Hayden Panettiere hugs a dude named Sarah Silverman

September 12th, 2007 // 111 Comments


  1. acidbrat

    79. FEZ!!!

    Bwahahahaha!! Excelente!

  2. what the.....?

    this chick hugging the dude comes a dime a dozen. I could find a better looking girl tonight at 7 eleven. Her body is sub par at best and her face has no exotic features….yawn. She doesn’t even make a good looking girl next door (if you needed to categorize). And girls next door are ranked at the lowes form of sex symbols. Any young girl with good skin is considered to be that…Mark my words…In 3 years she will be a fat shitney look a like.

  3. ***lotsa love to hayden from aus and msia***

  4. FACE

    I would fock the shit out of her – I bet she hasnt had any black in her

  5. Sarah

    Click on the third picture of Hayden and focus on her right foot that b**ch has hammer toes

  6. jen

    thats funny, you make fun of sarah,,ya she makes way more money than you….

  7. skittles

    #26 a list of jewish female celebs for you to hate on
    yasmeen bleethe
    phoebe cates
    cindy margolis
    rachel weisz
    alicia silverstone
    amanda peet
    keri russell
    kate hudson
    sarah michelle gellar
    jennifer love hewitt
    jennifer connelly
    joss stone
    evan rachel wood
    natalie portman
    scarlette johanssen
    rachel bilson
    amanda bynes
    mila kunis
    brooke burke
    …. there are many more. most people in hollywood are orignally jewish anyways, so its funny to point out someone on tv for being jewish

  8. Regarding how SS is dressed, fashion is far from neccessary on a flight. Comfort is the main concern, especially when it’s a lengthy trip. Also, SS is hiding a real nice body under her clothes. I’d eat it eight ways from August with Jimmy kimmel tied up in the room, watching, explaining to him that “this is how it’s done”.

  9. Mighty Devil

    OMG! Now I know where I’ve seen that girl before!! It’s Adam Goldberg!

  10. buddhaface

    I’ve hacked into and used the FBI’s facial recognition system, and “Sarah” Silverman really really is Fez. Really.

  11. Ryan

    Shockingly I thought this was Wilmer Valderama cozing up to another underage chick

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