Hayden Panettiere is an angry lil’ leprechaun

March 10th, 2009 // 72 Comments

Hayden Panettiere apparently forgot she’s only Hayden Panettiere at a fundraiser in Hawaii over the weekend where she flipped out at reporters while walking the red carpet. Us Magazine reports:

“Back up!” she yelled at photographers.
After posing for photos, she brushed by reporters.
A female television reporter touched her shoulder and asked, “May we talk with you, Hayden?” Miffed, the actress jerked her head around and screamed, “Don’t you ever touch me!”
She then icily asked a red carpet handler, “Oh, am I supposed to do interviews?”
Approaching various media outlets, she snapped again: “You all make my life miserable” and refused to answer any questions.

Hayden, I’m pretty sure the only things making your life miserable are foot hair and getting chased out of The Shire by wild boars. Don’t take it out on us human folk – or we’ll hide your step-stool. Not even joking.

Photos: Pacific Coast News. 3,000th Post FTW.

  1. Mia

    Wow, way to tear her a new one, Superficial Writer ;)

  2. Typical little bitch who now thinks she’s the shit and better than everyone else.

    Fish – that write up was classic! Foot hair & getting chased out of the Shire LOL

  3. Ted from L

    New Fish writer. He used to long for this midget like Jenn does Brad. I’d like to take her bowling sometime.

  4. Will

    That hobbit joke is just pure fail.

  5. Ted from L

    If her tits were as big as her teeth, she’d be something else. A midget with really big teeth and tits.

  6. It's Me Fuckers

    What a snotty little cunt. Why doesn’t she just go save some whales instead of “gracing” us with her presence. Fucktards like this is what gives real stars a bad name.

  7. Congratulations! Now get over here and let me give you a hug. Back rub?

  8. FunnyHunny

    My god, she really does look like an evil leprechaun in that picture.

  9. NipTuck

    why do the snobs and the angsty people get the best bodies? I’m an amazing personality trapped in lard :-D

  10. German Tourist with AIDS

    Her name looks like “Hayden Planetarium” before it was named after after some Jews a few years back.

    She should go back under the earth to smelt swords for real human folk.

  11. me

    Anyone posting after me likes to have midget sex

  12. ilovemidgetsex

    what a little bitch! remember who made you who you are!

  13. Joline

    Her dress is wonderful! like always!!!She’s always so fierce, i love her. It’s reported from NewYork times that She created an account at ____MillionaireLoving. C O M____to meet a young and rich guy in a coffee shop last week.

  14. feckless

    Maybe it is nicotine withdrawal. Or maybe the Dr. said she won’t grow anymore.

  15. OJ's Mom

    Bullsh.it If that happened why arent there any photos of her “flipping out.”

    F.ucking idiots.

  16. crabby old guy

    Don’t you wish, when the unwashed mass/handler had the nerve to place her mitts on the pint-sized “special one”, that the handler just hauled off and clocked the bitch.

    Nothing says come get some, like fresh dwarf chicklets on a red carpet.

  17. huh???

    SERIOUSLY who is she. only seen her on this site is she like paris hilton but not rich or something. Like a no one I mean

  18. Parker

    I want to pop her tight little butthole onto my weiner but she’s becoming such a douche I’m afraid I couldn’t keep it up. Yesterday it’s the smoking, today she’s a d-list diva. what’s coming tomorrow? frappes and ice cream binges with Britney or the douch twins?

  19. randomguy

    try getting heckled 24/7 by the paps and assholes to bug the shiit out of you! you would get pissed off too if people wrote bullshit about you all the time and to have people bugging you if it’s true or not would make you angry as well. fuck the media.

  20. randomguy

    try getting heckled 24/7 by the paps and assholes to bug the sh.it out of you! you would get pissed off too if people wrote bullsh.it about you all the time and to have people bugging you if it’s true or not would make you angry as well. fu.ck the media.

  21. randomguy

    i’m a douchebag who fantasizes that a hot celeb will see me stick up for her and pay attention to me.

  22. Harry

    Guess she hasn’t looked at the ratings for “Heroes’ lately.

  23. doodle

    what was that midget movie called where they found the baby that was not a midget that is being referenced in this postwhere one midget says “get the kids chaia!” whoa hello run-on sentence. but really what is it called.

  24. boobie

    11- You know me too well.

  25. JPRichardson

    I bet she swallows.

