Hayden Panettiere driving a car

April 14th, 2010 // 74 Comments

This one’s just for me.

HAHAHAHA! How is this even legal? It’s literally that special kind of hilarious when you see little kids pretend to do grown-up stuff like mow the yard, or drink Jack Daniels in a top hat. I mean, there’s no way she’s actually driving. Wladimir’s just letting her sit on some phonebooks and turn the wheel a couple times, right? No, seriously, tell me before I risk death by midget on the highway.

Photos: Splash News

  1. asippaiaraetc

    I wonder what kind of car that must be that she can move the seat up that far!!

  2. farles chew

    She looks so adorable in that little toy car!

  3. d

    her bf aint pretty!

  4. Kat

    How is she reaching the brakes? Do your parents know what you are doing, little girl?

  5. Gigs

    Why are we all ripping on her height? Dwarf or not, I’d fuck her in a New York minute.

  6. FIRST

    Oh and “I’d hit it”

  7. me

    She looks like a young Hillary Clinton. Sorry if I ruined anyone’s fantasy.

  8. dude

    lmao was gona post something about phone books, but well you beat me to it:-) that said she’s still barely over the fuckin steering wheel!

  9. I hate this slut’s round face. Plus she’s a heavy smoker, probably smells like a cat’s asshole. Midget, fuck off & go home.

  10. MYKE

    my how perceptive of you. in that case i now see what Bill was on about!

  11. Tek

    Yawn. Not the least bit funny.

  12. Parker

    She ties blocks of wood to her shoes to reach the pedals. I’d still like to plant her little midget butt on my penis then walk around with her hanging off it just to watch her little legs wiggling around trying to touch the ground.

  13. pimp

    she would look better with my balls in mouth…

  14. Randal

    Ah, these bring back great memories of being a young lad sitting in the driver’s seat, honking the horn and making vroom-vroom sounds as the wheel spun. Hayden look great in these pictures, sporting a fashionable slicked back hair style that brings out her beautiful features.

    Honk-honk Hayden, you have me frozen in your headlights girl!


  15. Looks like she may need a bigger vehicle, her forehead it still sticking up over the dashboard.

  16. Ha Ha Hayden

    Ha ha too funny!

    She has to shoulder check just to talk to Vlad!

  17. farles chew

    #9, you somehow know your cat’s asshole smells like cigarettes? You are, in so many many many ways, DOING IT WRONG!

  18. Mike

    You realize we can’t see her ass in these photos, right?

  19. itsme

    I wanna eat her asshole

  20. Willie Dixon

    Hey, Dr. Jones, no time for love. We’ve got company.

  21. xylus

    She looks cute… like a child using a Fisher Price toy dashboard

  22. Sport

    She is trying too hard to be a grown up. The misspelled tattoo, dating some Amazon Russian punch drunk boxer. WTF? Sad to see someone trying so hard while apparently having a great life and financial security. Why not just be ‘normal’ and stop trying so damn hard Hayden?

  23. yawn

    she’s perfecting the art of the cold russian stare.

  24. natalie

    where’s her ring??

  25. The Equality Petition

    We say The Superficial should place an equal amount of men and women news on this site.

  26. The Equality Petition

    We say The Superficial should place an equal amount of men and women news on this site.

  27. Naa

    Soccer mom…

  28. bmose

    She can’t even get those tiny fingers around the steering wheel. Probably takes two hands to smoke the Russian pole.

  29. turd da third

    EWWWWWW, this is definately a most unflattering camera angle, I think she should just crawl back under her rock and let all the lezbo’s out there frig themselves into oblivion thinking about her

  30. She might be the hottest midget I’ve ever wanted to do the nasty with!

    Sorry, I guess that was mean. I mean little person.

  31. hayden panettier look so sexy while driving her eyes look so attractive nice photos at perfect time.

  32. Russian pole.
    i think

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  34. There were no eagles at all for Nike Shocks for women, a day after he made two in a round for the first time in his Masters career.

  35. Not especially spectacular pictures. The only thing i feel noteworthy is that Vladimir seems to have gotten old.

  36. Rouh for hire

    I can hear Micheal Buffer’s heavy and loud pronouncement of KLITSSSSCHKOOOOOOO on every entrances, especially when lil Hayden is the official ring girl. huh, huh, huh…

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  38. captain america

    ………………………….please hide fast while you still can!!

  39. Chuck

    Sorry, I’m not into stubby little chicks with a pissy attitude.

  40. Rhialto

    Isn’t this one of these pedal cars?!

  41. Dn

    @ 7 – You did ruin the fantasy. Every time I fap to Hillary, I’ll see Hayden’s face now. Thanks…

    @ Richport – you are a poet. Well said!

    @ Randal – That’s not a slicked back hair style, Randal! Her hair is trying to get away from her freakishly convex face! Jesus Christ, she looks like Sonic The Hedgehog!

  42. cellphone

    She’s pretty fit,she doesn’t look exhausted at all.

  43. Darth

    Is that zebra pulling her pedal car?

  44. Gando

    How many zebrapower does her car have?

  45. dUdE

    @ 46
    That’s not a zebra, it’s a white horse that was accidentally sunning itself beside a white picket fence, because it thought that if it got some color, it’s dick would look bigger. LMAO.

  46. Starmaker

    For crissake guys! she isn’t a kid anymore!

  47. Darth

    What!? That’s quite a shocker.I admit i’ve to get used to that idea.Is she a full grown woman now?

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