Hayden Panettiere cannot pull this look off

Because she’s a big girl now, Hayden Panettiere got to stay up late and attend the Madonna concert last night. Of course, everyone knows you don’t go to a Madonna concert without looking super sexy. Unfortunately, in Hayden’s case, she ended up looking super FAIL. I think I speak for everybody when I say Hayden Panettiere should only be seen in her Heroes cheerleader outfit until she reaches the ripe old age of 102 like that other midget actor, what’s his face? Kevin Connolly.

NOTE: For those of you remembering my days of unbridled lust for Hayden, you ever fall in love with somebody then wake up one day and realize “Hey, you’re nothing like I thought you were”? That’s sort of what’s going on here. And, also, with the pizza I ordered last night. Anyone know how to get mushroom stains off of sheets?