  26. Jeff W.

    Don’t you just hate people who walk around with an undeserved sense of entitlement? She’s such a zero.

  27. Come-Honor-Face

    Her outfit is missing a Pearl Necklace

  28. Not exactly a Hayden fan . . .

    . . . but I kind of like the fact that she acts like a bitch to the media, who are all scum-sucking filth anyway. I would have been her truly devoted fan though if only she would’ve pulled out a pistol and started shooting them.

    Yeah, she’s kind of cute, but she’d be a lot cuter if she’d just kill random people at the fundraiser.

    Hayden, if you read this, get yourself a little Beretta with a laser. That way you can shoot people in the eye without really even trying to aim.

    Oh Hayden, you little dickens you! You could just be such a cute little pistol packin’ pixie if you got the right little gun!

    Kill Hayden kill!

  29. Vince Lombardi

    Ironically, with all the photogs in her way and her yelling crazy maniacal egotistical things at them, no pictures exist to prove that really happened, Instead, we’re graced with these.

    I’m calling shenanigans.

  30. lori

    It’s always the D-listers who don’t seem to have a clue where their bread and butter comes from. Or used to come from. See ya Hayden Flash-in-the-Pan. Here’s a four leaf clover. Good luck!

  31. You fools have no idea how hard this girl work in bed, to make up for her sunking chest,,,and i think they look very sweet…

  32. RichPort's cock

    Will someone please punch this crabbycunt in the head? HARD, please.

    Stupid twat thinks she’s a princess.

    Little round-faced chain-smoking whore. Go bang a hockey team so they can ride you like a rodeo horse, you self-important bitch.

  33. Guy

    They just want to get her leprechaun gold

  34. Brandon

    Her entitled bitch attitude and hotness curves have seemed to be moving in opposite directions over time

  35. Mama Pinkus

    I can’t wait for this little bitch becomes irrelevant

  36. Spunkbob Sploogepants

    Well lookie here…..a footstool that talks!

  37. God

    Sadly she is better than most of you pathetic little boys who are probably jacking one off to her photos. She’ll have more money, class, friends, and fans than any of you losers ever will.

  38. Pretty eyes. Fat legs, weird body, no tits….niiiiiiiiiiice. I’m practically a lesbian. I’m hot for Jesse McCartney too,which also gives me lesbo points. Yesssssss!

  39. jlylec

    i would live in that leprechaun…

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  41. I would fuck this cute little midget with my fat cock.. I would fill her little cunt hole full of hot come. Then I would fuck her up the ass dry while her midget mom liked my balls and licked the pussy juice from my shaft…

  42. Truth Doctor

    Hayden is a die-hard liberal.
    Hayden is a bitch who thinks she’s above everyone else.

    Sounds redundant.

  43. Ray

    at least she is wearing a dress that looks normal on her weird body type

  44. WHAT, the hell, IS SHE DOING?
    She must be in bed by now, folks!!

  45. Oh Hayden… Bad move. Nothing is less appealing than an above average looking B lister who thinks she’s hot shit. Her “Star” is falling fast already and in three years she’ll be begging to walk red carpets saying:

    “But I was on that show nobody remembers back in ’09!”

    Appreciate the attention while you got it babe cuz it’s only lasting another 15 minutes… 14… 13…

    PS: Da Man’s hand will give Hayden Panettiere attention — by spanking her ass repeatedly!

  46. hair of samson

    Whenever you see someone who is unattractive inside and out in Hollywood, like Scarlett Johansson, Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Emmy Rossum, Shia LaBoeuf etc. you figure they must be Jewish. But Hayden isn’t.

    I don’t understand. There must be some conspiracy theory behind why she’s famous. There always is. The casting couch isn’t it — tons of people use that and get nowhere.

    Maybe the Jews are trying to program Gentile guys to want to sleep with short women and have short babies, so that the Jews end up being taller and stronger than the Gentiles. Sort of like the David and Goliath days. I think I’m onto something here.

  47. Delgo

    Fuck this corny little bitch.

  48. MosesGabby

    Shut up you fucking midget. Instead focus on when your dad is going to give your mom her next beat down. You fucking beeatch.

  49. shayna

    claire should be taken off the show
    she wants milo gone
    the main character?
    yea thats going to happen and if it does im quiting see ya you spoiled bitch

  50. shayna

    claire should be taken off the show
    she wants milo gone
    the main character?
    yea thats going to happen and if it does im quiting see ya you spoiled bitch

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