Hayden Panettiere ‘endorses’ John McCain, drops the F-bomb

October 15th, 2008 // 192 Comments

Hayden Panettiere, who claims she’s “hot enough to get your attention for 30 seconds,” gives a fake profanity-laden endorsement for John McCain in this FunnyOrDie video that’s 99% Die. Okay, listen, I’m liberal as they come, but for the love of God, knock this shit off. It’s not cute. It’s definitely not funny. And you probably just convinced a bunch of rednecks they’re going to literally get “fucked” by voting for McCain. As if these avid gun enthusiasts weren’t going to be pissed off enough if Obama wins, you’ve added blue balls to the equation. How can that go wrong? Fortunately, it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to get shot at my local Arby’s. Thanks, Hayden!


  1. Thanks God

    OMG I am first my life has been worth living!

  2. Just vote for Bob Barr and be done with it.

  3. Rasputins Liver


    Gotta disagree, man.

    It may not have been great satire, but it was good and she did make me laugh.

    And, she’s definitely hot enough to hold my attention for at least 3 times that 30 second bite. Had she done that in a thong bikini I coud have watched for five minutes, or until I’m done…..*wink wink Palin style*……

    And let’s face it. That Hayden makes the words “fuck” and “fucked” really sound great. I’d just like to have the chance to employ them directly and intimately with Ms. Panettiere as she said them to me.


  4. yawn

    the only thing i got out of this is that i now know how to pronounce her name properly.. i’ll still probably pronounce it the way i always have tho.. panatary

  5. Chenush

    She is ugly & fat & stupid.
    I hate her.

  6. I just like hearing her say fuck as much as possible

  7. gits

    Doesn’t help Obama, but doesn’t matter either.

    Obama’s not winning, he’s just waiting calmly for the election that McCain is actively losing. Hillary would have won too. There’s a collapse going on in the Republican party that’s being obscured by the financial and economic collapse, but we’ll see it on Nov. 4. But they’ll be back in 2010 after the Democratic president and large-majority congress screw the pooch. You know they will (Pelosi???).

  8. lulu

    can’t wait until Nov. 4 is over. Vote 3rd party you horse fucking cunts!!

    @5 – jealous much?

  9. kent

    Well, I was undecided until I saw this. Now I’m voting for John McCain…Thanks!

  10. B

    I want my 30 seconds back. Yes, she IS hot enough to hold my attention for 30 seconds (possibly 40), but I’ve got to say: this is the least hot I’ve seen her look in a long time. And, when you combine that with the satirical skills of your average 12 year old who just learned what the word “sarcasm” means…well, it’s not good. And it needs to stop. Yesterday. I would actually rather hear her tell me why I should be a vegetarian (sidenote: that argument ONLY works when you’re having sex with me, and at no other time), or whatever it is that she normally likes to rant about. Dolphins or something, I don’t really listen.

    This post needs more bikini.

  11. Bob

    Just another empty headed, uneducated, Liberal cunt….

  12. Eric

    Another fucking idiot. Not funny and her “hotness” is greatly exaggeratted. Get some tits and then come back.

  13. wow

    what a totally unfunny stupid cunt. This was nothing ironic, smart or clever. This is a major reason why John Kerry lost- stupid celebrity endorsements are counter productive and this dumb cunt has no clue what shes talking about.

  14. Flange O'Flaps

    To me she has always been the frizzy-haired babysitter from Malcolm in the Middle, but now she is also a very boring and deluded little troll with a squashed head.

  15. mud hen

    Celebrities have a right to support any or isssue they want. It is sometimes annoying to hear them whine and complain. The celebs might even be really stupid so no one wants to listen. She is right about McCain and the Republicans, they are EVIL. I am normally independent but I cannot overlook at what Bush and the Republican party (who has had control of both houses of congress for most of the last 13 years) has done to this country. Voting for Mccain is completely idiotic and is a vote to destroy your own country.

  16. mud hen

    *support any person or issue* first line

  17. mud hen

    *support any person or issue* first line

  18. friendlyfires

    Remember when Hayden Panettiere was Malcom In The Middle’s evil girlfriend from next door? Then she like disappeared for no reason? Well, she’s back again folks, and I’m getting confused messages from my pants, once again. It was so much easier in the old days when i could just put it in a pickle jar and summon it anytime I want. Now it has a mind of it’s own and it’s in league with the Hayden witch child. Call the local exorcist … or an Olsen sister … something must be done … the bourbon … the bourbon … why is there never any bourbon?

  19. She swore!!

    They’ll never put that commercial on tv now..

  20. Cindy

    Wow I actually agree with this little girl.

