Hayden Panettiere ‘endorses’ John McCain, drops the F-bomb

October 15th, 2008 // 192 Comments

Hayden Panettiere, who claims she’s “hot enough to get your attention for 30 seconds,” gives a fake profanity-laden endorsement for John McCain in this FunnyOrDie video that’s 99% Die. Okay, listen, I’m liberal as they come, but for the love of God, knock this shit off. It’s not cute. It’s definitely not funny. And you probably just convinced a bunch of rednecks they’re going to literally get “fucked” by voting for McCain. As if these avid gun enthusiasts weren’t going to be pissed off enough if Obama wins, you’ve added blue balls to the equation. How can that go wrong? Fortunately, it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to get shot at my local Arby’s. Thanks, Hayden!


  1. max

    She looks as though her jaw has been dislocated or broken. Guys like her father should be forced into a cage match with an experienced and accomplished fighting man every time they whip their wives, children and/or girlfriends.

  2. raceman94

    Well, there goes what little respect I had for her…

  3. clamum

    I have always thought the writer here was a douchebag who really thought high of himself and what the fuck do ya know, this confirms it: “Okay, listen, I’m liberal as they come…”

  4. shaaaquisshhaa

    #5 your prob crying at home with a bucket o chicken wishing u were famous and not fat…shes not hot but your a crybaby…

    h.p should kill herself though asap

  5. Wicked Wendy

    I am so ashamed 2 even admit I liked this bitch. As in past tense. But I new her from her first years on Guiding Light…again my head i hung in shame…

  6. Wicked Wendy

    Sorry….stuck on stupid…..

  7. joe the plumber

    It’s bad enough if you voted for Dubya the first time…

    If you voted him in the second time around, do everyone a favor and stay the fuck home this election day, you clearly lack the intellegence and common sense needed to choose a leader for this country. (And If you’re planning on voting for McCain/Palin, congratulations– you certainly are a special kind of stupid.)

    How embarrassing it must be to know you were a vocal supporter of Bush/Cheney back in ’04. (funny how no one will admit that now…) now STFU and let the Democrats dig your asses out.

    Anyone but McCain/Palin ’08 !

  8. Michael Corrigan

    This bitch needs to shut her mouth! Putting John Mccain’s political career aside, he fought for this country and spent seven years of his life paying for it as a POW. People should stand against this garbage because she is brazenly disrespecting a man who laid himself on the line for his fellow servicemen and his country. People on both sides talk about respecting veterans and their sacrifice. Well, if they truly believe in that ideal they all need to send a resounding Shut the fuck up to Hayden Panettiere. She could never do what any of the brave men and women of this country have ever done, and when she shits on john Mccain she is shitting on them all. As Americans we all have freedom but not everybody has class.

  9. Nikki

    HAYDEN IS AGAINST KILLING BABY DOLPHINS BUT IS ALL FOR KILLING BABY HUMANS? What kind of world are we living in? If anything this ad just made me really not like her and think she is stupid. Let’s face it people, we are not being offered very good choices to vote for, BUT there is no way I would vote for someone that has affiliations with terrorist, vote tampering, an anti-American racist preacher, and supports partial birth abortions. I’m not talking about abortions where the baby is not very well developed. I’m talking about a baby that could live outside it’s mother’s womb, but since you can’t kill a baby after it is born (at least you can’t right now, who knows what is gonna happen in a few years), they turn the baby around where it will come out feet first, stick a pair of scissors in it’s head (while it’s still in the mother) and suck it’s brain out. If Obama gets President then MARK MY WORD there will be all kinds of mosques set up and all kinds of terrorists coming in to our country. Pretty soon it is gonna get to the point where you will have to denounce Christ or be killed. Obama has said he would not put his hand on the bible and swear to protect our country. This nation was founded on Christian beliefs, but evidently that has changed. I’m all for freedom of religion, I have nothing against Muslims, but I do have something against these extremist Muslims who think killing Americans is gonna get them a higher place in heaven. Every day there is something else coming out about Obama and the fact that he may/may not have a valid birth certificate scares me. How do we know for sure that we are not putting a terrorist into office????? I really believe that people will regret voting for Obama, but it will be too late. I DON’T SEE HOW ANYONE THAT CALLS THEMSELVES A CHRISTIAN COULD VOTE FOR SOMEONE LIKE OBAMA SINCE HE TAKES A STAND FOR VERY IMMORAL THINGS. Wake up America, we are in trouble and there are very worse things than the financial crisis we are in that can happen to the USA. Even Jesse Jackson said that Obama would turn his back on Israel, which if you believe in the bible would equal America’s ultimate doom.

