Hayden Panettiere goes to France

August 30th, 2007 // 115 Comments

Hayden Panettiere and the cast of Heroes are promoting the show in Paris this week. For those of you confusing the large metal structure behind Hayden for the Eiffel Tower, you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s my boner. That’s right. I’m a giant love-robot sent back from the future. What, you couldn’t tell? I thought the giant metal wang would’ve given it away.

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  1. Dashankmeista


    and is it just me or is that guy pinching her ass?

  2. Jennifer

    I’m still trying to figure out the hype behind this girl. Just don’t see it. oh well.

  3. me

    I agree with Jennifer.

  4. No offense but she has the body of a 12 year old.

  5. Melissa

    What on earth is that guy doing behind her??

  6. ass pinch! lol– or is he shuvin somethin in?



    ~ 420 ~

  7. Norm

    took you guys long enough to release these photos ! I love her shoes I want to lick her legs !

  8. joni

    She’s really overrated. She had a little gimmick going there where perverts were fascinated about the fact that she was underage, but now that she’s all nice and legal, she’ll be about as interesting as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were after their famous “countdown to 18,” and people will realize that in an industry full of 10s Hayden is at best a slightly plump, very short, plain-faced and not especially talented 5.


  10. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    Another title for this post could have been “No-name goes to fagsville”

  11. mywellrehearsedmistake

    Bottom row – second from right


    Britney called she wants her chin back. thank god she only stole one – brit has a cumback to plan!

  12. justplainconfused

    Oh right, for the ladies, I’ll take a shot at explaining the interest. She’s young, has a cute face, and is attractive in a girl-next-door sort of way. Also, in her first major role, she spent most of the season running around in a cheerleader outfit. The character plays well into the male fantasy world. The only way to have made the cheerleader character hotter for guys would have been to add about 3 more cheerleaders to the show. Then, have them decide to jello wrestle and make out with each other half way through the season. That would have been the highest rated episode in TV history.

  13. She’s gonna be ugly when she gets old. But for now, smack it up, flip it rub it down!!!!!!! HOLLA BACK BITCHES!

  14. joeypants

    Meh. She’s really not that hot… and she has they type of body that looks like it might get chubby. BUT… she might be the nicest person in the world… and that’s what truly counts.

  15. WAIT!!! I only see two heroes!!! Where’s the rest of the heroes??? UNFAIR!!!


  16. I want to have butt sex with her.

  17. umawwi

    In that first picture, it looks like the guy behind her is sticking his finger up her ass and examining something or another. Funny. Real funny.

  18. alf oldland

    hey, you sexy three year-old!

    i hope you’re enjoying the peak of your career! your green mile awaits!

  19. veggo

    She is cute. And this is fucking boring.

    At least she could have been caught with coke running out of her nose or shaved her head or something! GIVE US SOMETHING!

  20. She’s wearing something The “Designing Women” cast rejected from wardrobe.

  21. @20 Mmmmmm coke…….

    I am kinda tired today

  22. This is just normal news … I am disappointed!


  23. Texas Tranny

    Almost a nip-slip in pic #3

  24. NoWay

    the way the pic is shot it looks like the dude standing behind her is sticking a dildo up her ass…especially that serious look on his face…hilarious

  25. deano

    chubby. short. plain face. bushy eyebrows.

    why should we care about this chick again??

  26. Texas Tranny

    You are so right.
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Dildo

  27. I see London
    I see France
    I would love to see Hayden’s under pants!!!!

  28. wow ! not a bad looking young lady! —the folks at http://www.StPeteBeachFlHotel.com

  29. we love her–it’s nice to see one not caught up in the party scene!

  30. Vince Lombardi

    I hate to break it to all you Hayden pervs, but she’s about two tacos short of being Carnie Wilson before the surgery. She’s got a double-chin, flabby upper arms (she’s 18, for God’s sake – she should be in the prime of her life), she’s got a bit of the backside going, and when she turns around, she’s working on a gunt. This girl is going to be FAT – this is not a drill – buy stock in Jenny Craig. You’re looking at their next spokesmodel.

  31. gotmilk?

    what is with all you people calling her a fatty? she doesn’t look fat at all.

  32. Crap Tonight

    Her eyebrows displease me greatly

  33. Daver

    I’d much rather see some Ali Larter shots, since she DOESN’T look like a troll doll with a haircut….

  34. Joanna Newsom

    Dear Lord.
    Shut up about the midget.

  35. Dr. Happyfingers

    @32 She’s not fat, but what some people see is the precurser marks of obesity. The untoned arms, the round face, the big booty. As she gets older she’ll have to make a concentrated effort to keep the weight at a normal level. But hey, she’s got at least ten years of cute/hotness ahead of her, so get your fill folks.

  36. lepoon

    i’d hit it so hard ;D

  37. my comment

    I like turtles.

  38. I see London, Hayden’s in France and I still want in her underpants

  39. Laura

    i think shes beautiful yal are retarded

  40. my comment

    Cankles + Fat Fleshy Upper Arms = Future Porker

  41. veggo

    @38- hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you said that because of that video of that kid at the fair in Oregon…the zombie kid……then I love you…..

    for those who haven’t seen it…….


    It’s funny shit.

  42. Malffy Hernandes

    Gross article, she just turned 18!

  43. mtnbiker

    the more i rub my eyes the more i think I see a nip slip in #3…hehe
    she is hot, I like her.

  44. Yes and No

    That dress could not possibly be less flattering on her (manish) figure.

  45. George

    all you women posters are jellus babbies ! HAYDEN IS HOT ! she is every straight male’s fantasy girl !

  46. @44 Damn, you are right. It is there. You have to look hard, but you can see a little nip there

  47. big

    How about a nice nip slip

  48. juicy pidoosy


    hayden is pinching that guy’s ass, and he’s stunned.

    hayden can grab my ass. i don’t mind.

  49. lambman

    Why is this a post about Hayden, when many of the other cast members with her are generally more famous and have had successful career longer?

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