Hayden Panettiere cannot pull this look off

November 7th, 2008 // 126 Comments

Because she’s a big girl now, Hayden Panettiere got to stay up late and attend the Madonna concert last night. Of course, everyone knows you don’t go to a Madonna concert without looking super sexy. Unfortunately, in Hayden’s case, she ended up looking super FAIL. I think I speak for everybody when I say Hayden Panettiere should only be seen in her Heroes cheerleader outfit until she reaches the ripe old age of 102 like that other midget actor, what’s his face? Kevin Connolly.

NOTE: For those of you remembering my days of unbridled lust for Hayden, you ever fall in love with somebody then wake up one day and realize “Hey, you’re nothing like I thought you were”? That’s sort of what’s going on here. And, also, with the pizza I ordered last night. Anyone know how to get mushroom stains off of sheets?


  1. Hayden Panettiere's Mom

    Hayden Panettiere is an untalented, stupid cunt.

  2. dusty

    Give her some time. She’ll be a guest on the Jerry Springer Show some day. Haven’t her parents been featured on that show already?

  3. I’m a big fan of Hayden and its aweseom that she is dating peter petrelli. Its kewl watching heroes and knowing the subplot behind their scenes!!! http://www.likeblondes.com

  4. WE TOLD YOU SO!!!! (is what we are not going to say)

    Is that Milo? I can’t tell because I can’t see his little smug bitch ass face. Look Superfish it happends to the best of us, we have crushes on people and then look back and go what the FUCK was I thinking? In fact my first BF was a male version of Hayden all midgety and gross and one of my other boyfriends was a male version of Milo and now I look back and I’m deeply ashamed. Oh well I’ve moved on to a man who will ALWAYS be a god, my hot sex machine 6’2″ former athlete husband!

    Anyhow the thing is for those of us who always realized how lame this brat was it’s hard for us to not say HA I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO. I mean the midget is fucking BEAT always was always will be, the only time she looks hot is when she’s hiding her weird ass body or has been airbrushed like crazy, digitally remastered into a hot chick or lit to perfection by diligent camera men (it’s hard shooting in pitch blackness).
    The point is we aren’t goingto say I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO because aAying I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO is really lame and immature and we’re better than saying arrogant things like I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO. So no worries guy, just next time be a little pickier it doesn’t look good when the guy who writes for a site called The Superficial has an uber crush on a beauty challenged, gymnast looking, celulited, flat chested, freak legged, popeye armed, midget with no neck.

  5. Alina

    Not her best, but she still rocks the outfit. She’s gorgeous and has a wonderful figure. Anyone who says otherwise is delusional.

  6. Alina

    Not her best, but she still rocks the outfit. She’s gorgeous and has a wonderful figure. Anyone who says otherwise is delusional.

  7. hopper65

    I’d hit that 24/7. Bendy.

  8. Googolygoo

    Note to Hayden– make sure your titty tape isn’t showing when the inappropriate-for-you top pulls away trying to find your boob.

  9. maniac

    The guy is Michael Rosenbaum…played Lex Luthor on Smallville.

  10. Australian

    You just hate her because she likes whales now.

  11. anon

    her thighs look like they’re welded together. yet despite not being thin all over, she has no boobs, but wants to pretend she does(watching bring it on was cringeworthy during the first scene and then the part where she challenges that guy to a dance-off). i also wish she would lay off the red lipstick. i think people only like fantasizing about her cos she’s 18.

  12. Hebert

    LMFAO – “mongoloid midget gypsy”

    That pretty much sums that little retarded idiot up. Next…

  13. Virgodoll

    #104 has waaaaay too much time on her hands, and we all know u’re lying abt the husband thing, if u were that self satisfied, u wudnt be hating her with that passion

  14. Angela

    Hey #60…

    If I say my top 3 I wanna rape on my list are: your sister, your mom, and your grandmother…

    Is it still funny??

    You’re a douchebag.

  15. Shannon

    She looks really stupid in this outfit. She has a nice figure but it isn’t her at all.

  16. The Guy Behind The Guy

    I like the Kevin Connolly jab. Make me smile.

  17. IH8HollyWierdos

    Just another empty headed hollywood bimbo who thinks that abilty to memorize a script somehow elevates her opinions on EVERYTHING above us “little people”.

  18. UnclePervy

    I don’t get the big fuss over this girl. She is not that attractive, no boobs, boyish figure, a horrible actor and these pics look more like a really bad transvestite trying to imitate her. There are soooooooooo many better looking women out there to drool over. Let’s face it she’s definitely no Scarlett Johansson or even Megan Fox. Those are two women to fawn over.

  19. Bi?i

    1.ANN: Fukal bi te do onemoglosti!!!

  20. kk

    #45 and #68

    hear hear!

  21. Billv

    I’m a hips ‘n’ butt man. She’s looking pretty fabulous to me–tight pants with the half-zipped look. I like #49′s suggestion of a bare-bottom spanking, I’d like to get that fine fanny across my lap and tan it!

  22. Truth hurrrts

    Right on Vince Lombardi

    if your going to tart it up do it dont hide now

  23. arefaaaaaaaahhh!!

    what a chubby little brat she is. hwo long is a girl suppose to carry puppy fat my god.

  24. raper

    i don’t like the outfit at all…..but i wouldn’t mind ripping it off of her and enjoying what it reveals

  25. music

    JESUS, do you people have nothing better to do than bash people for the way they’re built….that is just insulting, i happen to have the same build as her. 5’2 115 pounds she may be slightly taller than me but we’re pretty much the same i think. In any case i think its refreshing to see someone that has a womens body its like watching a Marylin Monroe movie and saying to yourself geeze you know what she is drop dead gorgeous and guess what she has a little something something on her. In any case you people are such hypocrites….pardon me…superficial hyprocrites.

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