Hayden Panettiere has Golden Globes

December 17th, 2007 // 77 Comments

I don’t know how these shots of Hayden Panettiere slipped by me, but here she is looking boobagey at the 2008 Golden Globe nominations. I’m usually on top of these things, but lately I’ve been a bit distracted by Kristen Bell. Perhaps the two of them should fight for my attention. But naked and then the winner cooks me a delicious meal. Sort of like how Thomas Jefferson would want it if he had the foresight and, dare I say, balls to include the right to catfights in the Constitution. Instead he included some crap about due process. Lame. Tell me, how did America win the Revolutionary War if we couldn’t even write an amendment that requires two chicks to fight, preferably nude, or in a bikini? Did our Founding Fathers hide musket powder in their vaginas or something? Ooh, historical burn!

Photos: Getty Images

  1. Texas Tranny

    She’s so cute………..

  2. isitin

    She is a sweetie.

  3. Shallow Val

    Ryan Reynolds, huh? Yeah, I see something happening veeeery soon.

  4. woodhorse

    fresh princess of bellaire

  5. Gar

    i’m turning into a GGG (golden globes grabber)

  6. mkell

    Very nice indeed!

  7. chauncey gardner

    When I get ahold of her, she’s gonna wish she had her “Heroes” power in real life. There might be some vaginal tearing.

  8. Gerald_Tarrant

    She’s 18. Too young for me. Unless there are 2, then they are 36, which isn’t perverted at all.

  9. I'm tired of this chick

    She is boring and common. Not pretty, just trashy.

  10. hooza

    I agree with #1 and 2. She’s a sweetie pie. So adorable. Just cute as a button. Which is why I’m fantasizing about jerking off on her fucking tits as we speak.

  11. ph7

    Fish gets yet another bag of cash from Hayden’s publicist.

  12. The White Urkele

    #5 LOL that was pretty good.
    Who woudln’t want to lay some pipe on her. I wonder if she shaves or has a little landing strip?

  13. somy

    Her profile and photos were found on the millionairecelebs dating club MEETRICH.COM not long before! “She is very picky about guys,” according to officials of that site. Is she single!?

  14. Oh noes! The Tarantino has found her! Hope she can handle a gun or two…

  15. I’ll take two please!

  16. Dirty Old Man but with a Few Standards Left

    What is she, 12? Dolling up little girls for PR comes close to kiddy porn or dressing up Jon Benet Ramsay.

  17. She is Dull as a Door Knob

    This girl is such a Plain Jane. I don’t even know why the Fish Dude posted her photos. I guess it must be another slow news day.

  18. The White Urkele

    Tarentino is the worst movie maker ever. Wait, second worse. Micheal Moore is way worse. At least Tarantino doesnt try to spin his movies as the truth.

    Hayden does have a nice rack though.

  19. The White Urkele

    #15, stop drinking the Al Gore cool aide. The climate isn’t changing because I drive an SUV. Blame China and India and other 3rd world crap holes who don’t regulate any pollution. I’m in sunny San Diego and freezing my balls off. Where’s the global warming in that?

  20. D. Richards (Loser.) (Oh, god, I'm a loser..)

    “Num-Num-Num-Num-Num-Num”. That’s the sound I’d make while I’m nibbling on Hayden’s nipples; like a furry little woodland creature. “Suck-Pound-Punch-Suck-Flop-Chunk”. That’s the sound my body would make slamming against Hayden’s naked corpse. “Skeet”.

  21. Jenna

    She’s gorgeous, but I never catch myself staring at her boobs. There’s not much there to stare at. I’m surprised there’s an entire post dedicated to them.

  22. BunnyButt

    My condolences to all of you that she’s wearing a bra under that sweater. Would’ve been quite a show without it.

  23. RCA

    If she doesn’t go “Britney” – this girl is going to be super-super hot for a long -long time…I’m sure FHM is throwing money at her hand over fist!

