Hayden Panettiere in a bikini

May 19th, 2009 // 121 Comments

Here’s Hayden Panettiere sunbathing in Cannes with her new boyfriend Steve Jones. Words can’t even describe the whirlwind of emotions in my head right now, so I’ll let the chorus to Live’s “Lightning Crashes” express how I feel:

Oh now feel it comin’ back again
Like a rollin’ thunder chasing the wind
Forces pullin’ from the center of the earth again
I can feel it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, she’s been working out.


  1. Canne

    Midget first!

  2. Dpwhitey


  3. marge

    her boobs look like pecs…

  4. Dpwhitey


  5. sim

    her boyfriend has boobs

  6. kate

    Wow she’s looking very skinny here.

  7. kate

    Wow she’s looking very skinny here.

  8. andy7171

    cant wait to hear someone call her fat

  9. James

    Is that a new tattoo along her side? They put sunscreen on it so it must be fresh, right?


    she’s got weird boobs. what a fat ass too. like midget kind of fat. she’s all stubby and stuff. i hate people who cant control their freaking eating. gross.

  11. The Observer

    There are two reasons why she looks so hot here.

    1) She’s not dressed like a complete and utter moron

    2) She’s not wearing hideous makeup like a complete and utter moron

    We haven’t seen this side of her in quite a long time.

  12. Joey

    Damn!! She is fat!!

  13. joe

    Who’s the dude rubbing lotion on her? And why is he wearing a bikini top?

  14. I wanna smell those panties!

  15. Max Planck

    What’s written down the side…”Refrigerate after opening?”

  16. Scott

    Dear Superficial Writer:

    Thank you for all your humanitarian work. You may have saved a life with these photos.

    Damn she’s hot!

  17. Rich Simmons

    “She’s been working out.”

    Like she has something else to do? She’s an “actress.” Her job is to look good followed by
    a. Getting artistically naked when she is starting to lose her looks (in her case I give it 4 years) and feels the need to get some news-time,
    b. Have an addiction problem after the nude spread doesn’t bring in the $’s that she thought it would.
    c. Have a shitty marriage, preferably including domestic abuse, to get more time in front of the cameras
    d. Throw a temper tantrum about how Hollywood doesn’t make serious movies anymore, and how they are only interested in youth.
    e. Catch a fatal disease, and even then milk every second of that into ratings – right up until you actually die… a D-Lister.

    Optional: you can have (b) and (c) as often as you’d like, throughout your “career.”

    This chick is 100% flash in the pan (but hittable). Watch her crash and burn her way through the cycle…

  18. Sam

    She needs a specialty top. Bikini tops are designed to fit breasts (tear-drop), not pecs (square). That’s why hers fits so poorly. Maybe Kramer and Frank Costanza could send her a manzierre (or a bro).

  19. Hayden Puffytiere is missing some toes in these pics! who do i blame for this? you fish?

  20. Unub

    @19 for president, you’re absolutely correct.

    You can already tell she’s going to be a pudgy little thing as she ages.

    She’s already got the mommy tummy thing going at age 21 or whatever… how sad, when your only fucking job is to work out & look good & you can’t even deliver on that.

    Word has it that she’s also a chain smoker & a party drunk (not habitual, but at parties she loses it), so she’s got that going for her.

    and oh yeah #8 – she’s a sow. now shut up & go back to playing with your Wii.

  21. Sheva

    Shots are all planted obviously since they don’t show her thick lower body. No accident.

    But she’s looking really good for a smurf.

  22. Pnuematic Jackhammer

    I love her taut ass.

    She is hot and solid, I bet she could ride a pnuematic jackhammer for hours.

  23. she has a boyish look to her.

  24. More

    #19, don’t forget the whole Game Show phase of her pitiful career.

  25. SoTe

    I can’t believe some people here are saying she is fat… where??? Insane. She’s looking good, better than I’ve ever seen her before. Good for her.

  26. PR

    Definitely has been working out, she looks really cute!

  27. lizzy

    wow, people that are saying anything negative about her are absolutely insane.

    she has had a successful career thus far on heroes.
    her body is in great shape.

    where is everyone coming up with all these bad things about her? how can anyone call her fat? she is tight, tiny and tone!

  28. chupacabra

    isn’t she still technically a teenager? Man, I would have never been allowed to go vacation on a yacht with my boyfriend when I was a teen. Jesus christ. The times have changed!

  29. Red Bull

    I don’t understand how any guy could not think she is smoking hot. I mean, I understand why girls don’t like her, because she’s hot and rich and famous and fucks every guy she wants, but the guys I really don’t get. She is fucking HOTTTT.

  30. Miniature Workout Partner

    So Hayden, what you benchin’ now, anyway?

  31. B

    Shes sucking it in something fierce. oh silly boys…you are so easily fooled…

  32. No Bull

    How can any guy not think she’s smoking hot? Well, let’s see – I like breasts, not chest muscles; I like to see a waist, not a a belly button on a square body; I prefer a girl with non-East German shoulders; and, oh yeah, I’ve never had a thing for midgets and their oddly bulging limbs.

    So, basically, that’s how.

  33. GOT MILK?

    I love the fact that she got a tattoo that can only be read properly when she´s doggy stlyle.

    I think it says a lot about her personality ;)


  34. George W bush

    She looks like one of the Olsen twins with a little less “I’ll feed your drug addiction and let you die in my apartment” and a little more “built like a fire plug but needs to get banged all night”! Seriously, the picture where she is bent over waiting for it doggy style is noce.

  35. andy7171

    Going on a nine year acting career is one he11 of a flash in the pan. LOL

  36. I wonder how midget tastes??

  37. Like chicken, Jimbo..they taste like chicken

  38. Shecky

    Are they trying to close that opening on her side with spackle?? I think that is where the fat girl is trying to crawl out.

  39. gogogo

    How come she hasn’t been cast as a gymnast? They should remake Gymkata or American Anthem and just stick her in there some where.

  40. andy7171

    #42 watch any of the Bring It On movies?

  41. Sofia

    damn, she’s BUTCH!

  42. havoc

    Damn, the things I would do to her…..


  43. Shane

    I really like small cute chicks like her. You can flip her around & toss her about in bed with little effort . Kind of like midget tossing seps much better

  44. Billybob

    the REALLY best part about small women is that my 6 1/2″ looks and feels like 9″ or 10″ to her

  45. mafme

    Fat? Seriously? Are you insane?

  46. mr. peebles

    I’d like to stick her in a monkey cage, feed her monkey chow & and toss her the odd peanut.

  47. pavmentaled


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