Hayden Panettiere causes milk explosion – literally

August 23rd, 2007 // 114 Comments

Hayden Panettiere will be featured in an upcoming “Got Milk?” ad. People Magazine provided these details:

‘You don’t have to be a hero to feel invincible. That’s why I drink milk,’ she says in the ads, part of a campaign to get teens to drink three glasses of low-fat or fat-free milk a day. The ads, debuting Sept. 10, were shot in May by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz and show Panettiere in a sleek red dress holding an exploding glass of milk.

This picture represents everything that is good and pure in the world. I feel like a small child waking up and scampering down the stairs to see his presents for the first time on a snowy, Christmas morning. Except, now, the tree is in my pants.


  1. Bill Clinton

    talk about a milk explosion. she sucked my sack dry. now I got another stained dress to worry about. If hillary weren’t such a carpet munching dyke, maybe I could keep it in my pants. oh well, I’m horny, where’s dakota fanning?

  2. Hair-pullin' Butt-slappin' Doggiestyle

    Did somebody just say she has a fat ass and great hair….?

  3. MassGrrl

    She’s hot, but that picture is beyond airbrushed. Doesn’t anyone remember her bikini pics from a month ago? She’s not that skinny. Not even close.

  4. Crying Baby Jesus

    I’m sure you (and your dominant hand) recall those pictures quite fondly.

  5. regular joe

    subtle sexual subtext.

  6. TS

    If you are going to come in the #1 position, please try to come up with something better than that in the future.

    I can see it now, you log on, see that there are zero posts, and you heart starts racing. You click the comments button and yup, sure enough, there are none. So you type in your name and email address as fast as you can, heart p[umpong even faster now. “I can’t believe I am about to be first.” you briefly consider being somewhat whitty and/or original but you quickly drop that idea because you are too afraid that someone else might squeeze in before you. No way you are gonna let something like happen, you have been craving this opportunity for far too long. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Then SUCCESS! I DID IT I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD! That was a close one. Now that I finally achieved lofty #1 status I can relax, immediately begin another post where you actually say something somewhat creative. Wait…you made a jonbenet regerence you sicko. Nevermind.

    Congrats Hill on your cheetah like quickness. We are all so proud of you. You are the man. You and Bonzo are like gods to us all. Fucking dorks.

    Why do I even care? Who knows. I guess that sort of makes me almost as much of a dork as you.

  7. ipa

    why are her eye brows grey and unplucked??

    good thing is, the old Fish is back:)

  8. Bored Again

    Yeah, very subtle subliminal messaging there.

  9. FIRSTs forever

    “I guess that sort of makes me more of a dork than you.”


  10. Scary Spice's fiance

    She’s so cute! She’s totally adorable! In a way that makes me want to punch her in the fuckin face!

  11. middle aged pervert

    she’s so hot ! I want her !

  12. Everybody's dad

    Goddammit I would fuck her so fuckin hard! Starting 5 fuckin years ago! I swear, one time – just one fuckin time – the old cow will be asleep and I’m gonna spurt right on that fuckin TV screen!

  13. MassGrrl

    #55, LOL.

    My husband is a huge fan of that Heroes show. But, you know I only watch it to catch a glimpse of Hayden in a little skirt. I would so violate her.

  14. El-Coyote


  15. Get this pic in UHQ or a version without text and more Hayden pics in my freaking link… thanks.

  16. SuperfishyourBoring

    Superfish, you’re such a pathetic desperate disgusting loser when it comes to women, and to making jokes regarding them.
    I bet you’d be turned on by a female monkey if you saw her monkey pussy and you’d have a tree in your pants too.
    You should rise your standards a little bit. I’m so sick of seeing this chick over and over again on your website and your pathetic stupid jokes regarding her. She’s just a stupid teen that looks like every teen outta there, even worse than many. There’s nothing hot about her looks, she’s not pretty, she doesn’t have a hot body and she simply lacks any hotness. She’s just a boring teen. If you find her somehow hot, you also find the teen girls you see on the street quite as hot, because they have the same “appeal”, being teenagers.

    Now please STFU and stop posting pictures of this butterface boobless assless still child bodied teenager like millions outta there, and stop acting like there was something hot about her because there’s not. Get back to actual hot women -like Kim Kardashian- and keep the butterface teenagers for yourself, because chances are you’re the only one who finds that butter face child attractive.

