Hayden Panettiere hugs a dude named Sarah Silverman

September 12th, 2007 // 111 Comments


  1. sportsdvl

    Sarah S a dude? Seriously, she’s funny as hell and hot! Hottest JAP around!

  2. She look gorgeous – to be dressed so casual – great bod

  3. yukadoozer

    she must be a hairy thing-you can see were her ‘stache gets waxed.

  4. jrzmommy

    Oh…I thought that was Amy Winehouse and she had put on a few pounds in the last month. Who is Sarah Silverstein?

  5. LJ

    Those are some nice weird mens sweat pants from the 1970′s. It’s like we’re going back in time…

    Doesn’t it look like SilverMAN is trying to crush Hayden?

  6. justplainconfused

    Sarah can look hot, but here she looks like the guy who tried to wash my windshield at a stop light this morning.

  7. yukadoozer

    You must be thinking Shel Silverstein, #4. Sarah SilverMAN.

  8. hegadeth

    Who is the corpse dressed in white (#5)? Her mom?

  9. jrzmommy

    Silverman, Silverstein…………MEH….what’s the difference?

  10. dork McGroin

    Sarah can be hot as hell when she wants. Check her out in the old Greg the Bunny show, you’ll see what I mean.

  11. Sarah is either a “catcher” for the other team or she is a hardcore feminist! Either way, anyone who can look Paris in the eye and call her a whore has balls the size of TT’s!

  12. no1justminda

    Hayden has some naaaaaasty eyebrows

  13. @11

    My balls were especially big and swollen this morning.

  14. Anexio

    Sarah Silverman raped me.

  15. duuuude

    Sarah Silverman is the perfect transitional sex partner on your way over to Texas Tranny.

  16. @13–Thats because of those tight panties! Take them off and come over here!

  17. @16
    You know I get them at Victoria’s Secret. LOL

    Ok, I’ll take them off, but can I leave on the rest of my pretty lingerie?

  18. llllllllll

    OOOOOOOOOOOH MYYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOD! Are these the only pair of shoes this girl owns?

  19. Matt

    Who is letting Hayden Fly in that outfit?


  20. I hate that chick

    Daily Babe and retro video games

  21. She definitely is displaying dude qualities here. Pulled down ball cap and the 5 o’clock shadow are dead giveaways

  22. @22
    Not to mention the strap-on dildo she has.

  23. Hecubus

    Sarah Silverman is infinitely more fuckable than that Hayden Planetarium bitch.

  24. wedgeone

    Check out that last pic – who wouldn’t want to pound that chubby midget butt? Silverman, hmm, I dunno…if she was in her “looking hot” mode (seems like an urban myth, but whatever), and she got off a few good harsh jokes, I might have the common courtesy to give her a reach-around. If we got that far, that is – she must have a Robbin-Williams-hairy browneye.

  25. jrzmommy

    What guy wouldn’t want his uncircumcised cock stroked by those man hands and hairy jew forearms?

  26. flavio

    sarah silverman is hot, those are just terrible pics of her. i know, she’s not underage / borderline jailbait so she’s not your type, but, hey you know, whatever

  27. crash bang

    i wanna be the meat in that sandwich

  28. crash bang

    there. was that relevant enough?

  29. lambman


    That is a pretty funny little run in actually.

    And hopefully this whole mess will leave an impression on Hayden like: Its better to be hot and working, than fat, boozey and out of work like Brit and Lohan

  30. combustion8

    God I’d love to balls deep litle hayden.. I’ve waited months to be able to say that too.

  31. havoc

    Dude looks like a lady……


  32. IWONKY

    Sarah’s face looks like he’s got a boner.

  33. p0nk

    Jimmy Kimmel said even Sarah’s shits are hairy.

  34. Monstra

    Check out the lumpy calves and huge bunions on Hayden’s mom. YIKES! Ol’ girl should maybe wear pants and Uggs instead.

    Hayden would have been thrown off the plane in those shorts if she’d flown Southwest!

  35. Kimmy

    Okay, that explains his relationship with Jimmy Kimmel. I always KNEW he’s a woman-hating gay.

  36. steve-o

    #34 above…ROFLMAO

  37. Riotboy

    I’d hit it.


  38. p0nk

    oh, i see i’ve already been here this morning. I must have been asleep, either that or 34 was my troll. maybe?

  39. p0nk,

    This is what the Fish does when it does not have any new posts. They just move the old ones back to the top. Did you find a better place to hang out?

  40. ssdd

    Silvermans smiling fugly face looks like the Scream Mask. Haydens mother is going for the Dina Lohan look………… and Hayden looks like Eddie Munster from the eyes up.

  41. Bemused

    Hayden was exercising her famous sense of humor: That was Wilmer Valderama (or however he spells his name) on the flight impersonating Sarah Silverman.

  42. p0nk

    still looking jimbo.

    wally, just a suggestion…and i’m really trying to be helpful here. The trolling is getting old, you could actually be funny at times but your OCD with pedophilia and anal/scatalogical references are a dead giveaway that you really need some help. Thank about it please.

  43. Faggot

    You’re seriously getting on my nerves Superfic.

    Not posting enough; posting crap.

  44. Fag


    Ok, then, lets you and me go somewhere we can suck each other’s cock and fuck our manginas.

    Do you have a big cock?

  45. Faggot


  46. Bridget

    Sarah Silverman rules. She’s fucking hilarious

  47. sportsdvl

    I’m just happy we had a post that didn’t include some loser typing “frist” on it.

  48. MrSemprini

    Who’s the ‘Glenda The Good Witch’ clone? Or is that Victoria Beckham on a good day?

  49. Typekey

    Jimbo knows it’s schack trolling with the scat refs and the pedo comments. Just fyi.

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