Hayden Panettiere continues banging Hollywood

May 13th, 2009 // 39 Comments

Here’s Hayden Panettiere leaving Nobu last night where she hopped into a car with 30-year-old Welsh actor Steve Jones. I don’t really know who or what a Steve Jones is, but for anyone out there still pining for Hayden, she’s basically banging anyone with an accent or old enough to remember that episode of ThunderCats when Snarf drove the tank. Fortunately, I fall into both categories. Mates.

Photos: Flynet, WENN

  1. MrV

    Wooot i remember thundercats and i am dutch so i got both covered! :D

  2. Deacon Jones

    Good. She’s learning her role.

    Lay on back, spread legs.

  3. richbike

    Little munchkin bitch.

  4. JAMEY

    steve jones is a tv presenter on T4 in the uk…like a teen interest show on Channel 4, he porks all the celebs it seems

  5. I would have a moral dilemma using a condom with someone who is the size of a condom.

  6. Zanna

    Just look at her. She is practicing abstinence. That fucking whore.

  7. Lolocaust

    If she’s willing to jump into a threesome with Olivia Wilde and Megan Fox, I’ll pay to see every movie she ever makes.

  8. mikeock

    There’s nothing wrong with a little gnome humping.

  9. I bet they’re on their way to Bristol Palin’s hotel… slobber, slobber, munch, munch…

  10. Steve Jones again bangs someone i think is hot. I reckon if Steve Jones and Russel Brand have shagged every woman alive between them.

  11. chupacabra

    Those pants look bad on short, squat dense legged midgets like her.

    Also, that guy is fugly. just sayin.

  12. Lacey

    Didn’t she just do some sort of campaign for teen abstinence???? Hello, wtf is she doing! Fucking hypocrite!

  13. Some Girl

    So, riding in a car with someone=having sex?
    I think she looks really cute. Just saying…

  14. Hefe

    It rules that this smokin hot midget is spreading her legs like crazy.

    I love it.

  15. whatever, yo

    she probably has daddy issues, that’s why she goes for teh older guys

  16. marge

    wow… she’s looks like 30. How old is she supposed to be? 16? 17?

  17. lola

    I hate her, but please stop with the “midget” jokes. She is the same height as me (too tall be a little person) and everyone thinks it is adorable. Being a short girl is like being a tall guy: opposites attract. All the short girls out there who have low self esteem – look at Asia. A petite woman is the pinnacle of beauty. Be proud. No matter what you have make the most of it.

  18. The 1 & Only Mrs. Burke

    Today’s lesson:

    Hayden = HOTT, Steve = NOT HOTT

    Don’t get it twisted.

    Class dismissed

  19. Christina

    Hayden, meh, I could take her or leave her. Steve is hot, i mean in comparision to the vast majority of the male population. Although I am slightly biased being a hetro.

  20. alfalfa

    Midget sex!!!

  21. whatever

    @ 18 – You are a midget too.

  22. Darth

    Holy crap! That’s a nice wallet what she’s having in her hand there! Anybody knows what happened to her ex? Is he already burried in a coffin or is he still walking around?

  23. Jack

    I’ll bang the little whore.

  24. God, sweet lil Hayden wouldve love me, i have the thickest accent,,,,

  25. OMG that jacket is horrible. We’re going back to the 80s, with women wearing big blazers with shoulder pads.

  26. hh

    she’s really a plain looking chick, dont get all the hype around her.

  27. The Observer

    She’d be alot hotter if she didn’t dress like a complete and utter moron.

    Does she own a mirror? A homeless person wouldn’t be caught dead in pants like that.

  28. she’s really a simple gal
    click name for more

  29. Stu

    Steve Jones is a very famous day time presenter of a teen type show that plays shows like the OC, Friends etc.

    He has slept with every good looking celebrity under the sun rumour has it.

  30. Wil Ferrell

    She needs to go back to her home on whore island

  31. Luke

    Anyone who’s seen Steve Jones knows he’s pretty damn hilarious. Funniest british TV personality I can think of by a wide stretch.

  32. Darth

    Is that a black- or a blueberry what she’s holding there?

  33. I’m sorry to say but important things like helping others is still: NOT DONE, in hollywood, folks!!

  34. Nero

    It could be a cranberry too.

  35. Turd Ferguson

    Steve Jones co-founded and played guitar in the Sex Pistols.
    This guys just lucky enough to share his name.

    What is she known for again?

  36. HP is hot

    She looks hot, even if she is spreading for every celebrity. And Hayden is 5’1″. That definitely falls in the midget category for a guy, but for a girl it’s fine and even sexy. All that being said, those pants are not a good look, nor is that hideous hobbit she’s with.

  37. dullatron

    she looks cute. he looks like your typical inbred soccer loving turd burglar.
    “ohh, but we call it football, mate”
    fuck off

  38. dullatron

    she looks cute, he looks like the typical British inbred soccer loving turd burglar.
    “ohh, we call it football, mate”
    fuck off

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