder men just like men like milf’s. Anyway who cares how old you are we all fuck the same.

  45. PunkA

    Bone the cheerleader Bone the World

  46. Nutty McNutster

    She is damn hot. All I really see is haters in here. The next Britney? The next Lohan? What makes you guys experts on who is gonna do drugs and go to rehab? Just because she is 18 and in the last year or so become really famous doesn’t mean she is gonna end up like those coke whores.

  47. kitty_kat


  48. remix


  49. whatever

    I just want to bend this chick over my table and fuck her brains out.

    Just sayin….

  50. tboned

    from his bio in IMDB

    “When he was seven, his two sisters used to dress him up like Madonna!”

    He was issues alright.

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