Hayden Panettiere has Golden Globes

I don’t know how these shots of Hayden Panettiere slipped by me, but here she is looking boobagey at the 2008 Golden Globe nominations. I’m usually on top of these things, but lately I’ve been a bit distracted by Kristen Bell. Perhaps the two of them should fight for my attention. But naked and then the winner cooks me a delicious meal. Sort of like how Thomas Jefferson would want it if he had the foresight and, dare I say, balls to include the right to catfights in the Constitution. Instead he included some crap about due process. Lame. Tell me, how did America win the Revolutionary War if we couldn’t even write an amendment that requires two chicks to fight, preferably nude, or in a bikini? Did our Founding Fathers hide musket powder in their vaginas or something? Ooh, historical burn!

Photos: Getty Images