Hayden Panettiere ‘endorses’ John McCain, drops the F-bomb

October 15th, 2008 // 192 Comments

Hayden Panettiere, who claims she’s “hot enough to get your attention for 30 seconds,” gives a fake profanity-laden endorsement for John McCain in this FunnyOrDie video that’s 99% Die. Okay, listen, I’m liberal as they come, but for the love of God, knock this shit off. It’s not cute. It’s definitely not funny. And you probably just convinced a bunch of rednecks they’re going to literally get “fucked” by voting for McCain. As if these avid gun enthusiasts weren’t going to be pissed off enough if Obama wins, you’ve added blue balls to the equation. How can that go wrong? Fortunately, it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to get shot at my local Arby’s. Thanks, Hayden!


  1. Monty

    I wish I could vote for McCain 100 xs more now!!! Note to celebrities: Please please make sad angry videos after McCain wins so I can really laugh!!

  2. RyanInLA

    i don’t understand the video. is he being ironic? or does she really think we’re all going to die if McCain gets elected?

    and sorry, but making fun of old people is lame.

    i think she needs a better publicist.

  3. RyanInLA

    i don’t understand the video. is she being ironic? or does she really think we’re all going to die if McCain gets elected?

    and sorry, but making fun of old people is lame.

    i think she needs a better publicist.

  4. fishdeath

    Please tell me she’s at least 18 so I don’t go to hell.

  5. Brian B

    i think it’s suppose to be sarcastic, isn’t it?

  6. Blimey

    NOT FUNNY. It’s one thing when Tina Fey makes fun of Sarah Palin – that’s funny to a point…but this just isn’t funny. Makes me think of less of her for making this video. Another liberal celebrity who hasn’t shown me they know enough about politics to trust whatsoever.

  7. HuckyDucky

    I wasn’t going to vote for Obama, but I am now.

    I am now.

  8. upchuck21

    Another Hollywood idiot who is mean and hateful. I love the Democrats. They always blame the Republicans for being mean-spirited, yet they are the ones who put out this crap.

  9. andy

    dude… im always on your side, except on this one… its a fucking joke… get over yourself…. you are not supossed to take it seriously….. get the stick out of your ass….. geez…. and i thought this was a “fun” blog…….

  10. RomeIsBurning

    I’m with 51…..

    I doubt this little brat even knows how to spell “America”, let alone anything else.

  11. ramona putz

    Hayden, FUCK OFF & go away!!
    We’re tired of listening to your stupid unfunny mouth and looking at your “Mars Attacks” forehead.

  12. kent

    I wonder is she attends Trinity United Church?

  13. kent

    I wonder is she attends Trinity United Church?

  14. Wow another dumbass thinking they are funny! She looks like an oompa loompa without the orange face.

  15. Bob

    Thank you #109.

    It’s a joke people – don’t have a stroke!

  16. oh-no-yes

    damn this thing, i am sooo sick of politics, i am not voting for disaster cause john McCain looks like a psycho and then obama is cool but I doubt he is a man of his words, if you vote and the u.s collapse I am blaming all of those who voted, dead serious. I hope your conscious eats you alive, when you wish to feed you kids and you cant because buying food is too damn expensive because all the money goes on war…oh damn……I’m voting for obama!!!

  17. meee

    i don’t like that chick at all but for some reason i still found it funny to hear her say fuck. i’m THAT immature.

  18. Tom

    Calm down, people!

    If this ad, or even all the celebrity ads (serious and funny alike) together, in any way influence the way you vote, then you should not vote at all – you’re not mentally equiped.

    The only thing that matters on who to vote for is: 1) their platform (and the realistic expectations of its feasability), 2) their trustworthiness, and 3) their competance.

    Screw the endorsements. Screw the parties. Screw the parodies.
    Vote for the candidate who you think is the best person for the job.

  19. mud hen

    # 87 or KAREN it is you who are Wrong, LOOK it up!! Senate 93-95 Dem, 95-97 Rep, 97-99 REP, 99-01 Rep, 01-03 D (50-50 actually till 02 then Rep was majority) 03-05 Rep, 05-07 Rep, 07-09 Split. The House 93-95, Dem 95-97 Rep, 97-99 Rep, 99-01 REp, 01-03 Rep, 03-05 Rep, 05-07 Rep, 07-09 Dem. Now Tell Me Who is to Blame. ALong with having control most of the time REps have also had Bush in office for 8 years you stupid F*ck McCain supporters.

  20. jeremiah

    As another nazi moron like the rest on here who support John McCain and voted for George Bush, I can’t help but attack her weight and frizzy hair life style. Maybe it is because I have no life, or because I am a bloody fucking loser retard. I am not sure.

    As we all know. All liberals are vegi eating, obama sucking, queers from san Francisco. Now as a honest, jesus loving, queer hating, pedophile conservative, I just know that we need to hang all of these fucking losers and give another 700 billion to billionaire bankers and other lobyist. We should also make the Israel flag ours.

  21. none ya biz

    Loved it! LOL

  22. Kim

    FUCK her and FUCK B. Hussein Obama!

  23. Conservatives, by nature, are scared of progress. You retards have destroyed America for once-off event that killed 3000 people. You have killed 4000 of your own. You have killed hundreds of thousands of civilians. 3000 deaths on 9/11 is less than the deaths caused by poisoning, falls, drowning, or suffocation annually. What’s next, you cunts are going to declare war on bees? You can go all out and hunt down Ronald McDonald and the Burger King. Live in fear you unhappy, racist bible literalists. The rest of us will live enjoyable lives while you rot away praying for Jesus to return. Voting for McCrash? Hopefully, when he loses, you will return to your bingo parlors, wipe the tears from your eyes, and look at your sorry lives.

    p.s. Hayden Panettiere is an idiot but Id still bone her.

