Hayden Panettiere in a bikini

August 26th, 2008 // 132 Comments

Hayden Panettiere celebrated her 19th birthday over the weekend by apparently wearing a bikini and a party hat. Cool? I’ll be the first to admit this looks nothing like I envisioned it. I mean, where’s the parade? The midget rodeo?! And why is the pool filled with water instead of Jell-O? No, no, NO! This is all wrong! Man, I got all dressed up like Batman for nothing…


  1. jesus

    this girl has obesity in her future. she is way to thick for her age. her thighs are just a glob of lard. she looks good in clothes i’ll admit, but no more bikinis, okay tubby?

  2. Rob

    for all those who say she’s fat need to get a fucking life. I’d hit that shit so many times there would be crime tape around it when I was done!!

  3. Rick

    The losers who have no other option but to fuck fat chicks need to realize that other guys laugh at their enthusiasm.

  4. Rob

    but those guys are fags..so who cares?

  5. Dance Girl

    That is an unfortunate picture….

  6. LondonGirl

    She looks like a normal girl.

  7. Karen

    nice one, “Rob” – there are only guys who fuck fat chicks, and fags, huh? whatever you need to tell yourself…

  8. Rob

    these guys like their girls to look like boys, not normal girls. They need to get out and quit reading 17 magazine.

  9. Karen

    “normal” young girls don’t have bulging saddlebag thighs. a middle aged secretary does. don’t worry, some day a hot girl will be feeling generous and say “hi” to you, and you’ll never feel the same way about our dwarf plumper Hayden.

  10. -Rob

    normal girls also aren’t so skinny you can see their bones. Normal woman are like this (see pic). Sorry Karen i’ll wait for your response while you binge and purge that apple you ate at lunch..tick, tock, tick, tock.

  11. Kevin

    Oh I’d hit that. In fact – I’d freakin wreck that chick. I’m pretty sure there’s laws somewhere against the depraved shit I’d do to that scrumptious little hottie….

  12. Sven

    Here we go again, Americans talking about “normal” women – meaning, these days, FAT women. You people are gluttons in every domain, and other people rightfully see you as ugly in every way.

  13. -Rob

    i’m pretty sure they’d be ok with it.

  14. Mark

    you’re name is sven? Really? this isn’t the gay chat room you fruitloop. nice name..svenn ha ha ha ha

  15. Officer Bob

    #63 you seem to be hanging out all day on a set of pictures that appeal mostly to pedophiles. I don’t think you’re sure of anything.

  16. Sven

    “Sven” is a traditional Scandinavian name. I had read that the vast majority of Americans never get passports, and now I see evidence of that. You certainly are proud of your profound ignorance.

  17. Ted from LA

    Yes, I’d like two large thighs, two small breasts, and a diet Coke please.

  18. +Rob

    #65 learn the definition of pedophile you ignorant fool – she’s 19 making her bangable!!

    Sven is a name given to chubby gay men, what do passports have to do with how gay your name is? Listen Sven relax and accept it, BTW i have my passport but i don’t want to go to a place that is full of “Sven’s”

  19. Steve

    Sven – I’m so sick of you idiots that like to generalize a whole country when you many of you whine and complain about it when it happens to you. Great you hate us, now go ski, yoddle or do whatever it is that Scandinavians do, we’re too busy inventing things

  20. Fernando

    She is very cute normal girl with a cute body. Her shape is pear, and she will be a pear for the rest of her life.

    THIS IS A REAL WOMAN’S BODY YOU STUPID AMERICAN GUYS. You either have your women fat as elephants or skinny as a boy.

    To me she is a lot more attractive than boy body Shauna Spears. And her face a million times prettier too!

    We in Brazil like our women looking like women!

  21. --Rob

    Why the American hate? I think she’s hot, most do (i’m American). It’s the metrosexuals that want them to have no curves and look like a guy.

  22. Matt

    Why are people defending this fire hydrant? She’s got a weird face, no tits, and the heavy thighs that you always see on a midget. If you think that’s hot, you’ve got problems. Maybe big problems, because she still looks underage. What a bunch of sickos…

  23. Steve

    #70 That’s funny, we like our women to look like Brazilian women..go figure :)

    there has to be something in that water!! hot

  24. Tara

    Such sad small dicked men on this site. There is nothing fat about Hayden…she’s not a stick but just because you don’t look like you haven’t eaten in 5 years doesn’t mean you are fat. I love Hayden. She’s one of the few who looks just as pretty without makeup as she does with it.