  10. Alexa

    Hmmm..Vote for someone who loved his country enough to risk his life for it, was held captive and beaten for 7 years, admitted his wrongs (affair) or vote for someone that hasn’t really done anything for his country, makes fun of someone that was a POW because he can’t use a computer, when the very reason he can’t use a computer is because of all his broken bones he got as a POW, may not have a valid birth certificate, whose friends received lots of money from the big bail out, has ties to a known terrorist, will not swear on the bible, has ties to Acorn who was behind voting fraud. Plus every time, he gets caught affiliated with such people/organizations he suddenly breaks ties with them and says he is not affiliated with them. He’s affiliated with them until he gets caught up with. Wow, what a hard choice that is. I agree with the other poster, what is wrong with America? Have we gotten so bad that we are nothing but a modern Sodom and Gomorrah? What happened to being proud of our veteran’s and having respect for them? Now, we go as low as to make fun of them. For the record, McCain, as far as I know, is not Bush! I don’t agree with a lot of things about Bush, but he has stood with Israel. He did have prayer in the White House! He did catch Saddam who killed and terrorized millions, but then American’s say “Well, he was supposed to be after Bin Laden”. What was wrong with catching someone that clearly hated America and was a mass murderer? No one seems to agree with the war, but if we (America) had done nothing, what would people of said about him then? If we had done nothing, do people not realize we’d probably be fighting this battle anyway, except it would be on our own turf. Yes, there a a lot of finacial problems, but they were there before Bush ever got into office. Just a few days ago, Bill Clinton admitted that there were problems with Fannie and Freddie when he was in office and that they should of been taken care of then. Those who believe this war was only about oil are insane. Is it about oil, maybe part of it was, but another part of it was about our freedom. You can agree with me or not, but what I do know is that America is headed for trouble and I don’t see either candidate getting us out of this trouble that we are already in. Our problems began when America sold ourselves out to all these other countries. We rely on these other countries too much. Every time we have an election we hear these candidates promise this, that, and the other just to get in office and then they can’t deliver. Just because Obama says he is gonna do something doesn’t mean he will. I think people should look at who has the most morals, who has done the most for their country, who has the most experience and not at who is the youngest and the biggest celebrity. McCain knows about war, he fought in one, and since we are in war it would make the most sense to me to put someone in office that has experience in that matter. Obama doesn’t seem to know very much at all about foreign policies. His experience is the least of the problems, the biggest being What do we really know about this man? Wisdom comes with age and yeah, McCain may be old, but he has more wisdom and experience and the one thing you can’t dispute about McCain is that he does care about our country.

  11. Taygen

    This is one of the most disgusting ads I have ever seen. Hayden, you are pathetic! To be for Obama is one thing, but to make fun of a decorated veteran and POW is another. You are no better than those people that wear those sexist t-shirts that say Palin is a ****. Which I don’t know why I am surprised, most celebrities are the most liberal people on the planet. What does surprise me is you can’t stand to see a baby dolphin/whale whatever killed, but you are voting for someone that is all for killing little babies. You make me sick…I don’t think most of these young people even know what these candidates stand for, they are just voting for the most popular one amongst Hollywood. I hope that people that find this offensive stop supporting her and her show.

