Hayden Panettiere cannot pull this look off

November 7th, 2008 // 126 Comments

Because she’s a big girl now, Hayden Panettiere got to stay up late and attend the Madonna concert last night. Of course, everyone knows you don’t go to a Madonna concert without looking super sexy. Unfortunately, in Hayden’s case, she ended up looking super FAIL. I think I speak for everybody when I say Hayden Panettiere should only be seen in her Heroes cheerleader outfit until she reaches the ripe old age of 102 like that other midget actor, what’s his face? Kevin Connolly.

NOTE: For those of you remembering my days of unbridled lust for Hayden, you ever fall in love with somebody then wake up one day and realize “Hey, you’re nothing like I thought you were”? That’s sort of what’s going on here. And, also, with the pizza I ordered last night. Anyone know how to get mushroom stains off of sheets?


  1. ANN


  2. Que

    Que yummy.

  3. Que

    Slovenia is my favorite place to visit.

  4. mary j

    She needs some boobs to wear a top like that. Ladies remember wear clothing flattering to your figure!

  5. MCO

    it’s a man baby

  6. Just Saying

    She looks like she’s in middle school and has a dance recital. Everything’s all wrong, the make-up, too.

  7. Magic

    I have no idea why celebrities what to look like a whore. I have seen a similar top on whores on Sunset and Doheny.

  8. haha loser

    whoa whoa whoa there little midget! playing dress up with your mamas clothes again?

  9. I think I need a hotkey for the phrase, “What the fuck is she wearing???”

    I love the red soled shoes, though.

  10. Deacon Jones

    I like it.
    She’s got the “fuck my ass while I lay on my back and watch my face winch” look to her.

  11. Chuck

    I’d hit it.

  12. Saha

    Ok,, that outfit is suited for a beautiful, tall 90′s model. Hayden Panettiere wearing that is just like ‘WTF?!?” It does not flatter her. She should stick to Juicy sweatpants and a frappuccino.

  13. Ouch. Not a good look for her at all. She looks almost as uncomfortable as that outfit…

  14. I did read your post

    Oxi Clean…works wonders.

  15. dblock


  16. Saha

    picture 6 looks like she could BARELY zip those pants up. Too fat. And the guy is wearing True Religion jeans? he must be gay.

  17. jenny

    I saw she has a personal blog on ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^ ^^^^, a private site for millionaire & celebrity I

    heard of from a friend of mine. Does she want to hook up with rich guys?

  18. Nooken

    She looks so uncomfortable, like that chick in grade 9 who’s wearing a skirt with makeup for the first time. She’s not still in grade 9 is she?

  19. me

    I just came a little.

  20. Joe the Carpenter

    I bought a new orbital sander so if she wants, I can get that makeup off.

  21. dork

    What no nipple slip. That outfit has nipple slip written all over it. Where’s a good Pap when you need ‘em?

    How ’bout a good nipple slip. You ain’t given us much in the beauty dept. lately. Just a bunch of fugly lesbians, crazy bitches, she-males and crack whores. ‘cmon there’s got to be something perty out there in Superficial land.

  22. Dura

    @11 & @19 Right there with you two.

    Sort of sexy like a little girl trying to look older to sneak into a bar and instead looks like a tasty little whore treat. Yummy.

  23. Leppy

    She still looks great : D

  24. bar room hero

    Still looks good, not a look for her though…

  25. bronte

    oh no.

  26. Kurtis


  27. I have an outfit just like that.

  28. too bad my dick is as big as she is… she is cute for a pigmy.

  29. Cash

    It should be against the law to wear pants that tight yet not deliver on the camel toe.

    It should also be against the law of good taste to pull pants that tight OVER your damn high heels. Jesus Hayden… you been drinking the crazy bitch juice or what?

  30. kizle

    omg leave her alone! she’s an 18 year old girl! and way prettier and cuter than most of them, way more than i ever was, or anyone from my high school for that matter!

    and guess who went to my high school (fremd in palatine il)~ mallory snyder from real word!

    let me see pictures of any girlfriends you ever had superf.

  31. ipanema_girl

    haha, hi TT, where ya been? nice reading you again, cheers!

  32. JaidenPaidIn


    Cute face but that’s it. Everything else is just not there.

  33. Metal Gear Solid Movie

    She looks like a manequin…

  34. Metal Gear Solid Movie

    She looks like a manequin…

  35. Ted Mosby

    Wrong on so many levels.

    Would still hit.

  36. Mia


    She is only 18 and already dressing like a desperate celebrity. When will females learn that leaving something to the imagination works nicely. She is flat chested and should wear more short skirts to flatter her body and put less emphasized on her tiny chest.

  37. Ughhh

    I can’t stand this manly little midget! So Annoying!

  38. Superfish krazy? thats the best outfit ive seen her in,,,that mini jacktet with no bra is excellent for someone with no boobs…Id run my sand paper tongue on that delicate pecks of hers….

  39. ahha

    This girl is average at best. When heroes goes off the air, she will disappear into oblivion. And by oblivion, I mean a whales vagina.

    @16 regardless of the jeans, of course he’s gay, it is a madonna concert.

    @31 You can’ t really say she looks better than other high school girls because it isn’t a fair playing field. She devotes obscene amounts of money to her skin/body/wardrobe and still looks average at best. Pluck girls out of any high school setting and give them the same opportunities and I bet many would put her to shame.

  40. Ron

    I remember when I went to T.J. Mexico and saw plenty of whores braless with their tops open just like Hayden. Poor desperate itty bitty titty celebrity.

  41. Strawberry

    she looks hot! very Kira Plastinina-ish … gorgeous. xo

  42. combustion8

    I’d still pound that nice little rump til next thursday.

  43. Billy Bob

    No one could pull of that outfit. It’s nasty.

  44. Penny

    Let’s be honest, Superficial writer. The only reason you don’t like Hayden anymore is because she is no longer under the age of legal consent.

  45. Vince Lombardi

    Dr. Phil sez:

    Fascinating! She obviously wears the outfit to announce she’s “all growed up” and not a baby girl anymore (that and the “f-bomb” political video), but when she gets around cameras, her purse becomes filled with helium and floats directly in front of her chest. Cheerleader, I got news for you. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. You clearly don’t want people to think of you as a schoolgirl, so you dress up like a Hollywood and Vine hooker, then you get cold feet showing the goods. Get a refund for your tart outfit and use the money to buy a couple of therapy sessions. You need it.

  46. jlylec

    i hate madonna

  47. Hayden's Friend

    I know Hayden and her mommy and daddy said it was alright for her to look like a whore when she turns 18.

  48. MCcains tumor


  49. Rough Daddy

    the have

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