Hayden Panettiere getting engaged?! NOOOOOOO!

Hayden Panettiere’s boyfriend and Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia is picking out engagement rings for my favorite midget hottie. While I figure out the best way to punch him in the gonads, scope out the details from InTouch:

The actor, 31, recently confided to a friend that even though Hayden is only 18 years old, he wants to get engaged, preferably this year. “Milo was looking at rings in late June,” the pal says. “He really likes Cartier and intends to spend around $200,000.”

Okay, sure, Milo can provide Hayden with fancy things like his Hollywood good looks and an expensive engagement. But I’ve got a face full of handsome as well. Okay, maybe I’m not rich, but I know how to treat a lady. You’ve got to support their neck and be sure to burp them after eating. Oh yeah, I know my shit. Hayden, let’s get romantic.