  12. David

    She should have to go over there and be a POW and then maybe she’d understand what McCain went through for his country. Doesn’t anyone besides me find it ironic that the man we have running for President has similar names to two of our biggest enemies (Saddam Hussein= Obama Hussein, Osama=Obama), that is troublesome. I personally think Obama was planted here by terrorists to make sure our country lies in ruin. He could possibly be the fore runner to the anti-christ or the anti-christ himself. Just because he says he is a Christian means nothing, his actions speak louder than his words. How can you be a Christian and stand for the things he stands for. He is the most liberal person we have ever had running for President. Obama is too shady for my liking. I would rather be able to sleep at night knowing that the person running my country isn’t a terrorist, racist, cheater, ect. I’m not saying Obama is a terrorist, racist, or a cheater, but we don’t know that he isn’t either. He is friends with Ayers, affiliated with Acorn, affiliated with a preacher who says “God damn America”. I’m for equal rights and I wouldn’t mind having a black President, but when someone sits and listens to a preacher that is only for black people to me that is racist. If a white preacher said the things about blacks that that preacher has said, black people would be picketing the streets. If white people made the same remarks that have been made about McCain they’d be seen as racist. Racists can be black too. Blacks have the NAACP, but if white people had an organization that excluded black people it would be seen as segregation. Black people have ancestors that went through horrible things such as slavery, but they have just as many rights as we have now, so why do they still play the race card everytime anything is said they disagree with? I don’t see the Jews still holding a grudge against people today because of the holocaust. We can’t help what our ancestors did to yours, so please stop blaming us. If it weren’t for a white President, you might still be slaves. I have no problem with black people wanting to be equal to white people or anyone else for that matter because we are all the same on the inside anyway, but it’s not right for how some black people want to be above white people. I’m not saying all black people are like this, but it irks me to see a white person make a comment and all these black people make a huge deal about it being a racist comment, which it may of been and don’t get me wrong, it isn’t right. However, if a black person makes a comment about a white person that is racist, nothing is ever mentioned about that, it is never that big of a deal. That my friends is a double standard and needs to stop. I read somewhere that Obama has ties to the black panthers and not that much has been said about that if it is even true. Can you imagine if McCain had ties to the Klan? We’d never hear the end of it. Please don’t think I’m trying to down black people, that is not my intention. I just don’t want a President that is gonna look down on white people, but worse than that I don’t want a President that may have ties to extreme Muslims and may be a Muslim himself. Is there anything wrong with being a Muslim? No, we have freedom of religion in our country BUT our nation was founded on Christian beliefs and I don’t think someone that doesn’t share those beliefs should be a President of a nation founded on God (God meaning the father of Jesus Christ). I don’t have a problem with black people either, in fact there are many black people I’d love to see as President. What it all comes down to is who is gonna do a better job protecting my country and I’d rather have someone that risked his own life for it rather than someone that I have no idea what he believes. He says all these things but then everyday it seems something else surfaces about his past. At least I know McCain cared enough about his country to fight for it. I’d of rather Hilary Clinton been President than Obama. If Hilary had of run against McCain it would of been a tough decision on who I would of voted for. You know what I think would of been great? If McCain had of reached out to the democrats and had Hilary as his vice president. I think that would of secured the election for him and would of got my vote hands down. I mean I like Palin, I love he fact that she has a great belief system, the ONLY thing that worries me about her is, like Obama, she lacks experience. At least she is only gonna be vice-President and isn’t actually running for President with little experience like Obama is. It would of made more sense to me to of had Biden running for President and Obama as vice-President, it makes no sense at all to put someone in the position of President that has very little experience and someone as his vice president that has way more experience. It would be like a teacher telling a second grader to get up and teach a high school senior. That isn’t a really good analogy but you get the point.

  13. Harrison

    I never thought America would put someone like Obama into the running for President. Then again I never thought we’d have a draft dodger as our President either. Obama is worse than Bill Clinton, he comes from a far more questionable background. Was he even born in the USA? I saw on TV where they said he had a fake birth certificate.

  14. Tom

    To ALL the McCain and Obama supporters on this thread — Yo’re all idiots!!!

    Most of the comments here are psychotic rants with nothing to do with the actual politics or the candidates THEMSELVES!

    Neither side of the debate on this thread seem to be aware of any ACTUAL facts, the candidates, or anything of legitimate interest to the political situation!

    Please, for the love of whatever God(s) you believe in SHUT UP!!!

  15. mud hen

    #162 Tom is right many of you do have psychotic rants. Look at my comments at #15 and #119, I have facts in my statements. David # 162 , I’m being serious when I say this– you’re insane. People can have different opinions I’m ok with that. However, if you really believe what you just wrote you belong in a mental hospital.

