Hayden Panettiere is a redhead and other news

January 21st, 2010 // 58 Comments

- Jennifer Aniston is apparently on CNN’s shit-list. [Lainey Gossip]

- Madonna joins the Hope for Haiti Telethon. Presumably to apologize for over-reacting just “a smidge” to their meager sacrifice. [PopEater]

- Mariah Carey’s Breasts: A Diatribe. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- David Beckham and I have similar problems. We should start a support group. [Just Jared]

- Kim Kardashian learns a valuable lesson about cupcake endorsements. [Celebslam]

- Jon Cryer thinks his ex-wife hired a hitman. [The Blemish]

- John Edwards admits he has a love child two years after anyone gives a shit. Noble. [Betty Confidential]

- Pee Wee Herman returns! God, that’s touching. — Poor choice of words. I apologize. [Socialite Life]

- Tiger Woods can’t pretend to heal himself of normal male instincts with all those cameras, you guys. C’mon. [Splash News]

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Photos: INFdaily

  1. blabla

    FIRST..shes fugly

  2. Tricia

    Meh… she looks cuter blonde.

  3. Randal

    Hi there Hayden! Wanted to thank-you for stopping in at The FISH and sending in your pictures. Love the red hair, it brings out that little extra playfulness in you that I know you’ve already had hidden away.


  4. blabla

    She looks ugly BOTH. BIg forehead, short/stalky body, just overall unattractive.

  5. daddy likes

    Apparently she might be banging that 6 foot 6 boxer from the ukraine, world champ.

  6. gen

    She looks like a dyke.

  7. Tanzarian



    I’m pretty sure that hair is attached to the hat as some sort of disguise effort. It doesn’t look real.

  9. Rainbow Brite

    LOVE the shirt

  10. Bob

    The Kim Kardashian link is wrong. It’s linking to the Beckham story..

  11. That’s just a lot of goddamn face to look at.

  12. Senior Pepe

    A Ukrainian you say?
    Most Eastern European folks that I know don’t know what deodorant is.
    Damn, I just trew up in my mouth a little…

  13. hehe

    i echo the sentiment of #6.

    looks like a dyke.

  14. Robot

    I would still tap it. BUt yeah she looks A LOT better blonde.

  15. byjude

    She looks like Lindsay Lohan. Oh wait, #6.

  16. herbiefrog

    cancer is just over enthusiastic cells


  17. I think she is more beautiful with this hair colour

  18. Equinox

    A midget on fire…interesting.

  19. Sara

    I already miss her as a blonde. Get all of her clothes at http://www.outfitid.com

  20. Inspector gadget

    @5- that’s the dude in the background, the boxer guy

  21. Roxi

    She looks normal blonde and redhead hair color makes her look plain and simple.

  22. Phubaba

    You and Beckham have similar problems? You have Italian women running down the street screaming about how small your package is (and asking what you use to stuff your crotch)? Let me guess, the laser firing makes up for it…

  23. 1nfam0uz

    YO she dyed her hair red so she could play MARY JANE WATSON IN SPiderman!

  24. hiyooo

    I heard gingers have no souls

  25. Not only does she have a Mary Poppins purse, but the shoes, the jacket and basically everything else. Seriously. You have money. You date the heavyweight boxing champion and this is what you come up with? Man I’m so annoyed when people with money pull this kind of stunt.

  26. I never liked her, she is kind of cute though

  27. Baron Bleeke

    whats is she, like, 3 feet tall? she cant even see over the top of the spare tire!

  28. What a curious looking lawn gnome in pic 7.

  29. Doc Schweinstrudel

    She is so damn pretty! I thought her cap said “titless”. The clothes looks like Zara or Stradivarius, not sure…

  30. skank hunter

    Doc Schweinstrudel, please go back to the Godless, frozen wasteland that is Russia, your homeland. As for “titless”, that would be you. And twatless (unless we count cavernous cunts as twats in these desperate times).

  31. Donk Donkerson

    Just dropped from a 9 to an 8.

  32. Doc Schweinstrudel

    32, You know I AM in Russia. Why should I go back to it and who are you to tell me this?
    This fucking post isn’t about me, dammit. So fuck you and:
    OMG She is so cuteee! I wish she were my girlfriend, she is like so huggable, fun looking sweet girl!!! American women are so fun to be with, I want MORE!!!!

  33. Mariah Carey surprised me in that movie “Precious”. I didn’t recognize her for a minute. She had kind of a Jewish ashtray voice.

    I thought Khloe Kumdumpster had the cupcake deal.

    Maybe Kim gets an unlimited supply of Hostess to keep Khloes appetites under control.

  34. Hi. My name is cancer.

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  38. Kat

    This is sick to me. She looks 12 and her boyfriend looks 40, does anyone see anything wrong with that. Are all men pedo’s?

  39. gotmilk?

    how is she an animal activist wearing that jacket and those ridiculous boots?

  40. JamesCamryn

    Kim is very sexy!! and clearly more responsible than her whore peers.
    She isn’t a drunk, coked up skank like most of those other chicks that get paid to do club promotions.
    At least she had the good sense not to betray the people that are paying her for the cupcake thing.

  41. gotmilk?

    hey 42, nice post, except it’s almost the exact same comment as the one on the celebslam website. idiot. take your pro-kim bullshit elsewhere.

  42. yes, kat

    #40… that’s really her boyfriend? that is pretty strange. i mean im older than her by a few years and even I think that dude looks pretty much way too old for me!

  43. ballsy

    Wonder if the carpet matches the drapes. But yeah, she looks like an ugly lesbian now, instead of a somewhat cute midget.

  44. ArhJay

    Does her shirt really say “Fuck Cancer”? Haha.

    That’s great.

  45. Teri

    WHAT HAPPENED TO HER? she looks like a hick. not sexy at all.

  46. susit5e75ews

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  47. aj

    overrated…..the jeep looks badass

  48. maria

    # 45 – grow up you wished you looked half as good as she does. I hope she screws your daughter on your bed!!!

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