  17. I don’t get it. She can heal herself. Not explode glasses of milk. Duuuuhhh!!!!

  18. Warren Piece

    Maybe it’s because I’m looking at her on a 24″ monitor, but if you click her poster to enlarge it, she gets to be very creepy. try it. Stare for a while at her eyes and nose. You really see how disproportionately huge her head is. She’s like the female equivalent of Philip Seymour Hoffman (though he’s an incredible actor). Then you see her stubby arms and dwarfish hands and she really starts to creep you out. Thanks God the pic cuts off her stubby little legs, or I’ll start having dreams about malformed men in green suits crawling out from under my bed granting me wishes if I don’t touch their gold. My first wish would be to go back five minutes so I _don’t_ click and enlarge her picure.

  19. lmao

    god bless all you posters. i think she looks weird too.

  20. Hecubus

    I’m sick of looking at this scary child. No idea what she does except get hyped for looking like that twelve year old down the block that walks past your window in those short skirts and gets you full of a lust you’re afraid to aknowledge and makes you have to go look for pictures of an underdeveloped 18 year old to jack off to.

    I mean I’d do her obviously, I’m just warning you all now. In a year or two you’ll be sick of reading about her tick infested ass and her latest trips to rehab. You make the bed, you lie in it.

  21. i'll make it simple

    @67 – it’s not SuperFish’s fault that you’re a rape victim. Deal with those issues elsewhere.

  22. Goldstein

    Lift up your dress.
    You want to see my pussy.
    You want to look at my 18 year old pussy?
    There we go.
    Stick your finger in my pussy.
    Like that.
    Oh my God. I’m so fucking wet. I think I’m ready for you to fuck me.
    I’m going to fuck you so hard.
    I want you to fuck my 18 year old pussy as hard as you can.
    Look how hard I am.
    That’s a big fucking dick.
    You want me to stick my dick in your pussy?
    Say it.
    I want you to stick your dick in my 18 year old pussy.
    Like this?
    Yes. Oh. Oh my God. Is that going to fit?
    Here we go.
    Holy shit.
    Oh. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.
    Fucking little bitch.
    You’re dick is so big. Goddamn it.
    That’s right.
    Fuck it harder. You have to fuck it harder.
    Oh my God.
    I want you to come in my mouth.
    You want me to come in your mouth?
    I want to taste it.
    Oh. Oh. Here it comes.
    Give it to me.
    Open your mouth.
    Open your mouth.
    It’s open.
    Oh my God.
    Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh. Oh my God. Yes.
    More. Give me more.
    Oh. Oh.
    There we go. Wow. That’s a lot of cum.
    Let me see.
    I can’t believe this is happening.
    It’s not. You’re asleep, douche.
    I think I’m about to wake up.

  23. Riotboy

    I don’t think that’s milk.

    /I’d hit Hayden Planetarium.

  24. Bling

    What a slut!

  25. Summer Kat

    I still don’t know who this is.

  26. BaldAsBritney

    She has that disease Nacy Reagan had where your head is too large for your body. All out of proportion and shit.

    That is all.

  27. Boogie

    I still have no idea who this person is.

  28. Huh

    Wow, p0nk..the “pedo” fantasy every guy has huh? Sick fuck.

  29. You Are a Loser

    @27…who gives a fuck who you are you fucking egomaniac? Oh and apparently a borderline pedophile to boot

  30. lindsay

    she wishes she was that thin.

  31. Dontgether?

    I think a lot of celeb ladies are pretty….but this one I just DONT get. She is pretty plain and not at all womenly….or curvy. Boring….

  32. remix

    how is she hot?
    i’m seventeen years old and half my friends are hotter than her.
    i really don’t get the big deal.
    oh well.

  33. LivewireT

    @4 lol the next “lindsey” let’s hope not…
    She is hott though. WOW is right
    I’m not Bi either–but I can def see where guys come from about being hard up for her

  34. whatever

    Well I have “milk” now…it’s all over my damn keyboard.

