Hayden Panettiere is a little person

January 8th, 2008 // 76 Comments

I always knew Hayden Panettiere was short, but seeing how tiny she is in the doorway of her car proves she’s a freaking midget. Okay, maybe I’m a tad bitter because she’s officially dating her Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia. But at least now I know I can fit Hayden into a duffel bug. Which is convenient because I’m pretty sure I can fit Milo down an open elevator shaft.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. wooo, she is so hot and she has a good shame, good!@

  2. All those little persons, especially the men like tommy “FAGGOT” cruise have something to prove the world!!

  3. Perfect

    She looks to be the perfect size and fit for my penis.

  4. df

    Those are pictures of two different carssssssssss.

  5. jim

    “That’s a Porsche Cayenne you idiot. = SUV!”

    That’s a joke, you idiot = on you.

  6. vicky

    She is so beautiful, but someone said she joined the famous millionaire&celebs club “weautybeauty.com” , true or not? If yes, i just wonder what she is doing with that dating service? she wants to find a rich man for extramarital relationship?

  7. shorty

    Okay, am I the only person who noticed that there are two different cars involved. The one that she is walking away from is a Toyota with no silver trim around the windows. The other one where she is by the open back door has silver trim and is a much bigger vehicle. Also the hubcaps on the cars are different in the two different angles.

    Tricky photography, but I’m smarter than that Boo-Boo.

  8. As Kunta Kinte might have said, wait just a cotton pickin’ minute… he’s 32 and she JUST turned 18. Now don’t get me wrong, I love those “Just Eighteen” pornos as much as the next guy, but at least the 12″ donkey-dicked barely legal teen fucker likely JUST met the little semen target that dy, i.e. after she was already 18. This implies that Milo Vegemitesammich was boning he like a graveyard long before she could vote. I mean even Rick James wondered whether or not he should nail a seventeen year old. This smacks of pedophilia. I bet he goes after Vaness Hudgens next.

    Oh yeah, I would spin her on top of me like a fucking top.

  9. CarnyFreak


    yeah she’ll pork out.

  10. Yes, it’s a porsche cayenne, an SUV. The little parasite that writes this blog from his parent’s basement in Texas wouldn’t know that.

  11. Katie

    That is Ensure in her plastic bags. This bobbleheaded freak obviously wants to put some weight on. She’s probably hoping it all goes to her underdeveloped boobies. Then again, her dad-aged boyfriend probably likes her little nubbins.

  12. icantcount

    sixtythird! but I aspire to be 62nd some day. True dat.

  13. xhot

    She is pretty hot in a short, stumpy kind of way. Very pretty and looks good in a cheerleaders outfit. She has a nice athletic body and would make a good gymnast most likely.

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  14. Flat chested undeveloped midget.
    Is she taller than 4’9”? probably not.
    She looks so scary for a 18 year old, she looks 13 and completely undeveloped.

  15. jvc

    Hayden has nothing going for her looks-wise. Only suckers would believe the hype that she is special.
    Nasty mole on her cheek too.

  16. Kingnitro

    Damn, get that gal a Ladder!

  17. ivy

    She is 5’1

  18. Drago Perv

    She is young and very tiny. My one-eyed snake would rip through that tight little cunt-hole and then after some begging on her part, I would unload my manjuice inside her even tighter poop-hole. Just hope I can pee on her afterwards. Or even better, pee inside her poop-hole.

  19. exterminator

    there is nothing wrong in being small and you know. she is a pretty little girl in her own way and oh come on i think she’s a very decent girl of her age. i think she wants to stay a virgin until shes ready no need for people to go thinking what to do with her just cos shes small.


    Gotta chime in on this…the lil chick is cute, yeah, her chest is kinda small, but it’s the law of equality, she can’t have them luscious hams(hips and thighs) and big boobs too. It wouldn’t equal out. LOL….and RichPort is right, I’d spin her too, them dump a whole kindergarten class on her face…..Cheers

  21. makasiini

    Your just so stupid, she looks flat-chested because she’s wearing a sports bra.

  22. makasiini

    * You’re all

  23. meoffjack

    man i would fuck the shit out of her!

  24. tommy cruise likewise.
    But the difference?
    That’s it Folks!!

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