  24. @118….Will you marry me? BEST comment all day.

  25. OL'RED


    I like how you ended your rant with “I’d still bone her”

    Wow. Last time I checked I wasn’t a racist. Not all republicans/conservatives believe in the bible, not all of US follow organized religions. And the name calling? Come on! Oh and I am not unhappy, bingo parlor? How does that even make me conservative? My life is not sorry.

  26. I’m talking about the majority, you know, the pricks with monkey Obama dolls that shout “kill him” at McCain rallies. I was also exaggerating a bit, you might have noticed.

  27. Anon

    Hope for all those pro Mc Cain comments your house get foreclosure for not having money after the company that you work for decide to hire Indian workers for cheap labor and more revenue for them. Then you will know what its good.

    I have news for you guys. Dollar doesnt worth shit anymore, try to exchange it for a EURO and you might get tor change a piece of gum!!!

    Dont be in denial, USA it not going to be the big power that was.

    So keep voting for Mc Cain and other Republicans.

  28. Neal

    I am voting for Mickey Mouse.

  29. The Listener

    She is soooo cute!

    #6 LOL

  30. Miserable Bastard

    I hope a right-wing dolphin grabs her by the straps of her swimsuit and holds her head underwater until the bubbles stop.

  31. The Listener

    People, you’re being way too harsh on the girl. Lighten up!

  32. langdon

    @59: let me clarify, then. all conservatives are racist.

  33. Huh?

    That makes as much sense as voting for Obama so he can turn this country into Cuba, dissidents will be silenced, borders will be left more open than they are now, leaving us susceptible to attacks, and Bill Ayers will personally escort your nuke to any destination in the great U.S. of A.

  34. Beeotch

    #127 Please learn to speak and type English before giving Americans advice on who to vote for!

  35. bnalh

    i think that was brave of her to pull something like this
    knowing ignorant, opinionated assholes would comment on it or about her
    when really, they couldn’t make a feasible argument about john mccain to save their fucking life. who exactly is the one to judge here?

  36. ryan

    Can someone now make a hayden soundboard with the word fuck in it. please.

    (only other word i need in the board is “me” .. i’m sure we can find that somewhere)

  37. wanks

    first of all, she has some ego to think she is even remotely hot for 30 seconds especially wearing that blue jump suit….get naked and ill give you hot for 10 seconds hayden

  38. ArtJam

    I Totally agree with her and its funny as shit! She is an annoying little bitch, but as long as she’s talking shit on McCain, she is a saint and I can stand it. She says fuck funny too. haha

  39. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    @127 the US dollar has been worth nothing for a VERY LONG time now, their economy is toilet based! I bought a house for cash in the US earlier this year for so dirt cheap I could not even buy a garage in England for that price, but suckers are paying $1200 a month to live in it! I love America! I just hate Americans!

  40. dumbass

    RE: 62. Adonis

    “I wasn’t going to vote Obama anyway, but these ads actually make me hate the entire left side.”

    You are kidding right? Anyone who is stupid enough to think that the so-called left side needs Hayden’s indirect endorsement and that the agenda of a political party is to elicit celebrity propaganda should get his head checked and stay home on Election Day.

  41. xx

    #4 is exactly right. Also, what’s up with rich people acting like they’re all against rich people? Besides, tax breaks for the rich aren’t a bad, thing; they should just lower taxes for the middle class and poor folk too.

  42. Tracy

    another typical liberal hollywood cunt….yaaawwwwnnnnn! Call me when she has to do her first porn…..

  43. HERO vs. ZERO

    Hi hope Panty and her dirtbag DAD get into a paralizing auto accident..
    Yes, PANTY has A GAY DIRTBAG LOOSER DAD!! ahahahahah

  44. liberals are lame

    Barack Obama… aka Obama bin Lyin’…. the retards that follow him are the same ones that voted for the kid that promised new vending machines and no homework for the rest of the year… empty promises mean nothing- try answering the questions asked of you osama… i mean obama. the rich pay for most of the nations taxes… tax hikes to big companies only trickle down to you… yes you and me, the consumers, the little people of the low and middle class. forget handouts i dont plan on being broke for the rest of my life and i certainly dont want to be paying for anyone thats to lazy to work and pops babys out for the guaranteed check every month. people stop being pussies instead of complaining do something about your lives and for those of you that hate America.. Leave

  45. Dolemite

    Well that does it. The recent deluge of celebrity “endorsements” of Sen. Obama has driven this undecided voter right off the fence and into the McCain camp.

  46. C-Dawg

    Can’t really say I’m surprised here… regular Obama supporters are bad enough… but CELEBRITY Obama supporters… holy fuck! Go to the NY Daily News’ website and read about the NY premier of Oliver Stone’s “W” to see just how moronic these celebrities are in their comments against people disagree with.

    Ya gotta love those celebrities… their average IQ is lower than the final score of a soccer game!

  47. Truth doctor

    She has the IQ of belly button lint.

    and that’s the truth.

  48. Th

    Base upon what I have read her father will beat her mother and then whip the crap out of her for having a foul mouth. The midget is just some of the Hollywood carnival trash.

    And I am only speaking what are documented facts.

  49. Th

    Base upon what I have read her father will beat her mother and then whip the crap out of her for having a foul mouth. The midget is just some of the Hollywood carnival trash.

    And I am only speaking what are documented facts.

  50. insaneinthemembrane

    I don’t know why you people get your panties all bunched up about. The president will not be decided by you incompetant morons (thank you lord) but by the minds at the Electoral College…and you know they’ll never elect a black man. I’m just saying. They elected Bush, for gods sake, why on earth do you think they’ll elect Obama?

    Oh that’s right, you guys thought this was a democracy. WRONG…

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