  35. Goldstein

    I don’t understand what you don’t understand. I’m sure your friends are hotter than her. And if you put up your picture and pictures of your friends on the Internet I’m sure everyone would want to fuck you too. That’s the point. Hayden looks like a normal 18 year old girl. That’s why men want to bang her silly. That’s why men want to bang any 18 year old silly. Most teenagers are hot. Don’t you understand. If you posted a picture of yourself in tight jeans shorts I would bet you anything that a hundred guys would say that you’re hot and they want to fuck you. It just so happens that Hayden is the most visible 18 year old right now. Are you jealous of the attention she’s getting? Do you want millions of people to look at your picture and masturbate? Because if you don’t then I don’t see why you would care?

  36. Rachel

    Way to go America. Let’s all pick apart the looks of an 18 year old girl….and everyone wonders what the hells wrong with these young female celebrities.

  37. remix

    To Goldstein
    Nah its not that, its just if I knew her I wouldn’t think she was that pretty? I suppose because I’m so close in age to her I compare her to people I know..plus she looks so.. average. Kinda girl next door. I guess thats her appeal.
    Emma Watson on the other hand is a bit different looking, as well as being young.
    I’m not jealous of her anyway, especially if the only actual appeal of her is thats she young lol. I’m jealous of people like Adriana Lima, Scarlett Johansson.. now they’re gorgeous.

  38. whatever

    #87 – Anyone who picks her apart is gay and afraid to come out of the closet. Picking on her is their sick form of anger management because they can’t accept they want hot man lovin.

    She’s hot to any straight guy.

    (Looks over photo again…) damn, more milk on my keyboard!!!

  39. Bugman4045

    That’s not milk on her lips! Zing!

  40. star69

    Milk is worst than smoking cigarettes. I can’t believe they’re promoting that shit like crazy. No wonder everyone has their arteries clogged, overweight, fatigued, carrying around all that nasty mucus that milk causes in ones intestines.

    This shit is funded by the government in favor of the dairy farmers.


  41. Goldstein

    I have to fuck you again, Hayden.
    Okay. Where do you want me?
    Go put on your shoes.
    The heels.
    Put on those heels and go stand over by the counter.
    Okay. Now what?
    Take off your panties and bend over.
    Like this?
    Just like that. Don’t move.
    It’s growing.
    Grab your ankles.
    I’m ready.
    You are?
    Yes. Come over here and put that dick in my swollen little pussy.
    Hold on.
    Do it. I need it.
    There. Oh. There we go.
    Fuck me.
    Grab my hair. Grab my fucking hair.
    I wish I had your hair. If I had your hair I would rule the world.
    Stop talking and smack my ass.
    Fucking smack it harder.
    Little bitch.
    I’m a nasty little whore.
    Is this how Stephen used to fuck you?
    Stephen never fucked me this hard.
    I bet he did. I bet everyone likes to fuck you hard.
    You feel so good.
    I can’t believe how tight you are.
    You’re going to make me come. I can feel it.
    Play with your pussy.
    I am.
    That’s right. Keep doing that.
    Oh. Right there. Don’t stop. Don’t you fucking stop.
    I like your shoes. They’ve got that Melrose vibe going on.
    Like that. Just like that.
    Oh shit.
    I’m going to come.
    I want you to come.
    Oh, oh, oh, I’m cumming. I’m cumming.
    Damn. I have to get back to work. I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere. And don’t read any of the other comments.
    I won’t.
    You promise?

  42. Bubba

    I’m sick of all the stupid “got milk” ads.

    Just put Monica Lewinsky in there in “Got Milk” with a mustache and never change it again.

  43. ?

    i hate when companies photoshop the hell out of celebs to the point where it looks ridiculous. hayden doesn’t have that figure. she’s thicker and her boobs aren’t that big.


  44. whatever

    #91 – you just think milk is bad because of the alien conspiracy. They don’t want you to drink milk because it messes with their mind control!

  45. NonFreakyCharlieSheen

    Jesus, looking at this picture just makes me feel like a pedophile. What is she, like 10?

  46. DeathDoUsPart

    Oh, and I totally love how like everything, including WATER, is bad for you now-a-days. According to all these awesome people hating the bid bag government, only vegans will survive because they’re immune to everything, including cancer. Great for you! Fuck off.


    I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like milk. Frankly.


    Water has fluoride so it’s bad. Drinking fluoride causes the same kinds of problems as if you drank mouthwash.

    Also my water smells and tastes like either raw sewage, cooked sewage, or a swimming pool. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA where tap where is horrible.

  49. Liam


    “I like your shoes. They’ve got that Melrose vibe going on.”


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