  16. mud hen

    #164 Tom is right in saying many of you do have psychotic rants. Look at my comments at #15 and #119, I have facts in my statements. David # 162 , I’m being serious when I say this– you’re insane. People can have different opinions I’m ok with that. However, if you really believe what you just wrote you belong in a mental hospital.

  17. Gourmet Vagina

    God, she’s adorable.

  18. Mike

    People who live in glass hen houses shouldn’t throw eggs.

    Yank and wank go together just like British and Dentist

  19. Tom

    #162 David is absolutely correct.
    While it’s true we don’t know if Obama is a racist, a terrorst, or the Antichrist – we don’t know if he isn’t.
    Of course we don’t KNOW if McCain is a racist, a terrorist, or the Antichrist, either, but we don’t know he isn’t.
    And it’s obvious #162 David has no problem with Black people, even though 90% of his comment focuses on Obama’s race.

    But mostly he’s right that since Obama’s name is similar to this country’s enemies, them Obama probably is one too.
    Sure it seems kind of stupid to have an undercover terrorist have the such a terrorist-sounding name, but no one said they were smart.

  20. kent

    She’s also a fuckin liar or she’s making shit up as she goes. McCain never had an affair with a lobbyist and was proven to be an attempted smear by the NYT. Lol!

  21. I am a bi#tch

    What I find very amusing is that all of the “new Obama supporters” are only voting for Obama because they certainly put in enough votes for The dubya and now realized they f’d up. So now they feel to rectify the situation, they decide putting a terrorist in office is better logic????

  22. Mac

    I hate to tell you but when you vote for McCain you LIVE not die….the US is the superpower dominant warrior machine of the earth you stupid young cunt. Also, why does rich Hollywood not want McCain…I don’t get it—I thought they cared about money more than anything?????

  23. herbiefrog

    hey guys… : )

    hard to belive but they are all sooo… partisan
    down there
    that we may be the first to say the most obvious

    even though


    may may made qallusions to it… shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh : )


    here we go…

    do you have any idea how important this is to us ?

    …you’ll survive…

    : )

  24. HaydenIsNotHot

    Hayden- you’re an idiot. Are you even old enough to vote? Do you know anything about taxes? I’m sure you’re one of the “wealthy,” so why would you mind if you get a tax break from McCain? You should be jumping for joy! Let’s clear up a few things:
    1) You’re stupid (oh, i already said that.)
    2) Nothing about you is appealing in any way (physically, mentally, personality-wise…you’re an ugly person)
    3) You are and always WILL BE a grade-B “actress” that will never produce any worthwhile performances
    4) You’re a puppet, just like most of Hollywood.
    5) You’re not funny
    6) You’re ignorant (on top of being stupid)
    7) You probably don’t know that 40% of the 95% of Americans that “will get tax breaks” from Obama don’t even pay taxes, so his plan won’t work.
    8) You probably don’t know what “socialism” means
    9) You have no respect for a Veteran that sat in a POW camp for 5 years for scum like you to be able to spew idiodic, disrespectful things DAY AFTER DAY.
    10) You probably helped John McCain more than you know…why do you think Obama wants the endorsement of the likes of you? SCUM!

  25. Tony

    Hayden, you are a piece of shit. It’s people like you who corrupt the young mind and turn them into communist fucks. It’s no wonder NBC is tanking and are even worst than last year in the ratings, in which they were dead last. Do you ever stop to think that people don’t hold a lot of credence to some uninformed, pampered teenager. The only message you are getting out is to reinforce the independents idea that they would never want to be associated with a leftwing nut party like yours. Also, when you lose fans because you turn off fans that you are offending, I guess that will be the karma that you deserve. Shame on you and lick my balls.

  26. you suck

    I hate her now. She’s not hot anymore.

    Lame attempt at humor.

    Here’s my attempt at non-humor: Obama believes in Socialist principles.

    That’s a fact. Sorry, Hayden.

    It is so easy to blindly support the Socialist when you too privileged to understand what this country is like for the rest of us.

    Goodbye, Hayden. You can leave now.

  27. Michael Corrigan

    In my statement made earlier I said John Mccain was a prisoner of war for seven years. It was actually only five and a half. However that should not detract from my the validity of of my earlier statement. It should be known that during those 5 1/2 years 2 were spent in solitary confinement. It takes quite a man to survive that. Fuck Hayden Panettiere!!!