  25. Lys

    For some people, ”normal” means skinny, for others, ”normal” means fat. And for the rest of us, ”normal” means in the middle. And between skinny and fat, there is a lot of possible shapes. But for a bunch of teenage virgin boys, ”normal” is what their sick, pornography addicted mind wants to see.




    Nonetheless, still cute and fuckable.

  27. ben

    i think she is great. Very pretty with a strong , sexy , gymnasts body

    unlike her empty headed , trashy peers; she at least channels her celebrity to worth while causes and is a good role model for youngsters.

  28. jesus

    such a chubby, clumsy looking bitch. look at the slabs of lard on those thighs. she has no calves and her arms look like a bone with a roll of fat around them. i’d fuck her anyway. but i damn sure wouldn’t marry that big bitch.

  29. jesus

    #77 gymnast body? maybe in the special olympics.

  30. Janice

    Come on, all this extreme arguing is ridiculous. You can’t call her “fat” overall, as in “Haden Panettiere is a fat person” but obviously her thighs are getting fat, which is always a problem for short-limbed girls. Her real problem is that her looks might have peaked before she turned 18.

  31. EuroNeckPain

    Sooooooooo average.

  32. Sven

    I’d bang her until gravy came out!!

  33. Joe C

    What the hell? Isn’t she like 12 and already sporting some turkey legs. Why do I know this sacks name? She is about as hot and sexy as a loaf of wonder bread.

  34. tp

    She’s not fat. Just homely, talentless, flat-chested, and dumb. And stop trying to drownd the dog, what did it ever to do to you?!?

  35. ubee0173

    wow.. swimming with and holding a wet dog makes me want to crawl out of my skin…that being said, she’ll be another britney spears when she has kids.. ive had 2 kids and i look better in a bikini than a teenager! SCORE for me! this totally made my day… no wonder i had a fan club at the pool and no mommy friends. and i always thought it was because im mean…

  36. monkey_b

    Whoa. That was.. so not what I had expected. Well okay, I half-expected that, but I’m still disappointed.

    She has a pretty face but she looks like a tree stump with equally thick arms and legs attached. There is barely any distinction between her waist and hips. DAMN!

  37. Derek

    Looks like someone was mixing in some white rice with her brown rice!

    Seriously though, I still think she’s cute. I’d prefer her like this than the 90lb shit you see on runways.

  38. janice

    dont chu think the pictures are kinda in BADDDDD angles??!!!
    anyone would have thunder thighs at that angle..
    she’s gorgeous and i <3 her

  39. PrettiFem

    Whoa! This girl’s thighs are giagantic! Her and Kim Kardashian need to lay off the meatloaf and white bread lol

  40. PrettiFem

    Whoa! This girl’s thighs are gigantic! Her and Kim Kardashian need to lay off the meatloaf and white bread lol

  41. mlou

    Hahah @35. This girl is nothing special. She is not that attractive. Yeah she has a pretty face when she’s all done up. But she has no tits!!!! Not that small breasts are bad. But her body just looks awkward! Superficial writer, find a new crush. She is highly disappointing in a bikini. Not to mention that is an absolutely hideous bikini!

  42. Sasha

    She isn’t fat, she is butch aka a stocky midget.

  43. joey joejoe

    hello KFC, yeah i’ve got some thighs i’d you model your chicken ons, yeah these puppys have got some meat on them, you could solve world hunger.

  44. Dan

    I would lovingly and worshipfully nuzzle her vulva with my cheek.

  45. tara

    she looks absolutely gorgeous. Some Bikini photos of her can be found at a wealthy site richromances.com where celebrities and wealthy singles are hooking up.

  46. She looks really really chunky in the main picture.

  47. Chris

    You fucking morons. These shots are taken from above (you know, by a stalker paparazzi guy), and that’s why the main pic is a little unflattering. To you people, not to me. I’ve met her in real life, and she’s fucking gorgeous, slim and nice as hell. Not that it matters what you think, because none of you losers would ever, ever have a chance with someone this hot. And you know it. I’m picturing you all now…a bunch of morbidly obese, drooling 50 year old men, probably still living with their mamas. Ugh. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Dream on. losers. Go back to jerking off to the Disney channel.

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  49. Annie

    @ #16, are you a woman or a homosexual man? Women have larger thighs than men!

  50. meborg

    Not So Hot

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