  24. Si

    I’d rather hang out of her than a six story window.

  25. PunkA

    More like clemetines than cantalopes. Just sayin.

  26. D. Richards (waste of life)

    thhhhhp ssssthhh crikkk thhhhhh (sounds of maggots in my twat)

  27. D. Richards (waste of life)

    thhhhhp ssssthhh crikkk thhhhhh (sounds of maggots in my twat)

  28. Texas Tranny

    #22 BunnyButt,
    I’m sure it’s a lovely bra with matching pretty panties.

  29. Mr Semprini

    She makes me globularly warm…

  30. does she still talk football?

  31. Auntie Kryst

    I think she is a cute girl, but when is she going to get on the crazy train? I got nothing to make fun of. Is she old enought to drink yet? I’ll buy her some Boone’s Farm to get the ball rolling.

  32. Tapeworm

    When I see her face, I just think “full moon”. Too many Twinkies as a kid, hard to lose that face weight when you’re older.

    Thanks for playing, Hayden….here’s your set of steak knives and a $50 gift certificate for Home Depot.

  33. Son-of D. Richards

    #26-27? Hey, Dick. Did you know that maggots create enzymes that help to digest dead tissue even before being consumed by the maggot-itself? Yeah. The dead flesh becomes like a warm (because large amounts of maggots create heat) soup that is then sucked up by the maggot entirety.

    Oh, man! Maggots in a pussy. That would be so erotic. Eating the labia. Making their way through the cervix by way of digestion. Mmm-Mmm good!

  34. shankyouverymuch

    I just DON’T get it at all … Why all the constant fascination with this little troll girl!!!!!! She’s short, chubby, NOT at all attractive or sexy, has a mediocre, second-rate looking face at best, doesn’t do ANYTHING, worthwhile or exciting to watch or want to know about. I mean really, she is a completely useless LUMP in EVERY sense, for goodness sake, STOP featuring her fis, PLEASE, STOP the insanity TODAY!!!! :O(

  35. crewmancross

    @ #9/34, don’t be jealous

  36. Her arms are fat and short like sausages, and so are her legs. She still needs to develop, for a 18 year old she looks scary, like she was 13.
    Anyway she’ll never be taller than 4’10”.

  37. 3Times18

    @ #8 – I like my women middle aged. So if I bring home 3 eighteen year olds for sex that is like doing a 54 year old right? I should of payed better attention in high school. I didn’t realize that later in life I could use math to justify my perversions.

  38. Too Funny

    Ryan Reynolds: Why am I standing here with a midget and her special needs older brother?

  39. yuck

    Some of the posters here are gross and revolting. You couldn’t get any grosser could you? For your comments, I’m sure you have a stash of child porn on your computer and fantasize about banging 10 year olds.

  40. D. Richards (Luther-King.)

    #39? Woman. I’m sure I could be more disgusting if you’d like me to. Are you daring me or something? Bitch.

  41. chauncey gardner


    Got any kids?

  42. 18Ain't10

    #39 you needed to take math in High School Too. 18 is not 10. 18 is not child porn. Why are you here? To be an a holier than thou ass?

  43. Bigheadmike

    Cute is an understatement.

  44. DA

    You make it sound as if child-porn is a bad thing. My priest had me sucking his cock by the time i was 9 and taking it up my ass by 11.

  45. PunkA

    HP is on a quest to save the dolphins. Which is why her porpoise is shaved like one.

  46. Bill Clinton

    I tapped that ass. I like ‘em right outta the trailer park. I glazed those globes. bang bang, skeet skeet niggah.

  47. Dude

    What is this fascination with the ordinary anyway? P.S. Denise Richards, please spell check my work.

  48. HeatherFeather

    She’s got sausage arms. Other than chat she’s cute.

  49. Wow, I would love to get a piece of that white meat and dig that pussy out.

  50. LCD

    To the mediocre, mediocrity appears great – Indian Proverb

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