  21. Rob

    Not much funny here, and sadly not enough hotness. I’m not sure I’d go as far as 11, but she really comes off like a moron here.

  22. havoc


    Get some fake tits and lost 20 pounds. Then get back to us….


  23. Ben

    I love morning sex.

  24. Ashley

    Thanks Hayden for showing America how stupid and ridiculous liberals really are.

  25. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    Ugh my god that is so embarrassing I feel so embarrassed for her making such an arse of herself. Why oh why do AMerican celebrities seem to care what anyone thinks about their political affiliations?

  26. Now I regret saving the cheerleader.

  27. seriously
    if she wants everyone to vote for obama
    this is the worst
    possible way to do so

    even paris hilton has more class than hayden

  28. #23 me too, especially when I’m with someone..

  29. Tony

    The little midget will have no career after that crappy show ends. How many roles are there in Hollywood for midgets?

  30. Why do Celebs think their smary and smug rants influence anyone? There is nothing like super rich, spoiled celebs telling us how to think and vote. Yes, they have every right, but sadly they only do this sort of stuff to be trendy, not to actually help anyone. We only hear about politics fromt these celebs every four years… and every 4 years the Dem nomination is “THE ONE”. You never see any of these celebs talking to kerry anymore do you?

  31. Huffybike

    The girl makes some great points! http://tinyurl.com/3rpthg

  32. Tony

    Madonna and Guy Ritchie are getting a divorce. Get on the ball Fishboy


  33. Kurt

    Oh thank god. I was beginning to worry that another celebrity might not make another ridiculous attempt at sarcasm and come off as a complete tool, thus making my decision on who to vote for impossible. Thank you, Hayden! Your acting experience on Heroes and as that annoying little shit on Remember the Titans coupled with this “satire” has really opened my eyes!!!

    Hollywood, shut up. For real. You’re embarassing yourself.

  34. kate

    the fact that this celebutard is voting for Obama , makes me wish i could vote for mcCain 10 times. She needs to shut the fuck up

  35. Right Fury

    Yup, you’d better quit pissing off your local gun enthusiast. You guys haven’t banned some of the good shit yet.

  36. LawnGnome

    This is stupid and she’s not that hot either…. oh, but I’d still hit it gladly. I just wouldn’t let her talk.

  37. s

    well said Superficial dude. I’m liberal but “knock this shit off”. She’s not helping anybody. She’s okay but now she’s looking obnoxious AND like a bad actor.

  38. KoT

    If celebrities hate a political candidate … that’s the person I will definitely vote for!


  39. Not funny

    That wasn’t funny and the stupidity of the celebrities thinking we care who they endorse is getting old.

  40. simplicity

    @15,16,17 = you sounded ok until you got to the two typo comments.

  41. awful

    JESUS CHRIST!!!! THAT WAS FUCKING AWFUL! as someone voting for obama, i am humiliated. AND she is not hot enough to hold my attention for 30 seconds. like maybe 2, cause you see this blonde hair, and its like ‘ohh…what is this?’ and then you realize she is thick waisted, chunky armed and has a pinched, average looking face. and you can tell she is an ANGRY little midget. its like she is on the verge of having a breakdown through the whole thing.

  42. Kevin

    Shut the fuck up you ugly whore Hayden. This ad looks like that other whore’s ad (i.e. Paris Hilton). These two whores should stay out of politics dumb bitches!

  43. josh

    Anyone who is convinced to vote for a candidate by a fucking celebrity trying to make a funny video should show their support by shooting themselves in the face.

  44. OL'RED


    I mean really.
    Just awful.

  45. joe

    she’s such a dumb bitch. I’d like to see her pussy turned into a clown car by a big dumb hockey jock just like Palin’s daughter.

    Oh wait, she is dating a dumb hockey jock.

  46. steve

    liberals are gay, and this video is proof.
    liberals are gay, and this video is proof.
    liberals are gay, and this video is proof.
    liberals are gay, and this video is proof.
    liberals are gay, and this video is proof.
    liberals are gay, and this video is proof.

  47. joe

    she’s such a dumb bitch. I’d like to see her pussy turned into a clown car by a big dumb hockey jock just like Palin’s daughter.

    Oh wait, she is dating a dumb hockey jock.

  48. #4 I was thinking the exact same thing.

  49. grace

    okay, first things first, videos on funnyordie.com are NEVER funny, so i guess that means they (should) die, right?
    2, hayden’s arms are REALLY SHORT AND FAT. she’s not funny, cute or hot!
    3rd, celebrities should stop poking their nose into politics. just as with sports, they don’t and shouldn’t ever mix!

  50. me

    I agree with #23 and…well….#23. There’re NOTHING like it.

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