Hayden Panettiere goes to London

September 4th, 2007 // 103 Comments

  1. mywellrehearsedmistake

    umm…. kinda average……

    do we need anymore “US teen heartthrobs” in London? What with all the Mickey Mouse Musical kids already running round London town.

  2. p0nk

    Now that she’s legal I care not one whit about this funnyfaced midget.

  3. cuesta_rey

    she be havin a big dam nose, ya’all

  4. Annie Rexia

    Can’t wait for the sequel: “Hayeden Panettiere Goes To Hell”.

  5. Uber Jalemon

    I’m in lust

  6. I don’t get it.

    she’s really not hot.

    am i the only one? anyone?

  7. I have no problem ripping on most of these Hollywood celbs. But, I just can’t find anything bad to say about Hayden. She just does her job and minds her own business.

  8. OC

    I agree with #1, she’s very average.

    C’mon, we all see girls of this age that are this cute every day. She’s nothing special.

  9. wedgeone

    When she turned 18, I no longer dreamed of lifting her cheerleader skirt and fucking her while she calls me daddy. Seeing these pictures, I’ll no longer dream of drenching her face in hot ropey semen. Please do not post pictures of her anus. It’s all I’ve got left.

  10. veggo

    You could scrape all that make-up off her face and mold a nice volcano science project.

  11. Owen Wilson's (limp) slashed wrist

    In high school, she’s the cute hot little cheerleader. After graduation, she’s “oh you mean that short chick? Yeah I guess she’s ok”.

  12. Midget

    She is a fucken midget ugh. She has to be about 4’10″
    Must look ridiculous in a long gown LOL

  13. Hey Veggo, How was your weekend?

  14. my comment

    Most. Boring.Celebrity.Ever.

  15. veggo

    A few years ago, it all seemed hot, like fingering your younger sister while she sleeps. Now it seems boring, like giving your older brother head while he watches SportsCenter.

  16. @11 and 12
    She’s a “spinner”

  17. Iron Mike

    Nothing hot about her

  18. Hayden looks like Olsen twins

    She reminds me of the olsen twins. I think they were really triplets.

  19. veggo

    @15- you suck dick for coke.

    hey jimbo. weekend was good. I made lots of sound choices, but then I covered them in cheese.

  20. Lesbo chick

    next please

  21. Jen

    Average = not slutty looking enough for you? She’s cute, and not a dirty whore like Lindsay Lohan is. I think she is a good actress and her “average” look fits her role on Heroes.

  22. dwarf hayden

    Look at her little short arms…looks like a short chicken wing and her legs looks like short drum sticks yuuuuuuuuuuuuucky pooooooooooooo

  23. shnoobie

    i don’t see why so many peeps think she is so hot. she is more muscular and sturdy than my pitbull bullbull

  24. Yea she’s hot now but I think in a couple of years she’s just gonna be a short plumpy kinda girl who still thinks she’s hot. Hillary Duff when she was younger was hotter.

    Where celebrity goes hip-hop

  25. ummm…so you picked out the right vibrators but you have a yeast infection?

  26. @15 & 25 Fuck you troll.

    I like how you talking about giving your brother head. You use to do that a lot didn’t you?

  27. @19 Hey Veggo – Did I ever get my Muskrat Love?

  28. Kat

    I feel borderline pedophilia when looking at pictures like this.

  29. Smegma

    she is quite the Vixen, the proper word for female fox

  30. redneckhat

    hot short chicks are the best. You can pick them up easier when you are having sex

  31. GiveHerTime

    It took Britney years to evolve into the type of girl you expect to see having sex with your dog. Give this girl time. It takes time to become perfect trailer trash.

  32. I had a pretty good weekend myself. Hid in my mom’s bedroom closet when I heard her go into the bathroom before going to bed. Got a great view as the support-top pantyhose came off. Splooge everywhere. Next morning she talked about going to the cleaners because one of her pantsuits had a weird stain on it. LMAO!

  33. Fag

    I know what you mean, I hid in my Mother’s closet , wearing her panties and watched her boyfriend fuck her. Then she made me lick out her creampie, it was delicious.

  34. redinkstain

    she’s so average/regular looking

    and stumpy on top of that.

    quit posting pics of her.

  35. why do you idiots keep saying she is average looking, 99% of women are without make up

  36. scottl

    Again with this chick, what is the growing obession with her

  37. @32 Hahaha you so fucking funny troll. Go back to blowing your brother. Opps you can’t can you?

  38. I hope she doesn’t make the cardinal mistake of waiting too long to pose nude – she’s already turning into a penguin!

  39. jrzmommy

    Dear Diary–
    The X blows here in rehab. So do the drinks. I HATE Hayden Pantene! She’s so fat. Well, the cute guys from down the all are here…I think we’re going to plan a vacation to Paris when we’re all out of here…they said something about me and them and the Eiffel Tower.

  40. XavierH


    You misspelled her name. It’s P-L-A-N-E-T-A-R-I-U-M.

  41. Mike

    #19 Veggo…….no more e-mailing me or what?

  42. jrzmommy

    Pantera? Like the metal band?

  43. Panera? Like the bread?

  44. veggo

    Placenta? Like the afterbirth?

  45. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    Pangaea? Like the mesozoic period?

  46. punchy

    there’s something about her face that tells me she’s pretty dumb. but hot. hot and dumb. good combi.

  47. lambman

    Hayden is cute, and good at her job: Acting in and promoting Heroes

    all you haters knock it off until she has her first DUI!!!!

  48. Hocky Socky HA

    Patisserie? As in a french bakery?

  49. JagedNS

    I mentioned this before for another shot of her…they’re all the same…her looking into the camera thinking…”I can’t believe I’m soooo famous!”

    this is one chick that is absolutely lovin’ the attention and that’s annoying LOL.

  50. @47

    u r soooooo gay……r u zac?

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