Hayden Panettiere is a little person

January 8th, 2008 // 76 Comments

I always knew Hayden Panettiere was short, but seeing how tiny she is in the doorway of her car proves she’s a freaking midget. Okay, maybe I’m a tad bitter because she’s officially dating her Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia. But at least now I know I can fit Hayden into a duffel bug. Which is convenient because I’m pretty sure I can fit Milo down an open elevator shaft.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. walter johnson


  2. walter johnson


  3. combustion8

    theres not one part of her body I wouldnt lick.

  4. jim

    That car’s a mini cooper, right?

  5. #1 is so retarded he posted “first” like a dumbass – twice! LOL

  6. Gerald_Tarrant

    A Porshe Cayenne is 67 in tall (5’7″) so because she is smaller than that she is little?

    Milo is just using her for a fun time. Which is cool by me because he’s getting my sloppy seconds. True story.

  7. ZoomBoy

    That’s a Porsche Cayenne you idiot. = SUV!

  8. Tim's15YearsDeadMother

    Has anyone here seen Deacon Jones?

  9. ew, not this 11 year old looking thing again

    from her chubby sausage arms, to her tiny buds, to her big chubby baby head right?
    you prob were the one who killed and raped jon benet.

  10. Ted from LA

    “Midget” is politically incorrect. She is a “fucking drarf.” What I wouldn’t give to set my beer on her head and watch some football…

  11. Mike

    Shit I guess I can’t count, I was #15, anyway #17 now.

  12. big baby

    11- and because she is 5 foot even and has pre-pubescent body proportions ( large head, stumpy limbs, short neck) that make her look really short when not standing next to anyone.

  13. combustion8


    jon benet looked to old for me.

  14. Sunflower

    Her Mom must be best friends with Dina Lohan and Lynn Spears. Any “mom” who would openly let their 18-year old daughter date a 30-year old dude and thinks it’s “cool” has other motives. Gross.

  15. Shep

    Wow Walter, Your famous now cause you posted First on an internet blog. Q the interview with Larry King.

    As for Hayden, its insane that a girl can look that hot wearing her pajamas everyday.

  16. Ted from LA

    I can’t tell from the photo, is her booster seat black on navy blue?

  17. nice

    I bet you love your job at the abortion clinic. a lot of fresh young meat for your
    “combustions” there i am sure.

  18. Chauncey Gardner

    She’s little, all right…a little piece of butterscotch poontang, and I’m totally into the fact that she looks underage.

  19. Harry

    Ugh… an SUV and plastic bags. Hot chick, though.

  20. CircusClown

    Hayden looks short enough to be the next mini me if an Austin Powers sequel gets made.

  21. combustion8

    Mmm abortions, just the word gets me all worked up…. time to go rub one out.

  22. Sam

    It’s no fun unless you can tie up Dad and make him watch you fuck his little princess. His tears usually start when she has her third and most intense orgasm during anal.

  23. Anonymous

    It was so nice the past couple of weeks to not have to read about or look at pictures of this no-talent. Ah, the memories…….

  24. Guy

    This wholestory plus comments fails…

  25. Auntie Kryst

    Is all the Enfamil in the bags for her?

  26. All you who posted numbers…who cares, your comment will be rearranged anyway, and maybe if you are lucky you will end up in the spot you claim to be in!

  27. What’s a “duffel bug” ?

  28. Conscience Found

    this girl is about to do a JLH.

  29. dephs

    i luff her.

  30. yeaaa

    She needs bigger tits, but I’d still fuck the shit out of her.

  31. haroof

    Cute, not sexy hot.

    She’s just too short.

  32. D. Richards (Meaningless.)

    I believe these people (midgets) prefer to be called ‘little people’.

    Hayden should never be allowed to run. You remember that photo of her running on the beach with that older guy? Her dad or some bullshit.

    Yeah? Then you’ll remember the grimace that said run put Hayden’s ass under; I’ve never seen an buttochs make such a downtrodden look. It was if the tiny little end was being torn asunder. Those poor retarded cheeks.

  33. commish

    I wonder how many Hayden’s would fit in Lindsay’s clown car, er vagina?

  34. Truth

    If you got into her pants and saw only the beginnings of pubic hair, then her size would be wooderful. But once she became legal she became boring. Erogenous zones the size of postage stamps are no fun.

  35. Guy

    i guess this is why you love her so much superfish, because next to her your cock would look average and not tiny.

  36. Ript1&0

    Looks like Baby Veal’s been hitting the ‘roids a little, huh?

  37. D. Richards

    Ript! Check out my last entry at the Dr. Phil post.

  38. steve

    She must go rabbit pellets.

  39. Snarf


  40. bigbadvoodoodaddy

    I want to put it in her butt! I wonder if she’s into ass to mouth?

  41. Nicole

    That looks oddly like Ensure in those bags. Visiting an old folk’s home or eating disorder?

  42. Joe

    God, her head is ENORMOUS compared to her body size and stumpy limbs. Totally out of proportion body. Looks just like a 12 year old boy. Sorry guys.

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  44. Ript1&0

    DR! Check out your inbox.

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