  28. I guess they'll let anyone with a pulse and an address vote...

    #162 says:

    “Doesn’t anyone besides me find it ironic that the man we have running for President has similar names to two of our biggest enemies (Saddam Hussein= Obama Hussein, Osama=Obama), that is troublesome. I personally think Obama was planted here by terrorists to make sure our country lies in ruin. ”

    Good point. It’s obvious that with all the planning involved in Obama’s huge “conspiracy-in-the-making”, he forgot to do something about that awkward, foreign-sounding name. He should have changed it to something more wholesome and “All-American”, like TIMOTHY MCVEIGH.

    fucking moron.

  29. I guess they'll let anyone with a pulse and an address vote...

    …And I personally think George W. Bush was planted here by terrorists to make sure our country lies in ruin.

  30. I guess they'll let anyone with a pulse and an address vote...

    Somewhere BinLaden is laughing his ASS off watching this chimp BUSH run our country into the ground. By the way– we’re talking about someone with nearly EIGHT YEARS of experience as president, and his OWN FATHER ran the country as well. So much for the argument for “experience”. (the first 4 bought him the second term– anyone out there willing to admit they voted for this idiot?)

    Bush has done more damage to this country than any run-of-the-mill terrorists could have ever done. Bush did to our nation’s infrastructure (economy, quality of life, our global reputation and the like) what the planes did to the WTC.

  31. Stiles

    Wow, that’s 30 seconds I’m never getting back.

    And enjoy the “hot enough” now Hayden. It’s all downhill from here. I saw your folks after the cops were called on their boozin’ & beatin’. Genetics aren’t on your side. Unless you get the LA bumper to bumper plastic surgery special. But if the Obamanation is elected, even YOU won’t be able to afford it with inflation. The dilemmas of being young & famous…

  32. Mac

    This proves to me that Bin Laden is dead or else he would have put out another of his videos laughing at the US. I hope all you liberals caught the point about 40% of the 95% of people he’s saving taxes from DON’T PAY TAXES…..he’s taxing the rich to give to the LAZY!!

  33. This is exactly why actors and actresses should stick to their crafts. Doesn’t she have some whales to save or something?

  34. Ryan the Canadian

    She is not hot enough to hold my attention. She is dressed like a fucking Nun.
    Then again, she has small breasts so that removes cleavage from the equation. She could have done this shirtless with her back to the camera and shown some ass cleavage. I would have been able to “finish” at 25 seconds after not hearing a word she said.

  35. Ryan the Canadian

    This video sucked. Seatbelts? I mean really……take your clothes off……..

  36. juriste

    What a b…tch! After this my vote is for John McCain. He is the man.

  37. juriste

    What a b…tch! After this my vote is for John McCain. He is the man.

  38. Kate

    My respect for her just went way up.

  39. Bickus Dickus

    I’d like to bash her idiotic skull in with a sledgehammer and hang her from the Statue of Liberty, only after I dipped her in acid and then fucked her with a wine bottle covered in steel wool. Since I know that can’t happen, I hope she gets disfigured in a freak Killer Whale attack, ends up looking like a cross between Rocky Dennis and The Blob, and spends the rest of her life in a basket listening to people shreik in horror as they see her grotesque features….

  40. grace

    !ow you guys are all idiots!
    Your extremist views make both parties look bad.
    First of all, wow, really republicans, do you hold the view that god made you to help those who already have the means to help themselves and destroy gays and brown people? I hope not, but from these comments it seems like you believe that to be your life’s goal. The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming! Well you know what Islam has contributed more to the world than you, Joe the Plumber, and probably the rest of you conservatives will ever accomplish.
    And Democrats, well, you weren’t as extreme as the republicans which I applaud you for, but seriously this is meant to be a joke! If you’re allowed to share your view on politics and her, then she can share whatever the fuck she wants to.

    In conclusion, get out of your own simple headed mind and see things from another point of view.

  41. elizabeth

    oh and i guess you guys will all have a hard time getting to sleep now because a “terrorist” is now running the country! dumb fucks!

  42. Brobama

    Funny or die? Die!!! Excuse me while I turn on a Pauly Shore movie to cleanse myself of this crapfest.

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